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Elizabeth Cady Stanton
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Elizabeth Cady Stanton


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Powerpoint of the life and works of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Powerpoint of the life and works of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Elizabeth Cady Stanton Nichole Handwerk 7/18/08
  • 2. Birth/Parents
    • Date of Birth – Nov 12, 1815
    • Born In Johnstown, NY
    • Father – Daniel Cady
      • A Prominent Attorney
    • Mother – Margaret Livingston Cady
      • Depressed throughout Elizabeth’s childhood due to losing 5 children
  • 3. Childhood
    • Raised by sister Tryphena and Peter Teabout
    • Teabout was a slave
      • Elizabeth was fond of him and reminisced of him in her memoir Eighty Years and More
  • 4. Education
    • Formally educated at Johnstown Academy
      • Studied Latin, Greek and Mathematics until age 16.
      • Co-educational classes allowed her to compete with boys
      • Won many academic awards and honors
  • 5. Intellectual Development
    • In her memoir, Stanton strongly credits Rev. Simon Hosack for helping to foster her academic abilities
    • He firmly believed in her abilities and helped teach Stanton Greek
  • 6. College Education
    • In 1830 she enrolled in the Troy Female Seminary in Troy, NY
      • This was after she could not get into her college of choice, because it became male only
    • She was strongly influenced by Charles Grandison Finney – an evangelical preacher and central figure in the revivalist movement
  • 7. Marriage
    • Married Henry Brewster Stanton in 1840
      • He was a journalist, antislavery orator and became an attorney after he married Elizabeth
    • The marriage lasted until Henry’s death in 1887
  • 8. Children & Family Life
    • The Stantons had 7 children
      • Daniel Cady Stanton, Henry Brewster Stanton, Jr., Gerrit Smith Stanton, Theodore Weld Stanton, Margaret Livingston Stanton, Harriot Eaton Stanton, Robert Livingston Stanton
    • Stanton was a mother who advocated homeopathy, freedom of expression, outdoor activity and an academic education for her children
    • They raised their family in Seneca Falls, NY
  • 9. Activism
    • 1848 - with other women organized the first women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls
    • Drafted a Declaration of Sentiments which was read at the convention
  • 10. Activism
    • Following the Seneca Falls convention she was invited to speak at a second women’s right convention in Rochester, NY
      • This solidified her role as an activist and reformer
  • 11. Activism
    • Along with Susan B. Anthony, Stanton founded the Woman’s State Temperance Society (1852-1853)
    • Their focus eventually shifted towards female suffrage and women’s rights
    • Lobbied against ratification of the 14 th & 15 th Amendments
      • Wanted women to have the right to vote
  • 12. Activism
    • With the help of Matilda Joslyn Gage, Stanton authored the Declaration of Rights of the Women of the United States.
    • It was presented, uninvited, at the Centennial Celebration in Washington in 1876
  • 13. Writings
    • In 1868 began publishing a weekly periodical, Revolution , with Susan B. Anthony and Parker Pillsbury
    • Stanton contributed to writing the first three volumes of The History Of Woman Suffrage (issued in 1881, completed in 1922 by Ida Harper)
  • 14. Writings
    • The Women’s Bible (1895/1898)
      • Explored the view that Christianity demoted women to an unacceptable position in society
    • Eighty Years & More: Reminiscences 1815-1897 (1898)
      • Stantons autobiography
    • The Solitude of Self
      • First delivered as a speech at the 1892 convention of the National Women’s Suffrage Association in Washington, D.C.
  • 15. Death
    • Died at her home in New York City on October 26, 1902
    • Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Bronx, NY
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