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Neustar services
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Neustar services


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Neustar Services Overview

Neustar Services Overview

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  • Our footprint is truly global, both in terms of our employee base and our network presence. Neustar has approximately 900 employees across all of our business areas. Our professionals can be found in places as geographically dispersed as Washington D.C., London, Singapore, Dusseldorf, and Taiwan. Key customers include some of the biggest communication service providers, from incumbent wireline carriers and wireless operators to Internet e-commerce companies, mobile advertisers and more. This attests to our ability to serve a variety of customers of all sizes. Where the need to communicate, collaborate and exchange information exists, Neustar is there. In addition to our far-flung network of data centers, we also have two Network Operations Centers and a strategic network presence at nearly 150 interconnection points worldwide. Finally, we are publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. We have a strong balance sheet, with virtually no debt.
  • Networks exist to enable conversations. To engage people. To enrich lives. Neustar is trusted to solve complex global communications challenges by enabling seamless connectivity across disparate networks, technologies and applications for operators and enterprises alike. Our carrier-grade technology, innovative solutions and experienced employee base have been catalysts for customer success for over a decade – infusing voice, video and data transactions with true innovation and unparalleled performance. Neustar has positioned itself to be a premier neutral third-party provider of managed services that enable secure, reliable communication across networks, applications and enterprises – and a global leader in Internet Protocol (IP) solutions that connect people and technologies.
  • Neustar’s is committed to bringing about more intelligent global networks that drive innovation, improve efficiency and reliability, enhance and protect user experiences, and speedtime-to-market. This commitment creates tangible, significant value for every key audience Neustar serves. We think of our customers in five groups, each with different needs–but all using our services. Communication Service Providers – Neustar ensures the seamless connections and interworking of thousands of global networks, allowing carriers to connect to each other and, most importantly, for people to make the most of their digital lives – talking, texting, and sharing photos, among other activities. Our long tenure in the communications industry and deep knowledge of network performance means we are uniquely positioned to deliver solutions and services that drive the success of ourcarrier customers. Our strong commitment to neutrality affords confidence that proprietary information will be managed securely and with confidentiality. Enterprises – Our connection to and understanding of the world’s network traffic allows Neustar to provide intelligent solutions that optimize customers’ internet infrastructure and deliver increased efficiency, reliability, and security.Because we understand the importance of continuous, 24/7/365 operations, our guarantee of network uptime has earned NeuStar the trust of over 3,000 enterprise customers worldwide. Associations, Governments and Regulatory Bodies – Networks that compete with each other trust Neustar to connect them and to protect their proprietary information because of our unique commitment to neutrality.We operate our registries and databases to the highest standards in the industry, with continuous uptime and timely delivery of secure and accurate data. Entrusted to provide a stewardship role, Neustar is deeply connected to, and participates in, standards bodies around the world. Solutions and Channel Partners – Because Neustar understands how to bring networks together through our technology, innovative solutions and people, we are the ideal partner to advance our partners’ needs for services that converge technologies, networks, and platforms.
  • Mobile barcodes are already making an appearance worldwide. For media companies, the big attractions are: One to one direct interaction with the consumer. For advertisers and brands, this quality of interaction is not commonplace, and media delivers the vehicle by which they can interact directly with the consumer Direct measurement of the success of campaigns relates directly to the success of media. Fantastic targeting. The physical placement of the code can help with targeting, as can consumer demographics (age group, gender, etc.) which are added to the code (only with user opt in) during resolution. Brings a dynamic element to existing media, changing how it works.
  • While Neustar may be invisible to consumers, we are an indispensable resource for the worldwide communications infrastructure – and the statistics speak for themselves. We link people together around the world by connecting billions of network endpoints, thousands of networks, and hundreds of technologies. We oversee the assignment and routing of phone numbers in 19 countries. We resolved over 11 billion Domain Name System (DNS) per day, connecting people with the web addresses they enter into their browsers. We power the resolution of over 20 million Internet domains for more than 4,000 enterprise customers and leading Top Level Domains (TLDs) including .US and .BIZ. We support the routing of 1 billion mobile instant messages per month. We manage and operate the mobile marketing and advertising solutions that use the U.S. Common Short Code (CSC) Registry, enabling today’s marketers to reach more than 270 million mobile consumers.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Seamless Connections | Trusted Security | Frictionless Innovation | Reliable Performance Neustar Overview v2010325 © Neustar Inc. / Proprietary and Confidential Nir Sinay Director Account Management , APAC Web:
