AppFlood Global Mobile Android Advertising Insights Q2 2014


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AppFlood published its AppFlood Global Mobile Android Advertising Insights for Q2 2014, which dives into industry insights into mobile ad spend, eCPMs, and the state of the global mobile industry. AppFlood's report announces the second quarter's mobile ad metrics, and reveals that China's ticket to the western markets are easy-to-localize apps in the productivity and personalization app store categories. As growing mobile marketing budgets fuel China's global expansion efforts into emerging markets, China is fueling the maturation of these developing mobile markets including Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

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AppFlood Global Mobile Android Advertising Insights Q2 2014

  1. 1. AppFlood Global Mobile Android Advertising Insights Q2 2014
  2. 2. Q2 2014 mobile ad ecosystem at a glance •  Mobile traffic grew 56.5% QoQ •  eCPM remained unchanged at $0.97 between Q1 and Q2 2014 •  CPI prices dropped $0.01 to $0.29 between Q1 and Q2 2014 •  Rich media ad revenue jumped 95% QoQ, outpacing interstitials’ revenue growth •  Average global mobile ad budget grew 19.1% MoM •  53% of global mobile ad budget now spent on acquiring users from Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Oceania •  China’s biggest mobile ad spenders are advertisers with “productivity apps”
  3. 3. Mobile traffic continues to grow globally Total global mobile traffic jumped 95% between Q1 and Q2 2014. Mobile traffic continues to grow 56.5% QoQ.
  4. 4. QoQ eCPM stagnates On the back of higher demand for traffic from Chinese advertisers, outweighing the supply of inventory in June (due to the appearance of a major Chinese advertiser) eCPMs rose to $1.43. However, looking at quarterly eCPMs during Q1 and Q2 2014, eCPMs were stagnant at $0.97.
  5. 5. Cost-per install remains unchanged during Spring With eCPMs QoQ stagnant, CPI dropped just $0.01 during Q1 and Q2 2014.
  6. 6. In parallel with growing mobile traffic, global ad spend continues its upswing Global mobile ad spend grew 48.2% between Q1 and Q2 2014, and rose 58.1% QoQ between Q3 2013 and Q2 2014.
  7. 7. Rich media revenue growth outpaces interstitial revenue two-fold Publishers continue to make interstitials their go-to ad format. However, revenue earned from rich media ads grew two times faster than interstitials between Q1 and Q2 2014. Rich media revenue grew 95% QoQ. Interstitial revenue grew 43% QoQ.  
  8. 8. Asia & the Middle East remain the top source of traffic Mobile traffic from the Middle East and Asia accounted for 53% of the global traffic.
  9. 9. And for the first time, users from Asia, Middle East accounted for nearly half (47%) of all global installs.
  10. 10. Install rates on the rise in emerging markets Increasing install rates in emerging markets suggest an opportunity for developers to tap into the growing appetite for apps among users in these emerging markets.
  11. 11. Advertisers allocate more budget to mobile advertising Mobile ad spend per advertiser grew 19.1% MoM between July 2013 and June 2014.
  12. 12. Half of mobile advertising budgets target Asia, Middle East, and Africa 52% of the total global ad mobile budget was spent to acquire users from Asia, Middle East, and Africa.
  13. 13. Top spending mobile app advertisers by category: Productivity   Advertisers with productivity apps accounted for the largest average spend during Q2 2014 and spent 42% more than advertisers with personalization apps.
  14. 14. Top spending mobile game advertisers by category: Sports Mobile sports game advertisers accounted for the largest spend on average among mobile game advertisers in Q2 2014. Mobile sports game advertisers spent 49% more than arcade game advertisers.
  15. 15. China mobile spend picks up, while U.S. slows China’s average mobile ad spend grew 123% QoQ, and continued to outpace U.S. ad spend. Average mobile spend per U.S. advertiser grew 66% QoQ – down from last quarter’s growth at a rate of 86%.
  16. 16. Not surprisingly, China accounted for 3/5 of the total global mobile ad spend in Q2 2014.
  17. 17. Chinese advertisers continued to distribute ad spend globally, however in Q2 2014 both China and the U.S. placed greater emphasis on acquiring users from Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. China’s spend into these regions QoQ grew 395%, 311% and 697% respectively. U.S. advertiser’s spend into these regions grew 86%, 165%, and 271% respectively. China’s global ad spend increased 379% during Q2 2014. The U.S.’s total spend grew just 10%, while spend into North America declined by 53% QoQ. China and U.S. appetite for traffic from Asia, Middle East, and Latin America grows
  18. 18. Productivity apps, China’s ticket to the West* Chinese advertisers with productivity apps on average spend 62% more than Chinese advertisers promoting personalization apps. In fact, the top apps with the largest budgets are apps of the non-gaming category. *Western regions as defined by countries in North America, Latin America, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe. The largest average mobile ad budget by Chinese advertisers in Q2 2014 was spent on promoting productivity apps due to the ease with which this category of apps can be localized for Western markets. Productivity apps simply require that the app be translated into other languages.  
