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Pic analysis photo 1


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Pic analysis photo 1

  1. 1. Photo one 4 boys on bikes Who are the people in the photograph? Four young boys. Possibly Germans. What is the situation of the people in the photograph? Provide evidence from the photo that tells you this. They are riding their bikes and looks to me like they are saluting Hitler. What message do you think the photographer was trying to convey? How easy it is to influence and shape these young minds Why is this photograph important to history? It shows how everyone no matter what age show loyalty to Hitler. What questions does this photograph raise? What are these boys really thinking? Do they agree with everything going on around them? Write your own caption for the photograph: “Monkey see monkey do” Do these young boys really know why they are saluting or are they just doing it because everyone else is. What could you do to find more information about this photograph? Look up his history, where he grew up, what he believed and look up more of his photographs. Based on what you have observed list 3 things you might infer from the photograph 1- Young minds are very influentional. 2- These boys aren’t happy. 3- These boys might be from money, they are dressed in some sort of school uniform, they might go to private school.