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2012 Partnering Conference

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Partnering Conf Presentations

  2. 2. Upcoming Events• 8.13.12 – 5th Annual CEO Retreat• 8.30.12 – 4th Annual Marketing Technology Summit• 10.4.12 – Growing Technology in Arizona• 11.8.12 – Governor’s Celebration of Innovation Awards Monthly Events• After5 Networking Events• Lunch and Learn Events• Council Connect Events For more information visit
  3. 3. Event Agenda1:00pm - 1:30pm | Registration and Networking1:30pm - 3:00pm | Partnering Presentations3:00pm - 3:15pm | Break3:15pm - 4:00pm | Executive Partnering Panel4:00pm - 6:00pm | Reception and Expo
  4. 4. Partnering Presentations• OneNeck IT Services with partner Solution Interface• Loop Demand Gen with partner Canyon Communications• Telesphere with partner Broadsoft• DIRTT with partner VermiSoks• Prime Solutions Group, Inc. with partner Aviture, Inc.• TelEvolve with partner Western WiMAX• Cybertrails with partner Solutions 8
  5. 5. OneNeck IT Services and Solution Interface
  6. 6. Introducing OneNeck. We provide acomprehensive, flexible suite of hosting and managed servicesdesigned specifically to help mid-market companies improve system performance.
  7. 7. Founded in 1997Supporting over 150+ customersand 66,000 users in 45 countries onsix continentsFocused: 90% of revenue fromoutsourcing and managed servicesOver 250 full time employees98% Contract Renewal Rate overthirteen years24/7 North America based supportcenter handling over 85,000incidents annuallyMicrosoft certified hosting partner.Ranked #1 ERP Outsourcing Vendorby the Black Book of Outsourcingsurvey three years in a row
  8. 8. Introducing Solution Interface.Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Solution Interface is a full service telecommunications company providing acomprehensive suite of telecom management products and services for small to medium enterprises, communication service providers and non-profit organizations.
  9. 9. Quote requests Moves, Adds, Changes & Disconnects (MACD)Market Analysis of Carrier Positioning Facility Relocation ManagementVoice and Data Audits Telecom Inventory ManagementRFP Design & Implementation Contract negotiations & ManagementNetwork Design & Implementation Recovery ServicesEnd to end project management Customer PortalIntegration Services & Vendor Mgmt.
  10. 10.  OneNeck WAN Design and Management  Carrier Neutrality  Telco Assessments  Contracts Review  WAN Design/Architecture Review  Performance Analysis  Bandwidth Profiling  WAN Best Practices Analysis  Implementation/Provisioning Services  Typically save money on your contracts by leveraging our expertise and buying power  Century Link, TW Telecom and COX partner thru SI – leverage our SPPs  20%-30% less costs than traditional service providers
  11. 11.  Solution Interface and OneNeck Success Story  Prospect had $20k/mo. spend on TDM circuits  6 physical locations  Low speed connections  Prospect required managed hosting (VPS, hosting)  New Solution with SI/ON  CL MOE’s at high speeds for all locations  Reduced telecom spend 40%  Uplifted to fiber delivery (highly reliable)  Still had enough in their budget to meet other hosting needs
  12. 12. Questions?
  13. 13. Loop Demand Gen and Canyon Communications July 26, 2012
  14. 14. Partnering for Marketing and Sales Alignment• Full-service, integrated B2B • End-to-End Demand marketing Generation• Disciplined approach to • Helps B2B companies generate understand market dynamics more leads and pipeline• Candidness that enables • Provides outbound calling and effective collaboration inside sales support• Architects marketing strategies • Offers performance-based that achieve expected ROI appointment setting• Rigorous client service • Guaranteed results
  15. 15. Marketing Support Sales Support
  16. 16. Technology Supplier Channel Sales ModelValue-Added DistributorValue-Added Reseller End-User
  17. 17. What is the businessproblem IT professionals(end-users) face?
  18. 18. Data volumesincreasing at anexponential rate Decreasing budget dollars to buy more storage servers
  19. 19. Solution: “StopBuying Storage” Key Message: Don’t buy more. Optimize what you have.
