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Facebook Reimagines the News Feed


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Facebook unveiled the latest iteration of News Feed today, the first reimagining of the product since its debut in 2011. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the goal is to build a “personalized newspaper” that provides users with a more vibrant look into their network, keeping them engaged longer on the site.

The flexible new design lowers Facebook’s signal-to-noise ratio by introducing multiple feeds, highlighted by bigger images that call to mind popular features of Instagram. Designed with mobile in mind, the News Feed promises a consistent experience, no matter what device is used to access the site.

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Facebook Reimagines the News Feed

  1. 1. Facebook News FeedReleased March 7, 2013 Example of a client-themed cover slide
  2. 2. 2News Feed:ReimaginedFacebook unveiled the latest iteration ofNewsfeed on March 7, the first reimagining ofthe product since its debut in 2011.According to founder Mark Zuckerberg, the goalis to build a “personalized newspaper” thatprovides users with a more vibrant look intotheir network, keeping them engaged longer onthe site.The flexible new design lowers Facebook’ssignal-to-noise ratio by introducing multiplefeeds, highlighted by bigger images that call tomind popular features of Facebook-ownedInstagram.Designed with mobile in mind, the News Feedpromises a consistent experience ,no matterwhat device is used to access the site. Content shared by multiple friends is consolidated with photos appearing on the left sidebar.
  3. 3. 3Feed SwitcherThe major new feature of this NewsFeed design is a switcher at top righthand corner (pull down menu on mobile)that allows users to view many feedsthat were previously unavailable. This isthe chief navigation of the News Feed. – All Friends – Close Friends – Most Recent (Chronological Posts) – Following (Brands and Celebrities) – Music (Artists, Listening Activity of Friends and Suggested Concerts) – Groups – Games
  4. 4. 4Photos FeedDrilling down into a feed activates alush new layout with larger photostories in a clean, simplistic layout.Photos now make up nearly 50% ofNews Feed stories, and it’s clear thatFacebook has built this design tomaximize their impact.New profile and cover photos areconsolidated into a right hand featureon the photo feed, while other storiesremain in the central news area.
  5. 5. 5RichPreviewsCheck-ins, articles and events willnow feature rich previews in themain News Feed. – Upcoming events will provide location, date and time, as well as a preview of friends attending and a one-click option to join – News stories will include larger previews, dates and bylines, with the ability to follow similar content from the source – Each check-in displays a full map of the area and photos taken at the venue
  6. 6. 6BrandOpportunities• Brands should continue to focus on creating highly visual posts, testing content and optimizing sizes for News Feed dimensions• Based on consumer adoption of the News Feed switcher, brands may benefit from additional exposure in the “following” and “most recent” feeds Cover photos will reach beyond user and brand pages for the• As with Graph Search, Facebook first time. plans to roll out the News Feed features slowly, learning from user engagement. Some users will have access as early as today, but it may take weeks for others to receive it• Its unclear how the News Feed will affect promoted stories or if this layout will have implications for brand pages• Sign-up for the News Feed waitlist at
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