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Charlottes Web Book Report grade 3


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Published in: Education
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Charlottes Web Book Report grade 3

  1. 1. Directions  for  Charlotte’s  Web  Book  Report   (due  Wednesday,  April  30,  2014)     After  reading  the  book,  Charlotte’s  Web,  you  will  write  a  report  to  summarize  the  story.    The   report  must  be  handwritten  in  your  best  cursive  writing,  using  3  to  5  pages  of  our  third  grade   lined  paper  on  the  front  side  only.    Printed  or  computer  reports  are  not  acceptable.    It  must  have   complete  sentences  (5-­7  words  minimum)  and  no  spelling  errors.    You  must  indent  paragraphs,   and  use  capitals  and  punctuation  marks  correctly,    Proofread  your  report  BEFORE  you  hand  it   in.     You  must  make  a  cover  for  the  report  using  cardstock  (provided).    The  cover  must  have  the  title   underlined  and  the  author’s  name  at  the  top,  and  your  name  at  the  bottom.  Draw  and  color  a   picture  of  your  favorite  part  on  the  cover.    YOU  must  draw  and  color  the  picture.    Computer   pictures,  photocopies  of  the  book  pictures,  traced  pictures,  or  drawings  done  by  friends  or   relatives  will  not  be  accepted  and  you  will  lose  points.       Staple  your  written  report  inside  your  cover.       This  written  report  must  contain  the  following  information:   1. Title  (underlined)  and  Author  (written  again  at  the  top  of  the  lined  paper)   2. Main  characters  (who  are  they)   3. Setting  (where  and  when  the  story  takes  place)   4. Summary  (briefly  tell  what  happened)   5. Recommendation  (would  you  recommend  this  book;;  give  2  reasons  why  or  why  not)             _________________________________________________ _________________   Parent  signature  after  report  and  picture  are  completed. Date