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  • Used to automate and enforce virtually anything in your company, from expense reports to vacation requests, job offers to opportunities.
  • Workflow approvals 2

    1. 1. Workflow Approvals ADM201© 2012 Ovalis Group, LLC
    2. 2. Editions Availability• Enterprise• Unlimited• Developer
    3. 3. Differences Between Workflows and Approval ProcessesWorkflow ApprovalThey are activated Approval process arewhen a record is triggered by explicitlysaved. clicking the "Submit for Approval" button.Workflow consists of Approval processsingle step and single consists of multipleaction steps. Also different action is taken based upon whether the record is approved or rejected.Workflows can be In approvals somemodified or deleted. attributes cannot be modified. Processes must be deactivated before approvals can be deleted.
    4. 4. Workflow Approval Processes • Which records should enter this process? • What settings should apply to the whole process? What To whom What What What Actions Step DefinitionInitial Submission Final Rejection Actions Final Approval Actions Recall Actions happens should the happens happens happens if when a records be when a when a a record is record is routed? record is record is recalled submitted rejected? approved? from the for process? approval?
    5. 5. Approval Processing• An Automated process your organization can use to approve records in Salesforce• It specifies the steps necessary for a record to be approved and who must approve it at each step.• A step can apply to all records included in the process, or just records that have certain attributes.• An approval process also specifies the actions to take when a record is approved, rejected, recalled, or first submitted for approval.
    6. 6. Parallel approval process• Parallel approval process allows specifying (up to 25) multiple approvers simultaneously.• The approver setting could be set to unanimous or first action.• In unanimous parallel approval process, all approvers must approve a request, before it is considered as approved.
    7. 7. Dynamic Approval process• Dynamic approval process is used to route approval requests to users listed in lookup fields on the record requiring approval.• In this, approver names are defined dynamically from an object.
    8. 8. Process Visualizer• Provides Read only visual of an Approval process. It can be accessed by clicking on “View Diagram” button.• Display a flowchart of each saved approval process• Improve communication about the approval process and gain buy-in from step owners• Reinforce your companys policies by documenting the decisions you reached when the approval process was designed• Print an annotated version of the approval process, where numbers added to the diagram correspond to details in a table, which is included in the printable view• Share approval process diagrams by saving annotated versions as PDF files (requires an Adobe® PDF print driver)• Help you quickly locate key details by searching multi-step or complex diagrams for matching text• Help you visualize and understand graphically: – The steps necessary for a record to be approved – The designated approvers for each step – The criteria used to trigger the approval process – The specific actions to take when a record is approved, rejected, recalled, or first submitted for approval
    9. 9. Approval Process Capabilities • Formula based where Salesforce formula language defines the approval process rule and process step entry criteria© 2012 Ovalis Group, LLC
    10. 10. Workflow Approval Retractions • Submitter can recall his request anytime • Admin can control which processes can be recalled once submitted • Approval routing uses the record owner’s hierarchy and not the approval submitter hierarchy© 2012 Ovalis Group, LLC
    11. 11. Jump Start Wizard • Creates a one-step approval process© 2012 Ovalis Group, LLC
    12. 12. Standard Wizard • Useful for complex approval processes© 2012 Ovalis Group, LLC
    13. 13. Removing Approvers • Approvals can be moved when an approver leaves the company by assigning a new approver and making sure it has access to read the records for the approval requests.© 2012 Ovalis Group, LLC
    14. 14. Finding Approval Settings• https://na14.salesf en/wf_approval_se ttings.htm
    15. 15. Define Approval Workflow• Navigate to App Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Approval Process• Select T&E Report in “Manage Approval Process for”
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    36. 36. Key TakeawaysApproval workflow:• Automates processes for approving records in Salesforce• Specifies the steps necessary for approval. A step can apply to all records or just records that have certain attributes• Specifies who does the approving at each step• Specifies the actions to take when a record is approved, rejected, or recalled