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Bowmans Intermodal - Australia's largest inland port is redefining logistics for Southern Australia. One of regional Australia's most significant projects for some years.

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Bowmans Intermodal - Prospectus Brochure

  1. 1. Bowmans Intermodal Australia’s largest inland port – servicing Australia, servicing the world
  2. 2. Australia’s largest inland freight terminal MISSION STATEMENT: To provide competitive and secure road / rail container transfer and storage infrastructure to Australian importers and exporters with assured access to the ports of Adelaide, Melbourne and Darwin. 02
  3. 3. Bowmans Intermodal 30,000 full TEU per annum since 2003 Whydoesitexist? BowmansIntermodalis recognisedasaneffectiveroad/ railinterchangewhichprocesses thehighestvolumeofcontainers ofanyregionalinlandportin Australia.Itoffersefficientshort haulandinterstaterailfreight serviceswhicharegearedtomeet theneedsofinterconnectingports. The integration of road, rail and intermodal value adding logistical support contributes to productivity improvements in the context of physical distribution and storage of products destined for local, interstate and international markets. As a consequence companies relocating to the site can have an expectation of significant improvements to operational productivity and returns on investment. WhynewbusinessatBowmans willsucceed The site is located 100km North of Adelaide and geographically is not only conveniently placed in relation to Adelaide’s capital city services and the Port of Adelaide, but is also strategically relevant to South Australia’s burgeoning mining industry in the context of receiving, storing and redistributing that industry’s product needs. Additionally Bowmans Industrial Estate has the capacity to service the region’s primary producers. Bowmans Intermodal has its own on site rail facility which connects directly with the main State and National railway network. Whatisit? BowmansIntermodalisthe largestinlandimport/export intermodal,linkeddirectlytoasea portinAustraliaandisrecognised byalllevelsofgovernmentasa significantstrategicasset,both inthecontextofSouthAustralia andasanintegralcomponent oftheinterstaterailnetwork. Againstthatbackgroundthereis apositiveattitudefromrelevant authoritiestotheprincipleof furtherdevelopmentswithinthe Bowmansindustrialestate. The Intermodal offers an integrated shipping container management facility providing secure receipt, storage and washing facilities with direct access to the ports of Adelaide and Melbourne. Utilisation of Bowmans Intermodal has grown strongly since its establishment in 2003 with a number of significant exporters already established in the industrial precinct, all of whom use the road / rail container exchange infrastructure to increase their competitiveness in their respective export markets. In excess of 30,000 full TEU equivalents are currently processed at the Bowmans site annually. Bowmans Intermodal offers container storage, handling,andcleaningfacilities.ThesiteisDAFF accreditedandhasrefrigeratedreeferpointsavailable forclientstradinginperishablegoods.Thefacility’s systems are linked to the Port of Adelaide at Outer Harbour and to the Port of Melbourne ensuring effective communication with rail transit terminals , shippinglinesandrailoperators. 03
  4. 4. BowmansIndustrialEstate The industrially zoned area covers 600 hectares and is segregated from residential developmentsallowing24hour,7dayaweek operations. The park is serviced by onsite railway infrastructure which connects directly to thePortsofAdelaideandDarwinwithfurther linkagetothePortofMelbourne.Thesitealso has the potential for operational flexibility to satisfy the storage and redistribution requirements for all industries. A number of train access slots are contracted for users oftheBowmansintermodalfacility.Allrail operations are fully certified. The site is serviced by over 30000M2 of hardstand areas which provide container storage, cleaning and movement facilities with a number of refrigerated reefer points available to operators situated in the industrial precinct. Principalaccesstotheindustrialzoneisfrom amajorsealedroadwhichconnectsHighway one (Port Wakefield) with Balaklava. A fully developed bitumen road provides entry to various sections of the industrial area. The industrial zone is situated 100 KM North of Adelaide’s CBD. Location Itslocationisstrategically importantfortheState’smining industrygivenitscapabilityto receive,storeandredistributeboth hazardousandothermaterials withthecapacitytoprovide upto1000metrebufferzones. Additionally,Bowmansiswell positionedtobecomefurther involvedwithcompaniesinvolved inbothinputsandoutputsinthe contextofprimaryproduction. Geographicallytheparkisaboutmidwaybetween PortWakefieldandBalaklavawithbothofthese centresofferingapooloflocallabourandmodestly pricedresidentialproperties.Balaklavaisthe region’sservicehubwithfullydevelopedshopping facilitiesandsignificanttertiaryinfrastructure inthecontextofeducation,medical,aged accommodationandhospitalcare.Thereisavibrant socialethosintheregionandinparticularthelocal communitiesenjoytopclasssportingandcultural facilitieswhichembraceawiderangeofpursuits. Commerciallytherearesignificantengineering, ITandcivilworksfacilitiesavailableonalocal basis.Similarlybanking,legalandaccounting professionalsareinplacetoservicelocalbusiness. Bowmans Road Train Access Existing Rail Industrial Zone SITE LEGEND 04
