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m-Workflow: SAP Workflow on Any Mobile


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m-Workflow: SAP Workflow on Any Mobile

  1. 1. A tour to new dimensional workflow processing
  2. 2. M -Workflow This presentation unleashes a glimpse of the Freedom, Mobility & Pain Area Power that M-Workflow offers Generations of Workflow The M-Workflow Sneak Preview
  3. 3. Corporate Scenario • Typically in large organizations the procurements are approved through a channel of approvals based on the DOA (Delegation of Authority) • Most of the senior management are stretched on their schedules and are always on a move. • As a result either their approvals take a lot of time or are delegated to personal assistants.
  4. 4. Quick FACTS! • One of the major reasons for the Project delays is delay in procurement. • One of the chief reason of under- usability of the ERP is, delay in various approvals.
  5. 5. The Evolution! Paper Based Approvals • Approver needs to be available physically and sign the documents to approve. • Go through various documents M- before approving Workflow Desktop Approvals Based Approvals Desktop Based Approvals Paper Based • Approver needs to have a Approvals workstation to approve. •Go through complicated screens to look for info before approving it.
  6. 6. The M-Workflow! The M-Workflow gives you FREEDOM from workstations MOBILITY for optimized use of time POWER of information
  7. 7. F r e e d o m – M o b i l i t y - Po w e r ! No dependency on any special service subscriptions, telecom carrier, handset or Operating system platform. Work from any Mobile at your convenient timings & comfortable place. You can access much more information in a M-workflow which helps you to take a conscious decision, than what Standard SAP offers in SAP Workflow.
  8. 8. Ready to Deploy Following M-workflows are pre- configured to deploy • Purchase Requisitions • Purchase Orders • Leaves Any other Workflow can be custom developed in a very short span of time
  9. 9. Glimpse! Login Screen – SAP user name and password with functionality of remembering details. Main Screen – List of pending workflows.
  10. 10. Glimpse! The PO – List of pending PO for release. Details can be customized as per requirement Details – Header, Line item details – can be customized as per requirement Action – Real time release in SAP and confirmation message
  11. 11. For Queries or Demo Contact: Hardav Surti +91 9558641111 India