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Pic analysis photo 3


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Pic analysis photo 3

  1. 1. Photo three-Prohibition Who are the people in the photograph? Citizens and law enforcement. What is the situation of the people in the photograph? Provide evidence from the photo that tells you this. The law enforcement is dumping out alcohol and the citizens are just watching unable to do anything about it. What message do you think the photographer was trying to convey? That prohibition is a good thing and that the law enjoyed getting rid of the alcohol. Why is this photograph important to history? It shows how things were during prohibition in the 1920’s. What questions does this photograph raise? Why do these men get such pleasure out of dumping out all that alcohol? Write your own caption for the photograph: “Busted” What could you do to find more information about this photograph? Look up information about prohibition and about the photographer. Based on what you have observed list 3 things you might infer from the photograph 1- They wasted a lot of alcohol back then. 2- They lae enforcement really enjoyed busting people with alcohol. 3- That no matter how many times people got caught with alcohol, they would still make more.