  19. 19. Deep Dive: China’s App Market Ranked In collaboration with TalkingData
  20. 20. Top Android app stores in China by percentage of mobile users who have the app store downloaded in Q2 2014* 1.  360 Mobile Assistant 2.  Tencent App Market 3.  Baidu Mobile Assistant 4.  Google Play 5.  Mi App Store 6.  Wandoujia 7.  91 Mobile Assistant *Rankings as reported by TalkingData.
  21. 21. Top apps in China by industries, ranked by coverage rate* in Q2 2014 *Coverage rate is determined by the total % of users in China who have the above apps installed on their mobile devices during the second quarter of 2014, as reported by TalkingData. Transportation 1.  Baidu Map 2.  Amap 3.  Didi taxi 4.  Google Map 5.  Qunar 6.  KuaiDi Taxi 7.  Ctrip 8.  Autonavi Navigation 9.  Tianyi navigation 10.  10086 navigation 中国移动 手机导航(免费语音导航) Finance 1.  alipay wallet 2.  CCB 3.  ICBC 4.  CMB招商银行 5.  10jqka 同花顺手机炒股票软件(稳定 版) 6.  CMB LIFE 招商银行掌上生活 7.  Suishouji 随手记(理财记账) 8.  QQ Tenpay 9.  Great wisdom 大智慧手机炒股证券 股票软件 10.  Wacai 挖财记账理财 Life & entertainment 1.  Wochacha 2.  Dianping 大众点评_美食酒 店团购优惠电影 3.  Changba 唱吧 4.  58 5.  17173 6.  Ganji 7.  Haomabaishitong 号码百事 通 8.  Weishi 微视 9.  Neihanshequ内涵段子 10.  360 weather Education & Reading 1.  Textbook 书旗小说 2.  Duokan 3.  iReader 4.  Jiakaobaodian驾考宝典-驾照考试|汽车驾校理论 5.  10086 read 中国移动手机阅读(飞悦版) 6.  Lanrentingshu 懒人听书 7.  QQ Read QQ阅读 8.  Qiushibaike 9.  chelun车轮考驾照-驾照考试(适用全国驾考) 10.  Tianyi read Health 1.  Meet you 2.  Dayima 大姨吗月经期助手 3.  Happy pregnant 快乐孕期 4.  Chunyuyisheng 春雨医生 5.  Shoushou 瘦瘦-健康瘦身减肥顾问 6.  Mint Thin Body 薄荷爱瘦身 减肥利器 7.  codoon咕咚运动+ 8.  Super Diet 超级减肥王 9.  Aishou 爱瘦减肥 10.  Meilapp
  22. 22. Top apps in China by industries, ranked by coverage rate* in Q2 2014 Both chatting & SNS apps QQ and WeChat are on 2x more devices than Taobao. *Coverage rate is determined by the total % of users in China who have the above apps installed on their mobile devices during the second quarter of 2014, as reported by TalkingData. Sports 1.  Sina Sports 2.  Hupu 虎扑看球 3.  cctv sports 4.  Nike+ Running 5.  Football Score 球探比分 6.  Sit Ups pro 仰卧起坐教练 7.  Hupu Sports 虎扑体育 8.  Azhibo A直播 - NBA英超视频直播 9.  Bike record 骑记单车骑行运动软件 10.  Kanqiu 看球啦 Video & Player 1.  Kugou 2.  Youku 3.  Tencent Video 4.  QQ Music 5.  iQiyi 6.  Adobe Flash Player 7.  QVOD 8.  Ttpod 天天动听音乐播放器 9.  baofeng 10. Kuwo Chat & SNS 1.  QQ2013 2.  Wechat 3.  Q-Zone 4.  Weibo 5.  Momo 6.  Aliwangwang 7.  miliao 8.  Google+ 9.  Baidu Tieba 10.  Tencent weibo eCommerce 1.  Taobao 2.  MEITUAN 3.  Vipshop 4.  TMALL 5.  JD 6.  Mogujie 7.  Meilishuo 8.  JUMEI 9.  Zhe800 10.  Nuomi News 1.  Tencent News 2.  Toutiao News 3.  163 News 4.  Sohu News 5.  Flipboard 6.  Autohome 7.  VIVA 8.  Sina News 9.  Google Magazines 10.  Baidu News
  23. 23. Top apps in China by monthly active users* in Q2 2014 *Monthly active user rate is determined by the % of mobile users in China who opened the app once during each month of the second quarter of 2014, as reported by TalkingData. Smartphone users are 5 times more active on WeChat than the top mobile game in China. Mobile Games 1.  PopStar 2.  GunZ Dash for WeChat(天天酷跑) 3.  Speed Up (天天飞车) 4.  QQ Fight the Landloard 5.  Tencent Thunder Figher(雷霆战机) 6.  QQ National War Planes(全民飞机大战) 7.  Tencent Craz3 Match(天天爱消除) 8.  