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Intern Project


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Intern Project

  1. 1. Social Influencer Insights Presented by: Cogent 2014 Interns
  2. 2. Social Media Platforms:
  3. 3. Twitter What is Twitter? • Social networking and microblogging service where users send and read short 140- character text messages, called “tweets”, that has been around since 2006. Details: • When others subscribe to your Twitter they are known as your followers. • Users can group posts together using hashtags (words or phrases prefixed with a "#" sign) • The "@" sign followed by a username is used for mentioning or replying to other users. • To “Retweet” a message from another Twitter user, is to share it with one's own followers.
  4. 4. Twitter What is Twitter best used for: • Source for news, information and emotional release. Why would a brand use it: • Announce news or join relevant timely conversations • Product information/promotions • Get ahead of customer feedback Top Followed: • Katy Perry (54.4MM), Justin Bieber (52.8MM), Barack Obama (44.07 MM), YouTube (43.6MM), Lady Gaga (41.6MM), Taylor Swift (41.8MM), Britney Spears (38.05MM), Rihanna (36.4MM) and Instagram (33.8MM).
  5. 5. Case Studies: Twitter Handle: @Oreo Followers: 376K Company: Oreo What: Free PR stunt with Oreo’s digital voice during the Super Bowl black out. 36% of viewers intended to use a second screen when viewing the game.
  6. 6. Twitter Handle: @TheEllenShow Followers: 29.7MM Company: Samsung What: According to CEO of Publicis, the selfie was worth between $800MM-$1B to Samsung. Most RT and Favorited tweet of all-time. Case Studies:
  7. 7. Twitter as a tool for Cogent: • Drive traffic • Informational voice of different brands managed • Celebrity seeding, as is already being done • “Listening” and “speaking” tool
  8. 8. Vine What is Vine? • A free mobile app owned by Twitter. • Released in January 2013 and already has an estimated 60 Million users • Users create and post short looping video clips that can be shared to Vine, Twitter and Facebook. • These clips are only a maximum of six seconds long. Top 10 most followed Viners: Nash Grier (8.8MM),King Bach (7.4MM),Brittney Furlan (6.7MM),Jerome Jarre (6.6MM),Curtis Lepore (5.3MM),Josh Peck (5MM),Marcus Johns (5MM),Rudy Mancuso (5MM),Jerry Purpdrank (5MM),Nicholas Megalis (4.3MM)
  9. 9. Helpful Vine Tips and Terms Tips: • Use a Tripod • Use headphones with built in mic for better sound • Create “how to” video content • Always use hash tags to join topics • Be Creative Terms: • Re-Vine: Sharing the video to your friends (like a retweet) • Loop: Total number of views • Viner: A person who shares vines • Channels: Different types of vine genres
  10. 10. How to Use Vine: • Download the App • Create a profile • Record your first “vine” video (only on mobile devices) • Share it to Vine, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  11. 11. Uses/Facts What is Vine best used for: • As a quick effective way to leverage video. o Humor/Comedy, Sports, Special effects tend to be the most popular Vines. Why do brands use Vine: • Brands use vine to creatively build brand awareness through short video clips. Facts: • In 2013 mobile devices exceeded the entire worlds human population. • In April 2013 vine was the most downloaded app in the apple store. • By 2017 video will be two-thirds of the worlds data • A branded vine is 4x more likely to be seen than a branded video.
  12. 12. Top 7 Types of Brand Integration 1. Celebrities 2. Use Your Logo 3. Animation 4. Infinite Looping 5. Candid Camera 6. Let the Influencers Do the Work 7. Hire a Director
  13. 13. Vine Stars: Vine Handle: Lauren Giraldo Followers: 2.8M Followers Loops: 2,211,577MM A 16-year-old social media Star who makes about $2,000 per sponsored Vine. Her videos are mainly just random acts of comedy throughout her daily life.
  14. 14. Vine Stars: Vine Handle: Pinot W. Ichwandardi Followers: 288K Followers Loops: 142,904K Company: Mountain Dew His trademark is animated sketch videos. Pinot answers that he gets around $1,000 to $2,000 for each branded video.
