NALF3 MEX - Interpuerto Monterrey Aug. 2011


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  • A US$2b value project will generate more than 80,000 jobs around an strategic multimodal platform located in Monterrey Nuevo Leon. The project includes transportation and airport services, 2 rail networks (KCSM & FXE), customs, free trade zone and world class logistics infrastructure services integrating high end technology and security. Interpuerto Monterrey will be the largest logistic platform in Mexico promoting national and international trade in a safe, secure, and efficient way.
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NALF3 MEX - Interpuerto Monterrey Aug. 2011

  1. 1. Interpuerto Monterrey is the largest logistics platform in Mexico that promotes thenational and international trade in a safe, secure and efficient way. The governmentof Nuevo Leon and a group of visionary business leaders created an integratedlogistic platform to develop competitiveness. The Interpuerto provides theinfrastructure for a better communication between Nuevo Leon with the U.S. border,the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. It also includes a program thatdecentralizes and streamlines the rail industry, promoting airport projects anddeveloping a multimodal inland port.
  2. 2. The entrance of Interpuetro Monterrey willbe a symbol of “guiding light” emulating asea port since this development is consideras an Inland Port.
  3. 3. State road No.1 crossing state road No. 49 modernization.
  4. 4. Main internal connections view South- North Main internal connections view North - South..
  5. 5. State Road No.1 view South – North modernization State Road view North- South modernization
  6. 6. New overpass through state road No. 1 State road No. 49 view east – west modernization
  7. 7. Promote the national, international, state and Northeast regioncommerce through the efficient and sustainable development ofInterpuerto Monterrey.
  8. 8. Offer competitive advantages to the Interpuerto Monterrey usersconsidering benefits in their national and international supply chainmanagement through an efficient, safe, secure and quality procedureall supported by a green commitment.
  9. 9. • Total customers satisfaction.• Motivation and recognition to our employees.• Focus on perfection.• Conscience in individual development.• Responsibility and complying with the national and international regulations.• Be competitive as a logistics service provider.• Security in all our processes and the personal involved in it.• Preservation and protection of the environment.• Personal commitment.• Use of state of the art technology.
  10. 10. Rail line operated by FERROMEX to PiedrasNegras (linked to Eagle Pass Tx.). Rail Line operated by KCSM to Nuevo Laredo (linked to Laredo Tx.).
  11. 11. 300 thousand metric tons total capacity based on a state of the art silos arrangement.Terminal for products like (rolls, steel rods,tubes etc.) considering a capacity of 175thousand tons . This terminal wll have a capacity to handle up to 6,800 cars at the same time. Storage and handling forcommodities like forest andmineral with a capacity of 500thousand tons. Design for the Northeast region necessities complying with the highest safety and security standers. Capacity 50 thousand cubic meters. Specialized terminal for the handling of sea and land containers. (Own and operated by KCSM).
  12. 12. Values added services for perishables products.(import/export, packing, aggregation,disaggregation, cold storage etc..).
  13. 13. Ultra modern and green development with all capabilities complying the latest trends for manufacturing and distribution needs.Interpuerto Monterrey will provide generalservices like hotels, offices, restaurants amongothers. Interpuerto Monterrey will boost the international Commerce by developing a Free Trade Zone where our customers will be allowed to import raw materials or foreign products that can be manufactured, aggregate value or simply storage, custody, exhibition, distribution, repair or transform the goods in this internal port with financial, tariffs and tax benefits.
  14. 14. This concept is the future for internationalcommerce operations in the NAFTA region,allowing the preclearance function forproducts and complying with all the safetyand security regulations.
  15. 15. -Land acquisition 1,250 Has/ 3,087 Acres.-Land construction permits.-Soil report.-Hydrologic report.-Urbanization project.-Road ways.-Logistic master plan design.- Modernization of state roads connectors to Interpuerto Monterrey- In process for an authorization of a Free Trade Zone
  16. 16. - Gain of market share from cargoes coming from Asia and Europe through the main Mexican ports.- Eliminate traffic congestions generated in the west coast ports, creating a logistics hub in the Northeast Mexican region.- Reduction of supply chain cost for final users.- Facilitate the transport equipment interchange through a safe and secure way.
  17. 17. - The development of the project is included in the National Infrastructure Plan from the Mexican Federal Government.- Foresees a 2 billion USD investment.-Creation of more than 50,000 new direct & indirect jobs.-Mexico Competitiveness in a world wide scenario-The creation of a new urban and economic pole.