  5. 5. Bowmans Intermodal Brisbane Darwin Adelaide BOWMANS Sydney MELBOURNE Canberra perth Pt pirie Pt augusta adelaide wallaroo whyalla BOWMANS 13km Balaklava 152km Pt Pirie 25 Railservices permonth Closeproximity tokeymineral, agricultural& wineoperations310km Whyalla 110km Adelaide 25 11km Pt Wakefield (Nearest Township) ARTC Brookefield Rail Genesse &Wyoming Major Roads Export Terminal Bowmans Intermodal 05
  6. 6. Bowmans Intermodal Bowmans Intermodal has the resources, passion and know-how to deliver best result systems solutions across a broad range of storage and freight requirements.
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  8. 8. Bowmans Intermodal Key Site Capacity and Capability Container Precinct • Containers are parked on hardstand for delivery of just in time to Ports • Consolidation opportunities for users • Staging and container packing • Container fumigation on site » Bowmans Intermodal has been operating since 2003 » Handles 30,000 full TEU per annum » A main Port and Interstate route connection by road and rail » 30,000m2 hard stand area capable of handling over 50,000m2 Workforce • Site employs a stable workforce of 75 with staff living in the area Nearest township • Nearest township is Balaklava Recognition • Recognised as the only current intermodal operation in SA, originating around 10% of SA’s export container freight Storage/Handling Capability • Bowmans has 600 hectares of industrial land available • Consolidation of materials for transport by rail is at a single location Servicing – Rail and Road • Site is located adjacent to the main North, South, East West ARTC national rail network • Currently 25 services a month to the Adelaide Port and beyond Integrated Container Handling Depot • Change from Road to Rail which provides an established handling capability • Freight Aggregation Recognition The site operates 24hours/day 7 days/week. 09
  9. 9. SECURE SAFE SECURE SAFE Material Storage, Handling Consolidation • 30000 M2 sealed hardstand • On site container lifting equipment • Container washing facility • Major ability for storage growth Refrigerated Container Storage • Refrigerated reefer points on site • In transit or holding storage • Rail access to Ports of Adelaide, Melbourne and Darwin Mining • Interim storage for inputs / outputs • Rolling stock parking • 24 hour, 7 day operations Agriculture • DAFF accredited • Secure bio diversity Freight Road, Rail, Ports • On site road / rail interchange • Assured rail to port to sea access • Adjacent to National Highway 1 Dangerous Goods Handling • 1km clearance zone available • Remote from residential • Material handling capability Industry Capability, Flexibility, Efficiency Bowmans Intermodal is an established road/rail exchange infrastructure with a proven record of quality service to the mining, primary production and other industry sectors. Bowmans ensures secure and safe handling of Dangerous Goods in transit and on site 10
  10. 10. Bowmans Intermodal Future expansion and development 11 Opportunities It is of note that the Bowmans Industrial Estate and its associated intermodal facility are acknowledged at all levels of government as being of strategic importance and this has been formally noted in a number of government reports and strategic plans. There is a track record from government of taking a positive view on new developments in the area and local government in particular, represented by the Wakefield Regional Council, has used its best endeavours to facilitate timely approvals and associated processes. Parcels of land are available from 4 hectares through to larger areas by negotiation. Please direct enquiries regarding acquisition of land and associated site developments to Malcolm May Phone(08)88620022; Bowmans Intermodal has long- term infrastructure expansion plans and is attractive for terminal operators (private sector tenants) and businesses where the location immediately adjacent to freight is of vital importance. 11Bowmans Intermodal
  11. 11. Bowmans Intermodal 27 Edith Terrace Balaklava SA 5461 Ph: +61 (08) 8862 0022 Fax: +61 (08) 8862 0080