2013 FRC kickoff workshop schedule for vancouver washington


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2013 FRC kickoff workshop schedule for vancouver washington

  1. 1. Hosted by Teams 2471 * 2517 * 1510 th January 5Vancouver, WA
  2. 2. Hosted by Teams 2471 * 2517 * 1510LocationEvergreen High School, 14300 Northeast 18th Street, Vancouver, WA 98684Kickoff AgendaEvergreen High School Doors open: 6:00 A.M.Local Kickoff Videos Begin: 6:50 A.M.Local Kickoff Speakers Begin: 7:05 A.M.FRC Game Reveal Broadcast Begins: 7:30 A.M.FRC Game Reveal Broadcast Ends: 9:15 A.M.Kit of Parts Pickup: 9:15 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.Workshops: 9:30 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.Lunch Break: 12:00 P.M. - 12:30 P.M.Final Workshop: 12:30 P.M. - 1:30 P.M.NOTE: Food or beverages will be on sale in the registration and kit pick up area. Cash Only.PLEASE, NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES IN THE AUDITORIUM.RegistrationYou need Consent and Release Form filled out for each student and adult team member inattendance. You will need all of them to register in the morning when you arrive (which isrequired to pick up your KoP). Also remember that members younger than 18 must have theirparent or legal guardian sign the form as well. There will be volunteers there to help you with theregistration process. At registration you will receive the very important Kit of Parts (KoP) receiptpaper. Please treat this as gold. It will be required for the KoP (Kit of Parts). No receipt. No KoP.No exceptions.Where should I park?All attendees should park in the east parking lot of Evergreen High School. We will have signsfor "Robotics Kickoff" directing attendees from those areas to the kickoff location.What should I bring with me?It is advised that you bring a hand truck or other rolling cart to transport your kit boxes to yourcar. Kit disbursement will happen in the commons and you will be able to load gear easily fromthe location. You may want to bring a camera, tape measure, and means to take notes on anyfield elements that are available to you on site.What is the kit pickup procedure?Kits will be available for any teams who have indicated such in TIMS. Teams may begin arrivingas early as 6:00AM, although the live broadcast does not begin until approximately 7:30AM.Upon arrival, a team MENTOR must sign-in and receive your Kit of Parts (KoP) receipt. Thispiece of paper is what you will need to receive all elements of your KoP. At the conclusion ofthe live broadcast, team members will proceed to the commons to pick up their kits. Eachstation will have a different item and teams must provide their KoP receipt to that stationvolunteer who will check off that they received their item. Since the loading area is limited, onlythe adult mentor with the KoP receipt and two team members will be allowed in the loadingarea. Maps will be available for the pick-up and load-out areas. After all items are
  3. 3. Hosted by Teams 2471 * 2517 * 1510received, a MENTOR will be required to turn in the receipt and sign off that all items have beenprovided to them. If your team is picking-up a KoP for another team, you must have clearancefrom FIRST. The two teams must coordinate this in advance with FIRST. If you have not donethis, please get it done now. This is done by contacting FIRST and obtaining a letter ofpermission. No letter. No KoP. No exceptions. There will be designated tables in the commonsfor each team for inventorying of parts and initial brainstorming.Will there be any workshops?The Kickoff will host a series of workshops for all interested teams after kick-off formalities onJanuary 5, 2013. Rookie teams are especially encouraged to stay and attend the "quick build"workshops that are scheduled. For detailed workshop descriptions and schedule please see theaccompany pages included. Rookie teams should make arrangements for snacks or lunch fortheir teams. Concessions will be available on site. For workshop schedule questions pleasecontact Bud Hayes: mail@thehayesplace.com. We will also have a nearly complete field set upfor teams to evaluate and get a feel of the scope of this years competition.
  4. 4. Hosted by Teams 2471 * 2517 * 1510 2013 FIRST FRC Vancouver Kickoff Workshops Rookie Team Workshops Veteran and Rookie Team Workshops Team Coaches/Shipping Mentor Robot Electrical - Programming - Mechanical Other Intro to LabVIEW by9:30 AM Aaron Pena of National KoP KoP Distribution Instruments Inventory by Keith Room 26110:00 AM for Rookie Wegmann Teams by Bob Hendel Frame and Make a Build a Intro to Advanced LabVIEW Manipulators Room 71810:30 AM Wheel Chain/Belt Gearbox by Control Rules LabVIEW by Install & for FIRST Assembly by Drive by Ed Boeing Systems by Review by Aaron Pena cRIO Robots by Boeing Burdick Mentors Tim Teams 1510 of National imaging by Bruce Bag & Tag by11:00 AM Mentors Room 253 Room 253 Instruments Jim Chastain Whitefield Bennington- & 2898 Room 255 Small Engine Small Engine Davis Room Room TBD Bob Hendel Room 261 Room 259 Room 258 Auditorium Woodshop Room Room 26011:30 AM12:00 PM Lunch ~ Pizza and other concessions will be available12:30 PM Final Integration by Boeing Mentors, Ed Burdick, Tim Bennington-Davis 1:00 PM & Bruce Whitefield Room 255 Woodshop