  15. 15. Case Study: Vine Handle: Nicholas Megalis and Rudy Mancuso Followers: 4.3MM Followers and 4.8MM Followers Loops: 716,655K Company: Trident
  16. 16. Vine as a tool for iSmoke: Vine Handle: @Smoketricks206 Followers: 22,221k
  17. 17. Instagram What is Instagram? • An online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service • Share to other platforms • 200 million monthly active users • Brands post on average of 5.5 posts by top brands a week • 75 million active users daily • 43% of top brands post daily • One-third of instagram users are between 18 - 24
  18. 18. Instagram What is used best for: • Best used for sharing visuals, creating brand equity, reaching the consumers, products, showing new products, public events, sales, etc. Why do brands use Instagram: • Brand equity/Cool factor • Promotional content Top Followed: • Instagram (56MM), Kylie Jenner (10MM), Khloe Kardashian (10MM), Ariana Grande (13MM), Justin Bieber (17MM), TheFatJewish (568K)
  19. 19. Case Studies: Instagram Handle: Michael O’neill (Professional Photographer) Followers: 550,000 Company: Vogue What: Did an instagram photoshoot with campaign with his iphone in places like Grand Central. Instagram Handle: Christine Hsu* @kkarmalove Followers: 170,000 Company: Fossil Watches What: She got paid $75 per branded image photo
  20. 20. Case Studies: Instagram Handle: Swopes Followers: 214K Company: Casamigos What: Photo-contest Instagram Handle: Chrisozer Followers: 561K Company: Mercedes Benz What: Hired photographers for a competition to shoot the the Mercedes-Benz CLA. (17.5K) Likes)
  21. 21. Instagram as a tool for Cogent: Spyder Giveaway: Dan Bilzerian, professional poker player with 3.2 million followers. Average picture over 140,000 likes. Loan him a Spyder in return for him taking a couple instagrams with it. Also the instagram post goes to 3.8 million facebook fans. Carnivor or Gascon Professional Photographer Campaign: Pair up with 10 popular/professionalPhotographers and have them run a campaign where they each post 5-10 pictures with Gascon or Carnivor.Photographers like Kuiper who averages 13,000 engagements per post. Incentive for winner. Winner is chosen by most comments, likes, etc.
  22. 22. PinterestWhat is Pinterest? • A visual discovery tool used to collect ideas for different projects and interests. • Launched in 2010 Details: • “The Pins” o Pins can be almost anything—a gift, recipe, or even a quote. o Little bookmarks people add to Pinterest that always point back to popular sites. • “Beautiful boards” o Boards where people collect and organize their Pins. • “Connecting interests” o Pinterest connects people through shared interests. • “Simple discovery” o Pinterest helps people discover things in a simple, visual way.
  23. 23. Pinterest What is Pinterest best used for? • Sharing content (images, videos, quotes..etc.) creating social engagement, sales, advertisement…etc. Why would a brand use it? • As a marketing tool to drive targeted engagement. Top Followed: • Jane Wang (2.3MM), Lowe’s (3.4MM), Christine Martinez, Ben Silbermann, Jennifer Chong, Joy Cho, Evan Sharp.
  24. 24. How to use Pinterest: 1. Sign up or linking your FB/Twitter profile. 2. Give it a name and shoot for a style that you like. 3. Follow those who influence your brand. 4. Then you should “pin” content onto your board or upload your own original content.
  25. 25. Case Studies: Pinterest Handle: WSJ Followers: 47, 873 Company: The Wall Street Journal What: Realized that pictures weren’t their strengths, so they used their board as a way of posting noteworthy quotes from their articles. Pinterest Handle: Nordstrom Followers: 197,950 Company: Nordstrom What: Nordstrom started using the service as a way to inspire customers and tell a visual trend story. Help customers create a big “wish list.”
