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FIRSTFare 2012 Dean’s List Award


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FIRSTFare 2012 Dean’s List Award

  1. 1. FIRST Dean’s List Award Facts, Tips, and StoriesFIRSTFareOctober 27, 2012 Marina Dimitrov Co-Captain, FRC Team 1540 Dean’s List Winner 2012
  2. 2. What is it? Who is it for?“The students who earn FIRST Dean’s List Award status will not only be great examples of student leaders who have ledtheir teams and communities to increased awareness for FIRST and its mission but they will continue on, post-award, as great leaders of FIRST’s ever growing student alumni. … It is the hope that the FIRST Deans List will, in time, garner nationalrecognition, similar to the National Merit Scholarship Program, which could increase the competitiveness of college, scholarship, internship and employment opportunities for the recipients. Prestigious colleges have expressed great interest in meeting FIRST Dean’s List’s Award winners!”
  3. 3. What is it? Who is it for? “Criteria for selection of the FIRST Dean’s List shall include, but not be limited to a student’s:  demonstrated leadership and commitment to the ideals of FIRST;  interest in and passion for a long term commitment to FIRST and its ideals;  overall individual contribution to their team;  technical expertise and passion;  entrepreneurship and creativity;  ability to motivate and lead fellow team members; and  effectiveness at increasing awareness of FIRST in their school and community.”
  4. 4. How do you apply?
  5. 5. How do you apply? Different teams approach nomination in different ways (pros/cons to all):  don’t even tell the nominee  tell the nominee about submission, but exclusively mentors write essay and don’t show it  nominee sees final submission, but doesn’t edit  nominee makes edits to submission drafted by the mentors (sometimes parents, siblings)  nominee writes majority of / entire submission, then proofread by mentors and teammates Also choosing the two photos to attach is important!
  6. 6. Selection process All nominees are considered Semifinalists! 2 Finalists chosen at each regional – all (a little over 100) automatically considered at championships  I don’t actually know who judges these submissions… 10 Winners chosen at championships  don’t have to be present to win  judged by moms! Dean Kamen’s,’s, Jeff Bezos’…
  7. 7. What happens if you win? 2012 FIRST Championship Dean’s List Award ceremony: The best kept secret in FIRST… (hopefully not for long)  What do the Dean’s List Winners actually do?
  8. 8. Ask Me Stuff!