Sparking an E book revolution through a self serve model


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Electronic publishing is the future. Publishers are stepping up efforts to implement their online strategies to gain visibility, understand their customer and establish a direct relationship with them. Publishers are looking for a solution that removes high costs and time barriers and offers a way to experiment with different online business models.

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Sparking an E book revolution through a self serve model

  1. Sparking an e-book revolution Sameer Shariff Founder & CEO TOC 2009
  2. Agenda Case Studies of Success Trends & Challenges Formulating your Strategy iPublishCentral
  3. Who we are? • From inception till 2008, Impelsys has powered more than 2000 projects for billion dollar publishers to small million dollar publishers • We have spent millions of dollars on our core technologies, iPlatform, VirtualPages and iDAMS. We have built them over the past 4 years and the technologies are serving millions of readers worldwide. • We launched iPublishCentral ( as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model leveraging our years of experience. The goal is to bring down costs of delivery so that any publisher can build an online strategy.
  4. We serve 200+ publishers across geographies & segments.
  5. Key takeaways from this presentation Discoverability Experiment Control Relationship
  6. Trends
  7. Trends in Reading Reading and buying trends of books not encouraging 3.2 % increase from 2006 with a compound growth rate of 2.5 % per year since 2002 This increase, the highest in the last 26 years, is still insignificant when compared to video games (19%) and movies (5.3%) (Source: AAP,
  8. Trends in Reading Availability of these different types of media - vying for reader's attention and dollars
  9. Trends in Reading How do you get to understand your customers? The web is changing consumption and your future markets will change.
  10. Web is changing reader behavior Trend is towards searching and foraging for information Increased use of Google and Wikipedia for reading and research Bits and pieces of information are weaved together from multiple sources like scent trails (Source: Xerox PARC,
  11. Web is changing reader behavior Is making content visible the first step in the solution? Will it provide a strong enough “scent” for people to browse and ultimately buy? Google Book Search
  12. Web is changing reader behavior You must give the consumers what they need/require Provide content and not “books”
  13. Search Trends The number of people searching to know more about ebooks has doubled in the last 4 years according to google trends. Source: Google Trends (
  14. Reference Reader Trends Do you prefer using online resources or print for your research, class presentation and instruction? No. of respondents 831 1 in 2 people or around 50% prefer doing research reading online. (Source: Global Faculty eBook Survey, 2007, February (
  15. Market trends Source: IDPF Industry Statistics (
  16. Consumer Expectation Participative: Interactive: “I matter and so does my opinion” audio, video, animations Available: Cost: Anywhere, Anytime micro-payments (source: - )
  17. Trends Challenges
  18. Challenges of going e Multiple formats, hardware devices, software Which one will win? What formats?
  19. Challenges of going e Cost and Risk Cost of experimenting and risk of competition
  20. Challenges of going e Conversion costs Tagging/Metadata (how deep?) Time to Market
  21. Challenges of going e Challenges in depending on others Who controls it? Who is gaining insights into user behavior? Who understands the market needs? Who can develop products that meet these needs?
  22. Success Stories
  23. Experiments: World Bank e-Library
  24. Sparking an e-book revolution Sameer Shariff Founder & CEO TOC 2009
  25. Experiments: World Bank Results and Sales Contribution Source: Channels for Online Publishing: The Experience of World Bank Publications, Valentina Kalk, 2008 (
  26. Experiments: Harper Collins Browse Inside
  27. Amazon, who pioneered offering Harper Collins It brings powerful features samples on a large scale in launched their Browse that retail aggregators, like 2003, reported about 9% Inside program in 2006, Amazon, offer on their site increase of print sales across becoming one of the 120,000 titles in 5 days after the first publisher to do so Search Inside capability was available on their site ( ) Experiments: Harper Collins Browse Inside They were also able to Harper Collins had a similar experience with sales gain valuable insights into Harper Collins reported print sales increase of 30% and 250% what the market wants for specific titles using their Browse Inside functionality (
  28. Harper Collins Browse Inside Browse Inside PDF Free Download Visitors 83,102 20,000 Visits 85,867 30,000 Downloads 0 15,000 Page Views 3,827,306 Avg Page Views per Visit 46 Avg. Visit Duration 15:55 Clicks on Buy Link 1,177 Emailed to a Friend 16,236 (Source: Experiments with free digital content, presented at IDPF Digital Book 2008 by Leslie Hulse, VP Digital Business Development, Harper Collins,
  29. Experiments: Random House Beyond EBooks
  30. Random House Beyond EBooks Along with their own book preview program, called “Browse & Search”, Random House is also looking beyond ebooks and now offers Personalized Books, Chunked Content (for $2.99 for each chapter), Custom Content Selections and Ad supported content (Source: IDPF Digital Book 2008: Random House Update, Matt Shatz, 2008,
  31. Experiments: Random House Beyond EBooks 2,824,527 184,444 254, 383 Book Pages Viewed People who have viewed a widget Number of widgets viewed Random House has effectively increased page views and in turn the popularity of their content by being visible (Source: Matt Shatz, IDPF Digital Book2007,
  32. Experiments: O’Reilly Safari and Beyond
  33. Started in 2001 as a web based O'Reilly Media has been at the subscription model, it is now the #2 forefront in experimenting with channel behind Amazon for O'Reilly different models of electronic in sales delivery (Source: ) Experiments: o’Reilly Safari and Beyond They also experimented with Offering a NetFlix-like model of various tools like SafariU that lending books, it remains DRM allowed custom mash-up free offering as many prints and publishing of books for copies a subscriber wants to make University professors
  34. O'Reilly now offers books They service various channels in PDF, Mobi and ePUB like Kindle, iPhone and Stanza formats as direct downloads Experiments: o’Reilly Safari and Beyond This has resulted in a strong market expansion strategy where O'Reilly now meets the needs of all types of customers
  35. Formulating your strategy
  36. Why should you experiment? • Others are doing it, so should you • Run your own program, along with other existing strategies – it does not hurt • It helps in gaining visibility and establishing a relationship with your readers • The world is changing and you can leverage this change • Your networks are your future currency
  37. Increase Visiblity • Increase visibility by being available where your readers are • Be relevant and useful • Introduce your books and create brand awareness • Increase page views to gain SEO and SEM • Get insight into what your readers are doing • Offer value to potentially increase sales
  38. Establish Relationships • Relationships matter • Listen, understand and respond • Own your readers and their mind share • Reach out to readers with news and updates • Word-of-Mouth works and social media is the easiest way to get it started • Targeted marketing is better than broadcast advertising
  39. Control • Who controls these relationships? • Is it sufficient to have retailers like Amazon and search engines like Google manage them? • How do you build your infrastructure for the future - the investment does not have to be great
  40. Introducing iPublishCentral
  41. • iPublishCentral is low-cost and low- risk Software as a Service (SaaS) focussed on publishing • It helps publishers to formulate, run and control their own E-Strategy • The vision of iPublishCentral is to help publishers through a self-serve model to market, distribute and deliver content online • Launched during Frankfurt Book Fair 2008, we currently have more than 150 publishers on it
  42. • It helps publishers convert capital expenditure plans to revenue expenditure – with a pay-as-you-go model • It takes away the need for up-front investments in installations, operations, support, maintenance and training • Automated content workflow and ready-to-go functionality offers zero- conversion costs and quicker time to market • Fully backed with a SLA • It's entirely self service, but for publishers short on time and resources – support on a T&M basis
  43. Widgets
  44. Portals
  45. Key takeaways from this presentation Discoverability Experiment Control Relationship
  46. Thank You To see how ipublishcentral can make a difference to your business, sign up at