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Torch staircase run meeting minutes 6-jul v1


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Torch staircase run meeting minutes 6-jul v1

  1. 1. MinutesSubject: Torch Staircase Run – Meeting IDate: 22nd February 2012 Time: 11:00 am to middayVenue: TORCH GM OfficeAttendees: Department 1. Gerhard Foltin GF Torch Hotel 2. Sherif Bazina SB Torch Hotel 3. Wolfgang Kohlfurst WK Venues 4. James Jackson JJ Safety 5. Hicham Oumy HO Torch HotelAgenda:Discussion about event detailsClarification on roles & responsibilities Points Discussed/Agreed Action By/Date Initiation of Meeting • WK welcomed and thanked everybody for attending the meeting Discussion about event details / Clarification on roles & responsibilities • The working group has agreed on the following points: - Name of event: TORCH Staircase Run - Date: March 31st - Time: 8 am registration, 9am start - Medal ceremony: approx. 11 am - Start point: Door under the bridge to villagioEvents Ops Meeting 1
  2. 2. Minutes Points Discussed/Agreed Action By/Date - Finish: 51st floor - Starting Procedure: interval start every 30 seconds - Number of participants: limited to 100 due to safety reasons - Participation fee: 50 QR – free for AZF and TORCH staff - Medal Ceremony: torch cafeteria outside the hotel - Families at the ceremony: yes. Will be included in catering WK WK to provide final number to HO - Focal TORCH contact point for WK: HO - Procedure for future site visits at the TORCH: WK to arrange with HO - AC at staircase: not available. GH mentions the temperature will be fine. Exit doors will be open for fresh air - Height of building: 300m - Number of floors: 51 - Number of stairs to the top: 1304 - Catering: TORCH will do the catering and cover the costs GF to check Finish at the 51 floor: water possibility of energy Medal Ceremony at the TORCH cafeteria: water, tea, drink provider coffee, banana, apple, croissant. Also for families!! Final number will be provided by WK WK - Prizes: Vouchers from the TORCH. Cost covered by the GF TORCH. Both for male and female 1st prize: night for 2 incl. breakfast ( 2 in total) 2nd prize: lunch for 4 at the 360 restaurant ( 2 in total ) 3rd prize: lunch for 2 at the flying carpet restaurant ( 2 in total ) - 2 PA systems: provided by AL AL IT - Power: TORCH in house power – cost covered by the TORCH - FF&E: TORCH to provide – cost covered by the TORCH WK WK to submit requirements to HO - Changing Area: 2 tents – provided by AL ( location to be AL OPS shown at final site plan ) - Registration desk: 1 shade – provided by AL ( location to be shown at final site plan ) AL OPSEvents Ops Meeting 2
  3. 3. Minutes Points Discussed/Agreed Action By/Date - Marketing / PR – AL MKT AL MKT - Timing System: AL with contactor AL Venues - Parking: villagio car park - Online Registration: AL IT AL IT - Directional staircase signage: AL WK - Volunteers at staircase: TORCH – cost covered by the HO TORCH 1 volunteer every 5 floors to provide water to the athletes - Physiotherapist & Massage: Aspetar to provide WK to arrange - Ambulance: Red Crescent – 1 car WK to arrange - Water stations at staircase: TORCH to provide water and HO table – costs covered by the TORCH - Communication during the event: an internal communication strategy will be developed WK - Branding: AL MKT AL MKT Branding of the start and the finish - AZF staff announcement: AZF PR & Media AZF PR & Media - Photographer: AZF PR & Media AZF PR & Media 2 needed ( 1 for start and 1 for finish ) - Training day: March 24th from 9am to 11 pm WK & HO TORCH to provide water – costs covered by TORCH WK to update on number of participants to HO - T shirts: 100 provided by AL MKT AL MKT - Cleaning of staircase and removing of existing equipment: HO TORCH – costs covered by the TORCH - Dustbins at every second floor for empty water bottles: HO TORCH – costs covered by the TORCH AL MKT - Towels: 100 AL MKT AZF PR & Media - Contact local media for media coverage WK - Numbering of level above 46th floor: ALEvents Ops Meeting 3
  4. 4. MinutesApproved and signed off by:Wolfgang KohlfurstGroup Section HeadEvents Ops Meeting 4