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Chapter 2   lesson 1- wonderful woodlands
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Chapter 2 lesson 1- wonderful woodlands


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  • 1. 10-16-12 Chapter 2-Lesson 1: Wonderful Woodlands Vocabulary forest humus1. forest - a large area of land that is coveredwith trees.2. humus - the brown or black matter that isfound in soil.
  • 2. Forest Trees grow Trees feed and Animals spread in healthy soil. shelter animals seeds for new trees.Old trees decay Animals die andand feed soil. become food for soil Tree roots hold soil Healthy soil feeds in place trees
  • 3. Study Notes Chapter 2 - Lesson 1: Wonderful WoodlandsVocabulary:1. forest - a large area of land thickly covered with trees.2. humus - decayed material.Main Ideas:· United States Forests - there are three types of forests that grow in the United States: 1. Green all year - trees that stay green all year. 2. Mixed trees - trees that stay green & trees that lose their leaves. 3. Trees that lose their leaves - trees that lose their leaves.We live in a forest area that has both trees that lose their leaves and treesthat stay green all around. In other words, we live in an area that has mixedtrees.Questions:1. Why are forests important?A: Forests are important because they limit erosion and provide food andshelter for many animals.2. What type of forests grow in the United States?A: There are three types of forests that grow in the United States: Green AllYear; Mixed trees; and Tress that lose their leaves.3. How do trees help the land?A: Trees help the land in two ways - their roots hold the soil in place, andthey feed the soil when they decay.4. How do trees and animals help each other?A: Trees provide food and shelter for animals. Animals help new trees growby scattering seeds and by making the soil rich.
  • 4. EH s h e l t e ru oM i x e d T r e e su is B i r d s o n F o r e s t
  • 5. 10-23-12 Three types of forests grow in the U.S.Trees that Trees that are Mixed forest - trees thatloose their evergreen (green stay green & lose theirleaves. leaves all year)
  • 6. Your turn...With your partner group, choose a paragraph. Make achart of the main idea and supporting details.