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Get Ready for Spring Events


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If you're hosting an event this season, or thinking of hosting one, this webinar is for you! Learn from event expert, Joe Fazio from Givezooks! why events can benefit your biz and how to use our tool to make them easy to create, manage and promote.

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Get Ready for Spring Events

  1. 1. Get Ready for Spring Events Joe Fazio Jill Bastian Givezooks! VerticalResponse @jillieb3
  2. 2. Agenda• What are Events• Why should I host an event?• Examples of Event pages• Social media and events• Resources• Q&A
  3. 3. Events:• Easy to create and publish online in minutes• Create, send and track email invitations and reminders• Online ticket sales (on your website and Facebook)• Solicit donations from ticket buyers• Solicit donations from those who can not attend• Promote through Facebook and Twitter• Sponsorships (and recognize sponsors)
  4. 4. Why Hold an Event?• Gain new customers• Interested audience• Customer interaction
  5. 5. How Effective are Events? Stats from and Televerde
  6. 6. Events58% percent of the consumers purchased86% said they then became a regular customer.57% percent of the females that responded tothe survey said they purchased again after thefirst time compared to 47% of the males. EMI Mosaic Eventrack
  7. 7. Event Examples!
  8. 8. ManagingAttendance
  9. 9. Donations
  10. 10. Get Sponsors
  11. 11. How importantis social mediafor events?
  12. 12. 60% of people share on social media AFTER they’ve registered. From Social Media for Nonprofits presentation
  13. 13. 1 Facebook Sharegenerates $2.52 infuture sales and 11 page views From Social Media for Nonprofits presentation
  14. 14. Social Media Tips• Share on all your social networks• Use our Facebook event sharing tool• Post regularly about the event: Special guests who will be there Sponsors Photos• Create a hashtag for your event
  15. 15. Don’t Forget to Share
  16. 16. Demo
  17. 17. Just a few more things…
  18. 18. Establish an Event Timeline & Communication Plan T- T-Minus Minus Event 2 Months 1 Day Month Send Invites Create Event Facebook App Send Send Solicit Sponsors Website Reminders Thank Yous Widget email email email email email email email Reminder Sponsors Save the Invites Thanks! s Date Blog Post Blog Post website Twee Twee Twee Twee Twee Twee t t t t t t App Post Post Post Post Post
  19. 19. Pricing Pricing•Sign-up: FREE•Create Events: FREE•One flat rate per month based on number of events•All transactions take place through PayPal. These feesare in addition to any fees PayPal may charge for creditcard processing.
  20. 20. Benefits Benefits• Sell more Tickets  Reach a wider audience by promoting your event online• Sell more Sponsorships  By providing your sponsors with recognition on your event page, invites and reminders• For Nonprofits - Garner more Donations  By soliciting non-attendees as well as ticket buyers• Make your life easier  Focus on your actual event, and let VerticalResponse handle the ticket sales• Reduce costs & be green!  Eliminate direct mail
  21. 21. ResourcesHelpSite: help.verticalresponse.comVR Blog: blog.verticalresponse.comGuides: • Event Marketing for Your Business • Events 101: Attending, Sponsoring & Hosting Events