  20. 20. Canyon and Loop partnered to develop campaign strategy Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Database E-mail marketing Executive Door Follow-up cleansing and campaign with Opener (EDO) appointment opt-in e-mail White Paper dimensional setting activitiesaddress gathering download mailerGoal: 250 verified Goal: 30 white paper Goal: 30 EDO Goal: 10 face-to-e-mail addresses downloads for EDO mailers delivered face appointments distribution
  21. 21. Step 1: Database cleansing and appending
  22. 22. Step 2: E-mail marketing campaign
  23. 23. Step 2: E-mail marketing campaign
  24. 24. Step 3: Executive Door Opener (EDO)
  25. 25. Step 4: Follow-up and appointment setting
  26. 26. Campaign Results• 397 contact records cleansed• 1,110 unique touches (2.77 touches/contact)• 242 opt-in e-mail addresses verified• 4 e-mail distributions over a 6-week period• 36 white paper downloads• 30 EDOs delivered (7.5% of contact list)• 11 face-to-face appointments scheduled (36% of EDO recipients)
  27. 27. Questions? Contact: Contact: Matt Hensler Jared Bodnar VP, Strategic Services President Canyon Communications Loop Demand 480-775-8880 480-545-1015
  28. 28. Who is Telesphere? Telesphere Financial Overview• Founded in 2000 • Annualized revenues over $30 million• Providing voice and data services over a • Over 30,000 end users, providing service to private IP network the entire US including Canada• Nationwide Privately hosted Cloud • Currently Cash Flow Positive before Communications Company Customer Acquisition costs• Integrating the office phone, computer • Raised over $50 Million over past 5 years. and mobile for complete convergence and • Zero debt providing advanced cloud voice and data communications features• Have a redundant network with over 13 points of presences located geographically providing customers with maximum uptime and disaster recovery options
  29. 29. Let Telesphere be your Hosted Option• Hosted and managed voice and data network• National carrier-grade fully meshed MPLS IP network• Last mile - dynamically allocated symmetrical connectivity• Total solution provider responsible for end to end performance• 24 X 7 Live support, goal of first-call resolution• Maintenance, updates, and MACD’s included at no additional cost• No capital investment required• Latest technology standards such as SIP and wideband audio (HD)• Carrier grade Session Border Controllers and Firewalls for maximum network security• Fully featured Product Portfolio to accommodate the many requirements customers faceThe Telesphere Difference
  30. 30. Broadsoft• Leading global provider of IP communications services – #1 VoIP app market share – Infonetics Research – 18 of the top 25 carriers, based on revenue – 450+ Customers in 65 countries – Public, Profitable and Investing in Innovation• Ecosystem Innovation – 500+ partners – 5,000 Xtended developer members• Global Scale – 4 TACs provide follow the sun 24/7 support – 500+ people in 21 countries – 250+ people in R&D working on VoIP apps
  31. 31. Industry Trends• Broadsoft closely monitors industry trends to help assist our partners (such as Telesphere) satisfy end-user demand
  32. 32. Trend #1: Broadband ProliferationIn 2010 mobile broadband • Shift from scarce broadband tosubscribers hit 700M, passing the abundant broadband500M of fixed broadband • Fiber and LTE provide anytime and everywhere broadband • Enabling new ways of communicating – Visual Communications – Collaboration • Service providers can leverage quality of service and charging as ways to compete and differentiate Mobile Broadband Fixed Broadband
  33. 33. Trend #2: Cloud Services • Unstoppable movement to cloud services • Concerns about security, performance and control have been overcome • Even mission critical enterprise applications (e.g. Salesforce) moving into the cloud • Ability to integrate cloud services together, providing true unified communications • Opportunity for service providers to quickly bring to market innovative services Enterprise CloudServices Adoption
  34. 34. Trend #3: Explosion of smart devices • Some estimates say that there will be 50B connected devices by 2020 • Wide variety of devices leveraging open application development environments like iOS or Android • More and more important to match the user experience with the service (Blackberry email, Apple iTunes) • Bring the power of the cloud onto these devices, making the experience personal
  35. 35. Trend #4: Unified Communications • Users expect a rich set of Voice Services communications services • Need a range of real-time communications services that integrate with social networking services (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) • Focus on usability, increasing the efficiency and reachability of the endVideo Calling HD Voice user • Service providers can bring together a set of real-time communications Messaging Chat services along with the power of social networkingConferencing Collaboration
  36. 36. Trend #5: Seamlessness • Seamlessness is a user experience that works across all of our devices, and integrates all of our communications services • Separation of the service from the device • Use the service from multiple device with same experience • Service providers can provide the right experience on the right device seamlessly
  37. 37. Broadsoft and Telesphere • Working together to provide companies with an affordable, state of the art, world-class communications solution
  38. 38. DIRTT & VermiSoks• Turning food waste into a vertical garden
  39. 39. DIRTT Environmental Solutions• DIRTT – Doing It Right This Time• Design, manufacture, install modular interior construction• Calgary-based company opened Phoenix factory in July of 2011
  40. 40. DIRTT Factory – Greenest of its kind• 96% recycle rate• Solar arrays provide 10% of electrical• Recycled denim insulation• 65 employees fed onsite every day – Full kitchen, two chefs
  41. 41. DIRTT Factory Food Waste• Food production means food waste• Counterproductive to DIRTT’s mission• Solution - VermiSoks
  42. 42. VermiSoks• President/CEO – Miguel Jardine• Manufacture “worm wine” out of food waste• “Sok” filled with mulched up coconut & worms grows organic vegetables, herbs• Nurtured by worm wine – don’t add water…
  43. 43. DIRTT & VermiSoks• VermiSoks takes 100% of our food waste• Manufacture worm wine• Worm wine nurtures our vertical garden made from DIRTT• Grows an estimated 10-15% of food
  44. 44. We’re growing herbs, vegetables and flowersIn the parking lot!
  45. 45. DIRTTbags planting gardenA team effort!