    • 2. Neustar Facts
        • Approximately 900 employees worldwide
        • Corporate headquarters in Sterling, VA (USA)
        • Offices in North America, Europe and Asia
        • 10,000+ customer entities, including 4,000 network operators
        • 2 major Network Operations Centers
        • Nearly 150 network nodes worldwide
        • Publicly traded (NYSE: NSR)
        • FY 2009 revenue: US$480.4M
        • Strong balance sheet, with virtually no debt
      3 © Neustar Inc. / Proprietary and Confidential v2010325
    • 3. Solving Complexity, Delivering Value
        • Highly reliable and proven interoperability
        • Demonstrated performance, scalability and security
        • Trusted neutral third-party
        • Enables migration to next-gen IP-based services
        • Delivering Universal connectivity
      © Neustar Inc. / Proprietary and Confidential Trusted Directories That Enable Global Communications [email_address] 703-555-0189 v2010325
    • 4. Our Commitment To The Industries We Serve
      • For Industries We Serve…
        • Fixed, Mobile and Wireless Communication Service Providers
        • Business & Enterprise
        • Associations, Government, and Regulatory Agencies
      • Committed to Providing…
        • Seamless connections
        • Trusted security
        • Frictionless Innovation
        • Reliable performance
      © Neustar Inc. / Proprietary and Confidential v2010325
    • 5. Services © Neustar Inc. / Proprietary and Confidential v2010325
    • 6. Customer Profiles and Sample Customers Neustar Confidential and Proprietary Government Agencies Regulatory Bodies Not-for-profit Telecom and Internet Organizations Industry Associations Large and Small Enterprises Solutions and Channel Partners Communications Service Providers (Fixed Line Operators, Mobile Operators, VoIP Providers, Cable Operators, Service Bureau, and etc.)
    • 7. GSMA PathFinder Applications
        • Interconnection
          • Tier 0 Country delegation
          • Tier 1 Operator delegation
          • Tier 2 Addressing data
        • NP Discovery
          • Global Number plan and NP Data
          • Unique Service Provider Network ID
        • Mobile Money
          • Financial instruments as IP Service Types
        • OneAPI Lookup
          • OneAPI interfaces as IP Service Types
      PathFinder configurable service types and tags enables rapid support for new applications
    • 8. GSMA PathFinder Global NP Discovery Service
        • Delivery Assurance
            • NP can impact delivery of SMS and VoIP services
        • Billing Assurance
            • NP visibility for on-net calling plans
        • Cost Reduction
            • Leverage NGN technology and eliminate costly SS7 infrastructure
            • Avoid surcharges for International ported traffic
            • Negotiate improved bilateral interconnect rates
        • Customer Support
            • Troubleshooting dropped calls and call quality
    • 9. Converged Messaging Gateway - CMG Social Network, Email, Instant Messaging, Address Book, Presence
    • 10. CMG combined with On-network services & Enablers
      • Operator community/presence technology enriches new IP services and upgrades existing services
        • Presence
        • Rich Messaging & RCS
        • Location
        • Chat Rooms
        • Address books
        • Phone Book
    • 11. Wide Range of Devices and Clients
    • 12. Mobile Barcodes Are Here What it is
        • The ability to scan an object with a camera phone and experience
          • Deep link content
          • Pre Populated SMS
          • Calendar Event
          • Pre populated phone call
          • Other phone invocations
        • Already big in Japan, and growing worldwide
        • Satisfying and engaging user experience
      Why Media should care
        • Multiplies the value of ad space with measurable calls-to-action
          • Influences purchase decisions
        • Provides simple method to promote content across media channels
        • Drives revenue from mobile and Web services and products
        • Deepens audience relationship with interactive experiences
        • A tool for audience sampling and measurement
        • Allows traditional media to become interactive and measureable in near real time
      Advertisers Want It. Retailers Need It. Operators Can Enhance It.
    • 13. Barcodes - Here, There, Everywhere
    • 14. Neustar By The Numbers
        • Billions of endpoints
        • Thousands of networks
        • Hundreds of technologies
        • Phone number assignment and in 19 countries
        • Over 11 billion DNS queries per day
        • Resolving over 20 million Internet domains for more than 3,000 enterprise customers
        • Routing 1 billion mobile IMs monthly
        • Enabling reaching over 270 million mobile consumers with U.S. Common Short Codes
      © Neustar Inc. / Proprietary and Confidential v20090804
    • 15. Why Neustar ? Product portfolio Track record
    • 16. For More Information please contact: © Neustar Inc. / Proprietary and Confidential v2010325 Nir Sinay Director Account Management, APAC Web: