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Media distribution powerpoint
Media distribution powerpoint
Media distribution powerpoint
Media distribution powerpoint
Media distribution powerpoint
Media distribution powerpoint
Media distribution powerpoint
Media distribution powerpoint
Media distribution powerpoint
Media distribution powerpoint
Media distribution powerpoint
Media distribution powerpoint
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Media distribution powerpoint


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. What Kind of Media Institution Might Distribute your Product and why?
  • 2. Where do you Think you Would see your Film?
    • My film is an independent film and is most likely to be seen either on DVD at an art house or via download.
    • This is because the big companies produce and distribute their own work.
    • Independent art houses like ‘Lexi Cinema’ and college film societies or digital distributors like ‘Coffee Shorts’ and ‘Lionsgate’, show niche work on a smaller scale
  • 3.
  • 4. What Type of Distribution do you Think is Possible?
    • Because this film appeals to young people they would use their technology and would see this film through viral media
    • Students of media and film fans would want to see this film at Art Houses
    • Thriller enthusiasts would download this film if marketed well
    • Due to the low budget this film wouldn’t appeal to mainstream cinema
  • 5. Art House Cinemas
  • 6. Do you Think your Film would be Seen at a Cinema?
    • This film would be seen at an art house which would show independent alternative films.
    • It wouldn’t be at a mainstream cinema like VUE because this film is too low budget and appeals to a small niche market.
    • Distributors that might support this film are the UK Film Council and Dog Woof.
  • 7. Mainstream Cinemas Film Distributors
  • 8. Could your Film be Digitally Distributed?
    • Yes because it appeals to the audience of young people, film fans, and media students.
    • These groups use alternatives to cinemas such as digital distribution.
    • Digital distribution is cheaper than mainstream cinemas so pays back costs with a small audience.
    • Digital distribution relies on word of mouth recommendation which would apply to this film.
  • 9. What are the Disadvantages of Digital Distribution?
    • Disadvantages include:
    • You don’t gain as many viewers
    • Less marketing and investment
    • Special effects can lose impact if not on a big screen
    • You don’t make as much money
  • 10. What are the Advantages of Digital Distribution?
    • It is much cheaper to distributed because you don’t incur mainstream marketing.
    • You can use websites to create a buzz.
    • Digital distribution uses word of mouth.
    • Digital distribution is fast and can be done virally.
  • 11. How does your Work Compare to Professional Film?
    • My film may have lacked financial backing but it was a different and subtle approach to the mainstream films.
    • This suited the thriller genre for example it worked really well for the Blair Witch Project.
    • A film is mainly dependent on the quality and imagination of the script and the producer’s approach.
    • I would be interested in using different techniques if I was given the chance to make the whole film.
  • 12. ‘ The Blair Witch Project’ made $240 million with a budget of $60,000 ‘ Paranormal Activity’ made over £100 million with a recorded budget of $11,000 ‘ Rocky’ with a budget of $1 million made $225 million worldwide