  5. 5. Hosted by Teams 2471 * 2517 * 1510Veteran and Rookie WorkshopsIntroduction to LabVIEWLeader: Aaron Pena of National InstrumentsDescription: Hands on exercises to learn LabVIEW development environment. Series of 10examples of basic control elements needed for robot design to help student gain familiarity withmechanics of programming in LabVIEW. Examples include: Numeric computation; Digital toAnalog conversion; Signal inversion; Parallel loops; Timing elements; Enable gates; Localvariables; Controls, indicators and constants. Examples of how to generate "problem statement"to improve inter-team communications. Students with LabVIEW installed encouraged to bringlaptop. Some number of PCs available at school with demo installed will be available.Audience: Rookie AND Veteran teamsDuration: 1 hourLocation: Room 261Things to bring: Laptop with LabVIEW (demo or FRC version) downloaded.Advanced LabVIEWLeader: Aaron Pena of National InstrumentsDescription: Examples of design which incorporate system control and monitoring forAutonomous mode and Teleoperated mode. Utilizes state machine design, debug techniques,shift registers, Global Variables and type definition. A: Background state machine to control ball lift elevator. Utilizes PWM motor control, micro limit switches and time delay elements B: Autonomous robot designed to navigate an unknown maze. Robot with defined footprint must navigate maze with pathways > 2 times the dimension of robot width. All designs based on FRC Robot Project 2010 Framework. Be prepared to take notes.Audience: Rookie AND Veteran TeamsDuration: 1.5 hoursLocation: Room 261Tools to bring: Pen, paperRules ReviewLeader: Team 1510Description: Go over all the rules in detailAudience: Rookie AND Veteran TeamsDuration: 1.5 hoursLocation: Room TBDTools to bring: Pencil and Paper, Electronic or paper copies of 2013 FRC rulesBag & TagLeader: Bob HendelDescription: Describe how bag and tag will workAudience: Team Coaches/ Shipping MentorDuration: 1.5 hoursLocation: Auditorium
  6. 6. Hosted by Teams 2471 * 2517 * 1510Manipulators for FIRST RobotsLeader: Bruce WhitefieldDescription: Compilation of approaches used for FIRST robotics game piece manipulatingsystems. Will briefly discuss pros, cons and design tradeoffs for a number of differentmanipulator designs.Duration: 1.5 hoursAudience: Rookie and Veteran Teams, mechanical representativesLocation: Room 258Tools to bring: Pencil and PaperLabVIEW installation on team laptop and cRIO imagingLeader: Jim ChastainDescription: Bring in your programming team laptop to get the latest LabVIEW installed. Alsoget your cRIO updated to the latest version so your team is ready to go.Duration: 1.5 hoursAudience: Rookie and Veteran TeamsLocation: Room 259Tools to bring: Laptop and/or cRIORookie WorkshopsIntroduction to Control SystemsLeader: Tim Bennington-DavisDescription: Describe what the different electronic components are. Plan how they are laid outand mount on a board. We will be only mounting enough parts to control a singlemotor/gearbox.Audience: Rookie Team – programming and electrical studentsDuration: 1 hourLocation: Room 260Tools to bring: Philips head screw driver, a pair of wire strippers, and the magic Wagoscrewdriver that comes in the kit.KoP Inventory ReviewLeader: Bob Hendel/Team 1510Description: Go over the Kit of Parts (KoP) checklist. Ensure that all parts are there and makea list of missing parts. Explain the parts and their function. Also give them a list of vendors fordifferent parts.Audience: Rookie Team membersDuration: 1 hour - Leave at least one student for whole session. The rest go to differentworkshops after the parts needed for the workshops have been identified and checked off.Place: Room 718Things to bring: Pencil and paper.
  7. 7. Hosted by Teams 2471 * 2517 * 1510Build Frame and Wheel Sprocket AssemblyLeader: Ejvin Berry, Chris ImondiDescription: Assemble the frame. Assemble sprocket, spacer, and wheel and mount on theframe.Audience: Rookie Teams - mechanical representativeDuration: 1.5 hoursLocation: Room 255 - WoodshopTools to bring: Allen wrench set, 2 each open-end and box wrenches and/or socket wrenches(sizes: 7/16", 1/2"), 10/32"tap (preferable – but not required)Make a Chain/Belt DriveLeader: Ed BurdickDescription: Build a chain loop. Learn how to make master links and offset links.Audience: Rookie Teams - mechanical representativeDuration: 1.5 hoursLocation: Room 253 – Small Engines roomTools to bring: #35 Chain breaker, Pin punches, Master links and offset links (ANSI #35 sizechain), small ball peen hammer, pair of long-nosed pliers, locking blade knife, chain puller(optional), beltBuild a GearboxLeader: Jason MarrDescription: Assemble one of the gearboxes in the kit.Audience: Rookie Teams - mechanical representativeDuration: 1.5 hoursLocation: Room 253 – Small Engines roomTools to bring: 5/16” allen wrench, 3/16” allen wrench, 7/16” wrench (or socket driver), SmallhammerFinal IntegrationLeader: Boeing Mentors, Ed Burdick, Tim Bennington-Davis, Paul Reetz, Jim ChastainDescription: Mount the control board on the frame, with gearbox and chain drive. Run the codeAudience: Rookie Teams – all sub-teamsDuration: 1hourLocation: Room 255 – Woodshop
  8. 8. Hosted by Teams 2471 * 2517 * 1510
  9. 9. Hosted by Teams 2471 * 2517 * 1510 Lunch Order FormTeam Name:Phone:Coach/Mentor: Pizza is $2.00 per slice *A whole pizza is 12 slicesPizza Quantity PricePepperoniCheeseSupreme Pizza forms need to be turned in by 9:15 to the concessions.