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AppFlood rtb bridges east and west
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AppFlood rtb bridges east and west


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. The Chinese mobile ad boom • In 2013 Chinese advertisers increased their mobile advertising budgets 151% March – Sept. • One in three smart phones shipped globally in 2013 were in China. • RTB-based ad sales in China are expected to grow to over $780 billion by 2017.
  • 2. The world’s bridge to China PapayaMobile is a global company based in Beijing with offices in London and San Francisco. We have established partnerships with influential local companies and the international experience to bridge East and West.
  • 3. Instantly delivering global ads AppFlood solves common problems with ad delivery from China through a unique cooperation with Amazon Web Services’s DynamoDB. “DynamoDB’s great performance and extremely low latency help PapayaMobile to deliver mobile ads quickly and globally.” - Alex Young, Corporate Vice President and Managing Director, AWS China
  • 4. The first Chinese mobile ad exchange + DSP The mobile RTB landscape in China!
  • 5. How the AppFlood RTB platform works
  • 6. Mobile ad inventory from China and the world SSP partners: Tap into the growing Chinese market for global users. In 2013 Q3 Chinese developers on our network spent 25% more on global advertising than their U.S. counterparts. We ensure that your publishers get the highest possible bid for each impression, and our one- of-a-kind cooperation with Amazon Web Services means the ads will be delivered instantly
  • 7. Reach your ideal user DSP partners: The AppFlood Ad Exchange utilizes demographic and usage information about each user to ensure that your advertisers get the targeted impressions they want. AppFlood’s ad formats include rich media and video ads for maximum engagement and are completely customizable.
  • 8. Connect with the right audience Brand managers: • Advertisers pay for their ideal user, not just ideal ad location • Hone in on audience segments that perform the best • Automation of bidding frees brand manager to focus on creativity and strategy
  • 9. Easy to join for existing users Advertisers: Any time you set up a CPM campaign you will automatically connect to the RTB platform. Publishers: You can show RTB campaigns in your app if you have integrated AppFlood SDK 2.2 or above.
  • 10. Top features of AppFlood RTB • Connections to other top RTB platforms like OpenX and AdsMogo. • Close ties to Chinese companies with growing global budgets. • Advanced targeting and programmatic buying solutions. • Rich media and video ads. • Anti-malware detection services. • The ability for advertisers to buy or sell RTB traffic from a single dashboard without any technical integrations. • Fast ad delivery from China provided in a unique cooperation with Amazon Web Services.
  • 11. Appflood a product of Papaya | copyright 2013 ! Thank You! Contact Info: North America – Fernando Pizarro / Europe – Chris Hanage / Get Started Sign up or log in at to get started or come talk to us direct. EUROPE – CHRIS HANAGE!! NORTH AMERICA - FERNANDO PIZZARO !!