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SDP Asia 2012 Workshop Sample


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Sample of Workshop given at SDP Asia entitled: The New Wave of IT and Telecom convergence: Using SOA for the Telecom Services Layer to drive Service Innovation.

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  • Finally I got some information about an SOA in telcos. would it be possible to share the links to some case study materials? I am an EA/SOA student... Thanks!
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SDP Asia 2012 Workshop Sample

  1. 1. The New Wave of IT and Telecom convergence: Using SOA for the TelecomServices Layer to drive Service Innovation Alan Quayle Business and Service Development
  2. 2. Background Discussion• IT (Information technology) continues its inevitable replacement of telecom specific solutions – IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) could be the last telco-special software architecture• IT-centric solutions market size is $4.3T, compare that to the $50B Telecom software industry.• The network bias of the Telecoms industry meant the SDP (Service Delivery Platform) never garnered the standardization focus of IMS. – SDP remains a loose concept often misused by vendors that requires something between a large expensive consulting and system integration project with the promise of business transformation that rarely delivers the results, to little more than a service silo running on an off-the-shelf application server from Oracle or IBM. – None of which enable service innovation.
  3. 3. Background Discussion• The time has finally arrived to take an IT-centric approach to delivering services in telecoms using the tried and tested concepts of re-usable services; business, service and technology architectures; enterprise bus; virtualization; etc.• That is, leverage an approach used across the web-services industry, financial services industry, in fact every other industry on the planet for innovation and delivering services to their customers; SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).• This workshop focuses upon breaking with the past, gone are the boxes and wires of ‘90s telco-centric software architectures that require expensive integration into the BOSS (Business and Operational Support Systems) and create yet another silo; today the focus is the IT of the ‘10s with clouds, grids, buses, virtualization, distributed services, reusable services, APIs, SLAs, policies, business models, service models and technology models.
  4. 4. Objectives: Provide an understanding of:• SOA and the role SOA plays in the emerging Services Layer landscape• Where and why Telecom SOA deployments are working, examining the reality behind the hype• The variety of Services Layer business cases• How the Services Layer enables an operator to innovate in services and business models faster, to fail more often, and hence discover success to remain relevant to customers• What an operator needs to do given their specific local market conditions
  5. 5. Workshop Structure Part 1• Services Layer Overview and Landscape• A frank independent review of the services layer covering: – SDP, telecom application servers / platforms, JAIN SLEE, Telco API, service and business model innovation, and how they apply across mobile, fixed and broadband operators.• Mapping the range of solutions suppliers label as ‘SDP’. – Understanding where and how each type of ‘SDP’ is used across legacy voice, IPTV, mobile content, messaging, web content, advanced communication services, API exposure, business model innovation, and integrated NGBOSS (Next Generation Business and Operational Support System) solutions.
  6. 6. Workshop Structure Part 2• Definitions & Acronym Soup – Understanding the core components of an Services Layer, such as service creation, service execution, content delivery and network abstraction. – Understanding the many components associated with SDP, including REST, ODP, CDM, GSMA OneAPI, W3C widgets, WAC (JIL), AJAX, ANI, to name just a few acronyms.• SOA in Telecoms Review – SOA Overview – SOA Defined and Background – A Brief History of SOA in Telecoms – Operator Requirements – Network Equipment Providers’ SOA Status
  7. 7. Workshop Structure Part 3• Telco SOA Case Studies – Sunrise Case Study – Telecom Italia Case Study – Turkcell Case Study – Cell C Case Study – O2 iPhone Activation Case Study – O2 SOA Software Factory for Service Development Case Study – BT Case Study – Non-Telco Case Studies:, ITV, EDF, Banking• SOA Suppliers / Integrators – Oracle, IBM, Tibco – Network Equipment Providers and SOA – SOA and Unified Communications and Collaboration• Key Points
  8. 8. Workshop Structure Part 4• Multi-national, multi-layer Services Architecture – Introduction – Role of SOA• Case studies – Orange – Telefonica – America Movil – Mobilkom – BT Global Services – MTN• Operator Requirements• Example Business Case• Conclusions and Recommendations