Introducing Vine and Other Short Form Video Services

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Twitter has released an iOS application called Vine, allowing users to capture six second videos and play them on loop. These videos display directly within the Twitter stream, with no need to follow …

Twitter has released an iOS application called Vine, allowing users to capture six second videos and play them on loop. These videos display directly within the Twitter stream, with no need to follow a link to another site. Users can explore videos within the app by topic and add friends from their address book, Facebook, and of course, Twitter.

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  • Check out the new iOS app Vinyet that lets you create stop-motion animations or time-lapses and also lets you post directly to the Vine and Instagram networks from your camera roll.
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  • 2. Executive Summary Whether you are hoping to capture a film masterpiece in 3, 15, or 60+ seconds, there are a dizzying number of apps claiming to be the Instagram of video. 2012 saw a drag out fight between Viddy and SocialCam to be the pack leader of short form video applications, each gaining a flash of users only to see adoption drop off quickly. Viddy attracted A-list talent; Britney Spears abandoned her SocialCam profile to support the app, joining the ranks of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Meanwhile, SocialCam has gained ground among sports teams and minority celebrities. But a new crop of novel apps now allow users to create and edit their own stop motion shorts and animated gifs with nearly effortless functionality. Enter Vine, acquired last year by the short form content masters at Twitter. Creating videos only six seconds in length, Vine is Twitter’s first leap into the video market, where over 35 percent of content is consumed on YouTube. Vine videos display seamlessly in the Twitter newsfeed, with no need to push to another site for viewing. It is a smart step for Twitter, which continues to gain foothold as a bite- size, real-time media giant.2
  • 3. Video Creation • Vine plays six second videos on constant loop • To record a video, hold your finger down on the screen of your iOS device. Stop and start recording by lifting your finger • In this way, the service can be used to create stop- motion video, change scenes or show movement over time • After completing six seconds of footage, add a caption and location to the video • Your finished Vine is saved to the camera roll on your device3
  • 4. Authentication • Vine is available for free on iOS platforms • Users can authenticate using their Twitter account or e-mail address Discovery • To explore Vine, you can browse Editors Picks, Vines that are popular now, and all posts on the service. • Vines can be explored by topics ranging from First Posts, Sports, Travel or Pet videos • Videos automatically play as you scroll through your timeline – this includes any audio from recorded • Users may also add friends from their address book, Facebook or Twitter4
  • 5. Sharing • Vines appear seamlessly as “cards” when pushed to Twitter, playable directly in the user’s stream Early Issues • Several problems arose during Vine’s launch, from simple connectivity and posting issues to a more serious glitch temporarily allowing Vine users to see the phone number and e-mail addresses of other users5
  • 6. Benefits for Brands • Brands eager to experiment with Vine should keep in mind that adoption of competitive apps has been slow. Other video apps have garnered strong initial interest and then tapered off in active usage • Brands should focus on developing highly creative, short form videos that will catch the eye within the Twitter stream • Brands might consider producing Vines to: Create time-lapse or stop motion scenes  Display ingredients for a recipe  Show product development from beginning to end  Tease production of television episodes  Reveal secret offers that quickly flash on camera  Hold contests among fans to decipher what they’ve seen6
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  • 8. Who Will Be the Instagram of Video? Viddy SocialCamClip Length 15 Seconds Unlimited LengthRegistered Users 40 Million 56 MillionActive Users 920,000 MAUs 3.6 Million MAUsFeatures 10 Custom Filters 15 Custom Filters, Including National Geographic 20+ Soundtracks from Ellie Goulding, NIN, Carly Branded Filter Rae Jepsen, Owl City, Colbie CaillatCelebrity Users Shakira (64K) MC Hammer (1.5M followers)and Endorsers Britney Spears (121K) Shane Battier – Miami Heat (1.5M) Taylor Swift (179K) Chris Daughtry (1.3M) Justin Bieber (27.8K) Madonna (1.1 M) Biz Stone (Twitter); Jay-ZNotable Brands Red Bull, Disney, DVF Sports Teams, Shark Week, Sierra Mist, Ben & Jerry’sSharing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Email, SMS Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Email, SMSOS iOS, Android iOS, Android8
  • 9. Viddy • App provides users ability to capture, beautify, and share videos to social networks • Clips are limited to 15 seconds and can be customized using lens filters and music options • Branded music and video features, such as the Muppets production pack or Ellie Goulding soundtrack can be added to video clips as part of weekly features (free or paid)9
  • 10. ViddyBrand Case Studies• Muppets Production pack overlays• Diane von Furstenberg (33K followers) NY Fashion Week Features• Red Bull (500-1000 likes/post, 36K followers) Extreme Sports Videos• Warner Bros Records (11K followers) Live concert footage• Taylor Swift (4-10K likes/post, 134K follows) First-person talent perspective• Southwest Airlines – (31K followers) Guess the airport, in-cockpit footage10
  • 11. Social Cam• Includes imaging filters similar to Viddy; ability to add stylized title slates and non- branded soundtracks• Average length of a SocialCam video is between 60 and 90 seconds• Sports teams, African American and minority celebrities strong here• Britney Spears was most influential celeb, seems to have deleted her profile and moved to Viddy• Pepsi brands Sierra Mist and Brisk have created bi-lingual video programs• Owned by Autodesk 11
  • 12. YouTube Capture• Released in late December 2012• YouTube branded camera app allows users to color correct, trim, and stabilize HD quality videos• Add select soundtracks after recording• Share to Google+, Facebook, and Twitter• Set privacy settings and add captions upon upload12
  • 13. Ptch• Mobile app allows fans to quickly compose 60-second mash-ups using photos and videos from their iPhone and social feeds, as well as content provided by brands• Unlike video filter apps (Socialcam or Viddy), Ptch provides a drag-and-drop experience for photos and video assets• In response to frequent fan spoof videos, Paramount partnered with Ptch to promote Paranormal Activity 4; fans are able to integrate filters, sounds, clips and images from movie series 13
  • 14. Cinemagram• Capitalizes on Tumblr’s use of animated gifs by creating a hybrid form of media• Users capture short videos with mobile phone, select still images from the clip, and then define an area of the image to animate• Gifs can then be uploaded to social networks 14
  • 15. Threadlife • Video clips are only three seconds long and there’s no editing involved • Clips are uploaded into separate “threads” of related content. You can create your own or contribute to someone else’s thread • Threads can be set as private, open to friends only, or open to the public. That goes for viewing and contributing to threads.15
  • 16. Klip Tout• The closest to a mash-up of Instagram and a • Users upload 15-second video status updates Pinterest feed that youll see • Popular among WWE stars(30K+ followers• iPhone-only app; connects directly to YouTube each), athletes and morning shows• Top Celebs: • Top Celebs: Shaq, Live with Kelly and Michael, – Jenna Jameson (1K) WSJ, San Francisco 49ers, WWE, Zappos, Larry – Ashley Tisdale (679) King, Seattle Seahawks – Sean Kingston (526) – Rainn Wilson (467) 680,000 Monthly 40,000 Monthly Active Users Active Users 16
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