Brochure, enhancing scholarship, revised, 25 may2011


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Enhanced Publications in the Humanities and Social Sciences; flyer prepared for ICA conference, 26-30 May 2011

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Brochure, enhancing scholarship, revised, 25 may2011

  1. 1. Enhancing ScholarshipPreparing Web Spaces for Materials Complementing Conventionally-Prepared Book Publications in the Humanities and Social Sciences International Communication Association (ICA) conference Boston, 26-30 May 2011 Electronic version available at SlideShare: in the Humanities and Social Sciences are increasingly exploring ways to make their research available on the Web.Instruments for data collection and analysis, datasets and metadata describing this material, conference papers and projectreports are all finding their way into Web-based repositories. One area lagging behind in this trend, however, is a Webvenue that integrates the traditionally published book with the diverse materials related to an overall research project. ‘Enhanced Publications’ is a term reflecting such integration and constitutes the focus of a range of initiatives in theNetherlands that explores possibilities and solutions for publishing scholarship in a Web environment. One of the initiativesinvolves exploring how the traditionally printed scholarly book can be complemented by materials made available on theWeb. This initiative is developing Web venues to complement four such books. On the basis of this experience we areinterested in extending this approach and exploring with publishers and authors ways for Web enhancement of their bookpublications.Scholars interested in such Web venues for their book publications are invited to contact the initiators of the EnhancedPublication Project; see names and contact information below. All are affiliated with the e-Humanities Group of the RoyalNetherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Nicholas Jankowski, Project Coordinator, is attending the ICAconference and welcomes discussing possibilities for extending the approach developed to other publishing projects; hemay be contacted by email: Enhanced Publication is a conventionally-prepared text-based print publication that is complemented by researchmaterials made available on the Web. The original text may be a journal article, dissertation, research report, chapter orentire book. The enhancement involves integration of this text with additional project-related materials: data, additionalanalyses, supplementary figures and images; further resources, post-publication addenda, exchange between author andother researchers. The special challenge of Enhanced Publications involves integrating this material in a meaningful mannerin a Web environment with a database operating in the background and interlinking the components of the researchproject.Myriad issues emerge in developing an Enhanced Publication (Woutersen-Windhouwer & Brandsma, 2009: 54-55):  Use of ‘persistent identifiers’ for publication components that are unique, global, and durable;  Accessibility to datasets for additional analysis;  Provision of timestamp and citation information for supplementary materials;  Web platform and template allowing for easy site construction and modification;  Assurance of site durability;  Negotiation of copyright with book publisher and other copyright holders.Various standards, protocols, and tools have been developed to facilitate preparation of Enhanced Publications, the mostimportant being the Open Archives Initiative Object Reuse and Exchange (OAI-ORE). This standard “develops and promotesinteroperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content” Woutersen-Windhouwer andBrandsma (2009: 51) and the relation between components is illustrated in Figure 1.Figure 1: Model of OAI-ORE (Source: Woutersen-Windhouwer & Brandsma, 2009: 19)
  2. 2. IllustrationsMany illustrations of enhancing scholarship are emerging. Regarding journal articles, perhaps the most far-reaching is thetransformation of the content of the biology periodical Cell into what Elsevier calls the ‘Article of the Future’; seeillustration of the prototype in Figure 2. Other illustrations include the integration of a social media platform forcommunication between scholars active in specialized areas, such as the SAGE sites Methodspace andCommunicationspace. Yet another innovation is the MIT research project Visualizing Cultures: Image-Driven Scholarship. Aprototype of one of the Web sites developed by the e-Humanities Group Enhanced Publication Project team is underconstruction for the Routledge title e-Research: Transformation of Scholarly Practice; see Figure 3. Similar sites are beingprepared for three other titles:  The Long History of New Media: Technology, Historiography, and Newness Contextualized (editors: David Park, Nicholas W. Jankowski, & Steve Jones; Digital Formations series, Peter Lang, 2011);  Virtual Knowledge (editors: Paul Wouters, Anne Beaulieu, Andrea Scharnhorst & Sally Wyatt; manuscript under review);  Digital Media: Concepts & Issues, Research & Resources, (Nicholas W. Jankowski , Polity Press, Digital Media and Society series, forthcoming 2011).Figure 2: Prototype of Article in Cell Figure 3: Template of e-Research Web SiteResources  Digital Scholarship Web site; includes documents, presentations, blog  Enhanced Publications in Archaeology. Hoogerwerf et al. 2009. Background for launching an open access journal for this field: Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries (JALC).  Van den Berg, H. Scagliola, S., & Wester, F. (2010). Wat Veteranen Vertellen: Verschillende Perspectieven op verhalen over ervaringen tijdens militaire operaties [What Veterans Have to Say]. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. Web site accompaning printed book. th  Woutersen-Windhouwer, S. & Brandsma, R. (2009). Enhanced publications: State of the art. Report, DRIVE, EU 7 Framework. Available at: http://www.driver-,com_jdownloads/Itemid,83/task,summary/cid,53/catid,8/  Presentations - Scholarly Publishing in the Digital Era, (Nicholas Jankowski, University of Tampere, Nov. 2010) rd - Enhanced Publications (John Doove, SURFfoundation, 3 Scientific Publishing in Natural History Institutions, Oct. 2010)Contacts  Nicholas Jankowski, Coordinator Enhanced Publications Project, Visiting Fellow, KNAW e-Humanities Group; email:  Clifford Tatum, Digital Scholarship Fellow, KNAW e-Humanities Group;  Zuotian Tatum, Software Development Engineer  Andrea Scharnhorst, Senior Research Fellow, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)