  26. 26. Case Studies: Pinterest Handle: WholeFoods Followers: 194,441 Company: Whole Market Foods What: Created community boards and partnered with popular food and health experts on Pinterest (iVillage, Joy Bauer and Jessica Smith) to broaden their reach. Pinterest Handle: Sephora Followers: 310,741 Company: Sephora What: Pinterest users were regularly saving their favorite beauty products and inspiration onto Pinterest boards, and many of those images were from Sephora
  27. 27. Pros: o Create inspiration boards (using the style of the clients) o Create neutral spaces for all the same content. o One main board for LDV, then different boards for (Corso Coffee, Lugo Caffe...etc) o Able to see what people like from the brand as they pin your content. o Staying organized, categories of seasons, trends, clients Cons: o More of a female-orientated social site (might not work for all clients) Pinterest as a tool for LDV:
  28. 28. YouTube What is YouTube? • A video-sharing website where users can • Upload, view, and share videos. • Created in 2005 and owned by Google since late 2006 • More than 1 billion users visit YouTube every month. • 100 hours of video uploaded per minute • YouTube reaches more U.S. adults aged 18– 34 than any cable network.
  29. 29. YouTube What is YouTube best used for: • As a search engine for videos. Why would a brand use it: • As a platform to host all videos without having to pay for it. • Easy to follow reach • Connect with large audiences through popular YouTubers Top Followed: • PewDiePie (28MM), Smosh (18MM), Hola Soy German, VEVO (Rihanna, One Direction, Katy Perry, Eminem), nigahiga, Machinima, SkyDoesMinecraft, ERB, TheEllenShow and TheFineBros.
  30. 30. Types of Brand Integration: • Brand inspired content • Product placement/integration • Channel Sponsorships • On screen annotations and on screen video annotations • Advertisement o Before, during, or after video
  31. 31. What is a YouTuber? Philip DeFranco • CEO of DeFranco inc. Owns and Runs 5 youtube channels • Philip DeFranco (3,261,000+ subscribers) • PhillyD (879,000+ subscribers) • SourceFed (1,376,000+ subscribers) • SourceFedNERD (669,000+ subscribers) • ForHumanPeoples (182,000+ subscribers) Owns and runs a clothing/ products company • ( Social Media • Facebook- 540,900+ likes • Twitter- 502,000+ followers • Instagram- 261,000+ followers Noted Partnerships • -Gamefly -Dollar Shave Club • -Netflix -Full Sail University • -Ting -Samsung An influencer that created a following through YouTube; usually relevant on other social media sites as well.
  32. 32. Philip DeFranco Sponsorships
  33. 33. Choosing the Right YouTuber for Your Brand • Do the research • Find a brand that is in- line with a YouTuber’s identity • Match the YouTuber’s demographic to that of the brand.
  34. 34. How to get in contact with Youtubers: YouTube Networks: • FullScreen • Revision3 • BigFrame • StyleHaul • Machinima • Maker Talent Managers & YouTube Networks: • Linking with brands • Finding brand deals • Help Channel Growth
  35. 35. Case Study: Method: JackThreads worked closely with Revision3 to integrate both the brand and "invite-only" messaging into a roster of Revision3 shows. Due to the unique, in-show messaging model, JackThreads customized messaging to each individual show, making it more relevant to viewers. Objective: • JackThreads was looking to target young, male, web savvy consumers to increase signups, drive sales, and build awareness for their daily sample sale shopping service. Results: • 50%: Sign-up conversion rate for select Revision3 shows (5x industry average). • 12%: Overall purchase conversion rate for Revision3 users (2x industry average). • Users who have signed up for a JackThreads account through Revision3 purchase products more often than any other lead generator.
  36. 36. YouTube as a tool for EOS: EOS Lip Balm Youtube Channel -Currently no official EOS YouTube channel -”My Eos Collection” videos reach up to 499K views -Showcase collection and rare EOS scents -Product giveaways and promotions -Eventually move into Brand inspired content with large YouTubers Examples: EOS lip balm collection! 99Choca -168K views ____________________ EOS Lip Balm Review + Collection ♥ Brookexbeauty -346K views ____________________ My EOS lip balm collection ..:) Kayla ann -499K views
  37. 37. Social Influencer Insights Presented by: Cogent 2014 Interns
  38. 38. Index: Links used for Research on Pinterest: • • • • • • • • • afraid-to-ask/ Links used for Research on Twitter: Links used for Research on Vine: Links used for Research on Tumlr: Links used for Research on Instagram: