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The fish that wouldn't be judged
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The fish that wouldn't be judged


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  • 1. The Fish that wouldn’t be Judged One day, a little boy, decided that he wanted gold fish as pets. It took him awhile, but he convinced his parents that he was responsible enough to take care of his own pet. Later that day they took their son to the pet store to pick out a couple of gold fish. The boy looked and looked for the longest time trying to decide which fish he wanted; finally he came to a decision and picked out five different fish. The store clerk advised the parents to get two separate fish bowls for these particular fish, as one was much bigger than the rest and figured he might bully the other smaller fish. The parents accepted the advice of the store clerk, and went ahead and bought two fish bowls. After they arrived home with the new gold fish the boy helped his parents set up the two bowls in his bedroom. They placed the four smaller gold fish in one of the fish bowls and the larger gold fish in the other bowl all by himself. It wasn’t too long before the larger gold fish realized what was going on. He wasn’t happy with the fact that he was being placed in this fish bowl all alone because they thought that he’d pick on the other smaller gold fish. In his little fish heart he knew that he was a good and friendly gold fish and wouldn’t be labeled as a bully. So the gold fish decided to show them that he was really a good gold fish. He swam in circles to build up momentum, and with all his fishy might he launched himself out of the lonely fish bowl that he was in. To his surprise he made it into the other fish bowl. With open fins the other fish accepted him into their fish bowl. Later that day the boy and his parents saw what had happened, and realized that they were wrong for putting the larger gold fish in the other fish bowl all lone. You should never judge a gold fish by its size. All of the gold fish lived happily ever after in the one fish bowl.