  46. 46. DIRTT & VermiSoks• Sok becomes rich fertile soil• Sell soil to offset the expense for new Soks• So now we are manufacturing… (wait for it)
  47. 47. DIRT at DIRTT
  48. 48. Questions?• Mary Wolf-Francis –• Miguel Jardine –
  49. 49. Prime Solutions Group, Inc Aviture Inc• Joe Marvin, Prime Solutions Group, Inc• Sam Snyder, Aviture Inc.
  50. 50. Partner Profiles• PSG – Systems Engineering – Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools – Independent Research• Aviture – Enterprise Software Development Solutions – Emerging and Agile Development – Next Gen Service Based Applications
  51. 51. Perfect Storm Accelerated $$sSystems Software PSG Aviture 1 + 1 = 3!
  52. 52. Why does the Partnership Work?• Shared interests and focus• Complementary skill sets• Understand value of partnerships• We want it to work!
  53. 53. Value Creation• Partnership proposed on SBIR – Continued independent research collaboration – Autonomous Intelligent Control Concept• Introduced partner to LM Defense Systems – Aviture opportunity to add SW developers• Future program proposal opportunities – Expand the pie by bringing combined expertise
  54. 54. Future Partnerships– Complex developments across multiple domains– Apply Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking– Enterprise Architecture Transformations– Opportunity to apply process, methods and tools– Accelerated Business Value and Success– Technology Innovation in Global Marketplace
  55. 55. Challenges To Deploying Advanced Internet-Based Services• Existing copper infrastructure is unreliable• Lack of carrier support for quality assurance• Carrier competition against us
  56. 56. Unreliable Internet Service• Traditional service providers don’t proactively monitor for problems• Unwilling to provide visibility into their networks and status of connections• Are focused on a “best effort” service with no guarantees
  57. 57. Speed Versus QualityVoice, video, and other real-timeservices demand instantaneous andreliable delivery of data.
  58. 58. Western WiMAX Difference• 100% visibility into network performance• Alarms for even minor errors• Call quality testing at 15 second intervals• Uptime & quality guarantee with a monetary penalty if they fail
  59. 59. Challenges For Internet Service Providers Working With VoIP & Video Services• Many voice and video conferencing companies rent their services and equipment• Lack of provider knowledge of good networking fundamentals• Poor customer interaction and ownership• Single point of failure
  60. 60. Re-Marketed Services• Ambiguous responsibility for problems• “Blame the ISP” mentality• Unable to provide the ISP visibility into their network and services• Slow response for repairs and customer service makes both companies look bad
  61. 61. TelEvolve Difference• 100% own equipment and network• 24/7 monitoring for failures• Staffed by experienced network engineers• No call center or low-level support• Three locations with redundant equipment
  62. 62. Partnership Value Proposition• Customers have a single point of contact• Call quality and service level guarantees• Never have to explain their needs to inexperience tier 1 support call center• Both companies have reduced support costs and incidents
  63. 63. Ideal Partners• IT service & consulting companies• Telecom brokers & consultants• Disaster recovery companies• Cloud services companies
  64. 64. 480-575-7550 602-889-3000
  65. 65. The CyberTrails and Solutions 8 Partnership Partnership Background  CyberTrails  Since 1995  Backed by Republic Financial Corporation  Solutions 8  Formed from the merger of KPO Global and Snapdragon Solutions  CyberTrails and Solutions 8 have been strategic partners for nearly two years
  66. 66. The CyberTrails and Solutions 8 Partnership CyberTrails  Professional and Managed Services, Help Desk Services, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Application Management & Data Center
  67. 67. CyberTrails and Solutions 8 Partnership Solutions 8  Web development, SEO, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Content Creation and Video Production
  68. 68. CyberTrails and Solutions 8 Partnership Partnership Details  CyberTrails and Solutions 8 do joint promotions  Professional Headshot offer  Integrated product offerings (like hosting)  Referral sources  Solutions 8 is CyberTrails’ marketing department providing: content, Web Development, Email, SEO, video, Social Media and Graphic Design
  69. 69. CyberTrails and Solutions 8 Partnership Email Marketing Content creation Video Production
  70. 70. CyberTrails and Solutions 8 Partnership Search Engine Optimization
  71. 71. CyberTrails and Solutions 8 Partnership New Website Coming Soon!
  72. 72. CyberTrails and Solutions 8 Partnership Partnership Benefits  Outsourced marketing is the most cost effective method to get experienced professionals to help brand/market a business, while driving an ROI  Solutions 8 keeps CyberTrails in front of their clients and prospects on regular basis; providing networking opportunities and lead generation while they do what they do best – focus on their clients/projects  CyberTrails → increased visibility and success  Both Solutions 8 and CyberTrails → new opportunities  Partnerships and clients are the best referral source
  73. 73. 15 Minute Break
  74. 74. Executive Partnering Panel• Moderator: Aly Saxe, Founder and ManagingPartner, Ubiquity Public Relations• Adam Ross, Cofounder and VP Marketing &Sales, Contatta• Justin Gray, CEO & Chief Marketing Evangelist,LeadMD