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ROOTS wireless solution - designing the next wireless user experience oct17

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ROOTS wireless solution - designing the next wireless user experience oct17

  1. 1. We Enable Communications Multi-Systems | Multi-Vendor | One Solution
  2. 2. ROOTS Team
  3. 3. Our solutions help companies to design, build & maintain their wired & wireless communications network.
  4. 4. Wireless Network Deployments • Workers’ Dormitories • Outdoor WiFi for Smart Nation Project • WiFi for CCTV in Tourist Spots • Network solution for Mixed Developments • WiFi to support Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) in hospitals • Public sport facilities Our Experience
  5. 5. Wireless Network + Network Infrastructure • WiFi & Network infrastructure for tertiary schools • WiFi coverage & Captive Portal for School Hostels • WiFi & Captive Portal for shopping malls • WiFi coverage & network infrastructure for chain shops Our Experience
  6. 6. Designing the Next User Experience
  7. 7. Network Infrastructure User Experience WiFi Network Guest Login
  8. 8. WiFi Network Connecting the Possibilities
  9. 9. Introduction Frictionless WiFi Solutions to connect people, places & things WiFi for work & play -Guest sign-in - Operations Locationing - Crowd Control - Wayfinding IoT -Asset Management - Surveillance WiFi Network
  10. 10. Why Extreme Networks WiNG Software by Extreme Networks gives visibility, insight & management into your network like no other software in the industry. WiFi Network
  11. 11. Why Extreme Networks WiFi Network WiNG5 Key Differentiators
  12. 12. Why Extreme Networks WiFi Network As a Distributed Architecture, WiNG is designed to scale efficiently from the smallest networks to the largest geographically dispersed deployments. ▪ Intelligence at the edge ▪ No bottlenecks ▪ Unrestrained scalability ▪ Future proof for increase capacity ▪ Location Awareness ▪ WiFi ▪ BLE ▪ Ensure Business Continuity ▪ Distributed intelligence ▪ No single point of failure ▪ Eliminating costly downtime
  13. 13. Why Extreme Networks WiFi Network NSight ExtremeWireless NSight platform you can give any role in your IT staff deep visibility in all aspects of your wireless network.
  14. 14. Product Intro WiNG AP 8432 by Extreme Networks WiFi Network
  15. 15. • • • • • • • WiNG AP 8432 by Extreme Networks WiFi Network Product Intro
  16. 16. Product Intro 802.3at PoE Switch 802.3at In 802.3af Out 5 52 52 802.3at In 802.3af Out IP Camera IOT gateway (Another AP, Shelf Label, Temp sensors, etc) Borrow Radio 1, use as Fulltime Sensor 2.4 5 2.4Ghz radio: 3x3, 11n 5Ghz radio: 4x4, 11ac, WAVE 2 BLE; Beacon, Management RF spectrum Analysis Fulltime Sensor: WIPS, LBS, Network Assurance • Connect IOT devices or other AP to PoE- Out port • Removes additional cable cost • Easily expand services over existing infrastructure WiFi Network
  17. 17. Product Intro Smart RF Key Features Frequency dynamic re-configuration Adaptive mobile coverage Smart healing meshing Smart band control & load-balancing WiFi Network
  18. 18. WiFi Network Guest Login Management
  19. 19. Guest sign-in – Product Intro Manage visitors & tenants with customizable branded splash portal, powerful proximity marketing, advertising & analytics application For illustration only WiFi Network
  20. 20. Guest sign-in – Product Intro Kiwire is a next generation hotspot 2.0 compliance Wi-FI management application that manage guest and user: • Authenticate user with variety of method & data source • Innovative analytic of network user behaviour & insights • Provide 1st line of marketing information to guest & user WiFi Network
  21. 21. Guest sign-in – Product Intro Advantages of Kiwire: 1. Customizable • DIY splash portal with responsive design 2. Interoperable • Works with most leading networking equipment 3. Integration • Most services software, open source & others WiFi Network
  22. 22. Use Case Scenario WiFi Network 1 2 Campaign 1st login Campaign Last Seen more than 30 days Woman who login Incentive SMS/email Campaign engine will find all users who last seen login is 30 days ago Send discount on item
  23. 23. User Base WiFi Network
  24. 24. Expected Benefits WiFi Guest Sign-in Drive Marketing Effort Deliver Seamless WiFi Experience Capture Valuable Visitor Data WiFi Network
  25. 25. Installation Highlights
  26. 26. ROOTS has its own Drafting Department to design for any kind of Mounting needed to blend into client’s Environment. Sample Mounting in False Ceiling Installation Highlights
  27. 27. Sample Mounting of AP Hidden inside the Plaster Ceiling Installation Highlights
  28. 28. Sample Mounting of APs in Planters Area Installation Highlights
  29. 29. Sample Mounting of APs in Planters Area Installation Highlights
  30. 30. Sample Mounting of APs in Planters Area Installation Highlights
  31. 31. Thank You