Happy Eliminate(开心消消乐) 9.  Temple Run 2神庙逃亡 2 10.  Subway Surfers (地铁跑酷) 11.  Carrot Fantasy(保卫萝卜2) 12.  Rhythm Master (节奏大师) 13.  Super Clear Day (天天炫斗) 14.  Fishing Joy2 (捕鱼达人2) 15.  Don't Tap The White Tile (别踩白块儿) 16.  Fruit Ninja (水果忍者) 17.  Xiong Da kuai Pao (熊出没之熊大快跑) 18.  QQ Mahjong QQ欢乐麻将 19.  Minion Rush (小黄人快跑) 20.  A Small Town (全民小镇) Apps 1.  WeChat 2.  QQ2013 3.  Sogou Mobile Input 4.  360 Mobile Guard 5.  Taobao 6.  360 Mobile Assistant 7.  Tencent App Store 8.  Baidu Mobile Assistant 9.  Weibo 10.  Tencent Mobile Manager 11.  Alipay 12.  UC Browser 13.  QQ Space 14.  QQ Browser 15.  Baidu 16.  iQiyi 17.  Baidu Mobile Input 18.  Tencent Video 19.  Kugou Music Player 20.  QQ Music
  24. 24. Top apps in China by coverage rate* in Q2 2014 *Coverage rate is determined by the total % of users in China who have the reported apps installed on their mobile devices during the second quarter of 2014 ,as reported by TalkingData. Game 1.  GunZ Dash (天天酷跑) 2.  PopStar (消灭星星) 3.  QQ Fight the Landloard (QQ欢乐斗地主) 4.  Speed Up (天天飞车) 5.  Rhythm Master (节奏大师正式版) 6.  QQ National War Planes(全民飞机大战) 7.  Tencent Thunder Figher(雷霆战机) 8.  Tencent Craz3 Match(天天爱消除) 9.  Temple Run (2神庙逃亡 2) 10. Subway Surfers (地铁跑酷) 11.  Don't Tap The White Tile (别踩白块儿) 12.  Carrot Fantasy(保卫萝卜2) 13.  Super Clear Day (天天炫斗) 14.  Happy Eliminate(开心消消乐) 15.  QQ Mahjong QQ欢乐麻将 16.  Fishing Joy2 (捕鱼达人2) 17.  Fruit Ninja (水果忍者) 18.  Tencent eliminate game (天天星连萌) 19.  The Dazzel Dance (全民炫舞) 20. A Small Town (全民小镇) App 1.  QQ2013 2.  WeChat 3.  Shougou Mobile Input 4.  Taobao 5.  Kugou Music 6.  360 Mobile Assistant 7.  360 Moible Guard 8.  QQ Space 9.  Weibo 10.  Alipay 11.  UC Browser 12.  Baidu Map 13.  Tencent App Store 14.  QQ Browser 15.  Tencent Mobile Manager 16.  Youku 17.  Baidu Mobile Assistant 18.  Tencnet Video 19.  QQ Music 20.  Meitu Xiuxiu
  25. 25. China and other emerging regions are now influencers of the global app economy As more smartphones are shipped globally, and more mobile traffic is available worldwide, China is not only fueling the demand for global traffic but also responsible for maturing the mobile app economy in emerging regions including the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. •  China’s advertisers outspent mobile advertisers of developed regions, as China invested more budget into emerging regions. •  Productivity apps from Chinese developers account for the largest mobile ad investment globally due to the ease with which a productivity app can be localized. •  Rising install-rates in most emerging regions suggest growing positive sentiment for app discovery through mobile ads, and increasing consumption of mobile apps as a result. Data and analysis in the AppFlood Global Mobile Android Industry Insight report are derived from on AppFlood’s mobile advertising network, including AppFlood Android advertisers, publishers, and partners.
  26. 26. AppFlood is the largest global mobile RTB platform from China.  AppFlood’s proprietary programmatic technology uses intelligent algorithms to put the right ads in front of the right mobile users and maximize ROI for advertisers and revenue for publishers.   Launched in 2012, AppFlood now connects to 82,000 apps and delivers over 300 million impressions daily.