China Mobile & App Market Research


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This report is a research about the Mobile / App Market in China. In this report you will find the major UCC (User Created Content) Video Sites, Major blogs / Sites & media, Large publishers and large app markets in China to submit and promote your android apps.

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China Mobile & App Market Research

  1. 1. Appsasia Monthly Report [April 2014]
  2. 2. Appsasia’s Chinese Market Research Appsasia Monthly Report Global App Marketing Agency
  3. 3. 1. China Market Overview The Chinese market has an overwhelming number of smartphone users and a large market size. However, there are three major difficulties for foreign mobile game companies to enter the market. In 2014, Chinese market is showing significant change. We’ll discuss them in this report. China Mobile Market Barrier Global App Marketing Agency
  4. 4. China Mobile Game Market Analysis 2. China Market Research Mid-core games including TCG, RPG and are very dominant Expected ARPU Highly needed Popular Games 战 飞车 飞 战 Global App Marketing Agency China Google / iOS Top 50 Genre Indicator China Google / iOS Top 25 Character • Auto-targeting and ‘History of Three States’ games are common • Puzzle games are less desirable than in other Asian regions • ‘Tencent’ platform games are popular (TOP 1~5) Expected Daily DLs & Revenue / Ranks Reference : 1Q 2013/ market size and arpu are based on Free apps and IAP Grossing (Excluded paid apps)
  5. 5. Global App Marketing Agency From 2012, the Chinese mobile market has grown by 2 billion dollars annually. It is expected to grow even more because of the huge population and high percentage of smartphone users. Why is the Chinese Market so attractive? Potential Possibility of Growth 2. China Market Research
  6. 6. Global App Marketing Agency 2. China Market Research In 2014, market share of high-end smart phone is getting increased since China Mobile starts to provide iPhone. Also, most of mobile network will advance to 3G & 4G capabilities in 2014. Acceleration of Mobile Device Adoption and Network Availability
  7. 7. Global App Marketing Agency (SNS/Blog/Publisher/Video/Market) 3. China Market Infographic Three important changes in China Market in 2014 : Dramatic increase in high-end smartphone users / Unification of Android Markets (200 markets →4 major markets) / Upgrade of 3G&4G network With those changes, foreign mobile companies are expected to have more chances in Chinese Market
  8. 8. Major SNS in China Global App Marketing Agency 4. China Major Channels - SNS The biggest SNS service connected to QQ messenger. Qzone, was developed by Tencent in 2005. At first , it was similar to blogging, but has been switched to SNS service since 2009. In 2014, a number of SNS users in china has reached 820 millions. In particular, Qzone and Wechat (No.1 and No.2 SNS in China) have occupied 76% and 73% of market share. Wechat is a messaging platform which has been launched at Jan. 2014 by Tencent. Users can share their contents and pictures via Wechat. More than 600 million users are using Wechat in China. RenRen had launched SNS service named “ 内” which targets only students. Now it has been switched to becoming an SNS service that everyone can use to communicate and share content.
  9. 9. Global App Marketing Agency 4. China Major Channels - Blog China Major Blog Market Shares Major Blogs (Weibo) in Chinese Market In China, a number of blog users has reached 900 millions as of March 2014. Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo take 82.9% and 75% of market shares which prove high rate of blog usage in China. Sina Weibo is the biggest micro blog provided by Many celebrities use Sina Weibo. Major users are young or middle-aged adult who are interested in social issues Micro Blog service by Tencent. It retains huge number of users from QQ messenger (still fewer than than Sina Weibo). Mostly used to communicate with friends and acquaintences. NETEASE Weibo is a platform that takes advantage of simple design and convenient way to use like Twitter. Users can share their own stories or pictur es whenever and wherever they are.
  10. 10. China Major Video Sites Market Shares (4Q 2013) 2013 China Online AD Changes (Reference: EnfoDesk Analysys International) Global App Marketing Agency 4. China Major Channels - Video By the 4th quarter of 2013, Chinese online advertising market has recorded 3.4 billion dollars and increased 42.8% year-over-year. Video ads have a large share of the market. The first original video content provider of copyrighted material. iQIYI provides comparatively high quality videos and natural ads between video. The top video site in China. Youku works in partnership with many broadcast and productions to provide media content. They provide original video content. The biggest online TV service provider in the world. PPStream provides online movies, dramas, live video, news, animation and so on. Baidu has taken over PPStream and merged with iQIYI video in 2013.
  11. 11. Global App Marketing Agency 4. China Major Channels - Publisher Major Publisher in China In China, there are many mobile game publishers. Most major publishers own certain features of their games and retain loyal customers through brand and marketing values. Publishing and developing great quality games. CMGE is one of the top mobile game companies with a 17.9% market share. One of the four platforms by Tencent. Publishing and developing games for the global market. The largest game community in China. Chukong supports game development and promotion. They have developed “Cocos” engine, and launched games in the global market.
  12. 12. (Reference: GPC and CNG) 360 Mobile Baidu Tencent Shaomi UC app Wandoujia Other 4. China Major Channels – App Market Global App Marketing Agency Commission Rate for each Market Since Google Play cannot officially provide an app market, over 200 third party markets for Android evolved. However, over the years, these markets have integrated into four major markets.
  13. 13. 13 Global App Marketing Agency appsasia
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  19. 19. C o m p a n y & S e r v i c e s Game Marketing Awards 2013