Nias2011, enhanced publications, scharnhorst, 19 march2011

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Scharnhorst presentation on enhanced publications, NIAS, 19 March 2011

Scharnhorst presentation on enhanced publications, NIAS, 19 March 2011

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  • 1. Visually exploring information spaces Visualizations and enhanced publications Andrea Scharnhorst Senior Research Fellow March 29, 2011 NIAS, e-humanities workshop Data Archiving and Networked Services
  • 2. Enhanced publications and visualizations
    • Different definitions of EP
      • Web-based publication (complementing traditional publications / embracing new technologies)
      • EP’s in a network of other resources
      • Examples from a presentation of Nick Jankowski/Clifford Tatum from “ Enhancing Scholarly Publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences ” a surf-share project
  • 3. EP: ‘Discovery Lane’ (1) Visualizing Culture , MIT Project 14 Mar. 2011 KNAW e-Humanities Group
  • 4. EP: ‘Discovery Lane’ (2) Enhancing e-Reader Publications 14 Mar. 2011 KNAW e-Humanities Group
  • 5. EP: ‘Discovery Lane’ (4) JFK: Day by Day
  • 6. EP and information spaces
    • Each EP is a collection of resources, can be understood as an information space in itself (or a specific representation of a larger information space)
    • Visualization of THIS representation: visualizing the parts/content/composition
    • Visualization of the location/place of an EP in a wider information space
    • Visualization of this INFORMATION SPACE
    Information visualization
  • 7. “ Classic” visualization of scientific communications/publications HistCite graph of documents about “ modelling science ” (with Diana Lucio-Arias) Network visualization: bottom up; from the content of the objects (documents)
  • 8. Visualization of the content of repositories (I) Testbed Narcis Thanks to Chris Bars
  • 9. Visualization of information spaces KSL Project: Almila Akdag Krysztof Suchecki Chegn Gao
  • 10. Visualizing the content of repositories (II)
  • 11. Challenge
    • Linking information spaces
    • Positioning objects in larger information spaces
    • Visual enhanced information retrieval
  • 12. Thank you for your attention
    • For more information please contact
    • [email_address]
  • 13.