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    Context clues powerpoint mp Context clues powerpoint mp Presentation Transcript

    • Context Clues
    • Context Clues
      • Context means the sentence or paragraph in which the word appears.
      • Clues are like hints to the meaning of the word you do not understand.
      • ***Remember that you are only trying to gain a general idea of what the unknown word means, not a specific definition.
    • Still Wondering What a Context Clue Is?
      • Watch the video clip ~ Pay careful attention to what the song tells you.
    • Now it is your turn to be a detective and follow the clues!
      • Use what you have learned about context clues to complete the activites on the next few slides.
    • Directions
      • It’s time for some detective work. Your friend Ryan has moved to a new country and is learning a new language. Read what he wrote in his journal and see if you can figure out the meaning to the underlined words.
    • Context Clues Practice
      • Dear Diary,
      • I overslept this morning. I had to eat my bowl of poof-poofs very quickly, and I almost missed the tramzam . When I got to school, I realized I had forgotten my zilgping . Luckily, Ms. Jutzi is very zoosh , and told me I could bring it tomorrow.
      • After school, some friends and I played plingming . It’s a new game I am learning. We scored 7 points and they only scored 5 points, so we were the zoiters !
      • Dad says that next weekend we’re going to the fladder . I can’t wait! I love to swim and play in the sand. I hope I don’t get a sunburn though.
      • Well, I better go to bed soon. I don’t want to wake up late again and miss my tramzam !
      • Until tomorrow,
      • Ryan
    • Now let’s try filling in the missing words in some other sentences. Remember to look for your context clues.
    • Context Clues Practice
      • I removed the ____________________ from the shelf and began to read.
      • Lydia is a thief: she would _______________________ the gold from her grandmother’s teeth and not feel guilty.
      • Our uncle was a ____________________________, an incurable wanderer who could never stay in one place.
      • Unlike his brother, who is a truly handsome person, Hogwart is quite _____________.
      • The Asian _________________, like other apes, is specially adapted for life in trees.
      • Surely everyone knows that if you step on an egg, it will _______________.
      • Tom got a new ________________ for his birthday. It is a sports model, red with white interior and bucket seats.
    • Context Clues
      • Here is a “plan of attack” to help you guess at the meanings of words you do not understand:
      • Use the meanings of other words in the piece to help you understand the unfamiliar word.
      • Look for definitions, synonyms, antonyms, explanations and examples in the text.
      • Look at grammar and punctuation in the sentence to gain further clues.
      • Be happy with a general idea of the meaning of the word- exact meanings are not always necessary.