Ka-band and Beyond - Bridging the Digital Divide (CSTB 2013 - Moscow)


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The presentation Serge Van Herck (Newtec CEO) gave at CSTB 2013 (January) on Ka-band and bridging the digital divide. Main conclusions were:

- Ka HTS will not kill Ku nor C but will be complementary for closing the digital divide in Russia.
- KA HTS consumer broadband can only succeed if:
+ Low cost terminals with self installation capability
+ Strong distribution channels and brand to sell to the consumer

More info on broadband access via satellite here:

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Ka-band and Beyond - Bridging the Digital Divide (CSTB 2013 - Moscow)

  1. 1. Unrestricted Ka-band and Beyond Bridging the Digital DivideBroadband SystemsProfessional EquipmentIP Software
  2. 2. Newtec at a glance Company confidential •  Over 2 billion people watch TV every day thanks to Newtec technology •  Technology company with strong focus •  on customer service and •  creating business advantage for our customers •  Award winning Product Leadership strategy supported by •  Newtec Ka-band broadband systems •  Sustained profitable growth : ‘05: 165 team members/30MioUS$ ‘12: 326 team members/65MioUS$2 Unrestricted
  3. 3. Newtec is a Reference in Russia! Company confidentialSatellite OperatorsSatellite ServiceProvidersDTH …BouquetsBroadcasters + many moreNewtec bePARTPartners Unrestricted
  4. 4. The raise of HTS Ka-band spot beams 2010: Eutelsat Ka-Sat: 80 beams 2014: SES Astra 2F, 2E, 5B and 2G: 8 beams 2010: Hylas 1: 8 beams 2013: RSCC Express AM5, 6: 24 trp, 20 Ka beams 2011: Via-Sat 1: 56 beams 2012: Hylas 2: 24 beams 2012 AMOS 4 : 4 transponders 2012: Jupiter: 60 beams 2011: Yahsat 1A, 1B: 42 transponders 2010: Nilesat 201: 4 transponders 2013: Es Hail 1: 2 beams 2011: Arabsat 5C:12 transponders 2012: NigComSat 1R:8 transponders 2014: NewSat Jabiru 1:50 transponders TOTAL CAPACITY BETWEEN 300 and 400 Gpbs This is equivalent to the total capacity already available in C and Ku!4 Unrestricted
  5. 5. Ka HTS Great Promise : reducing satellite transmission cost •  Traditional Ku - satellite •  Ka – HTS Spot beam satellite –  3Gbps –  100Gbps –  400Mio$ or –  500Mio$ or 133k$ per Mbps 5k$ per Mbps5 Unrestricted
  6. 6. Ka Band HTS Satellites Company confidential Advantages Challenges • Availability orbital slots • Robustness of signal (fade) • Major capacity increase • Distributed Gateways (frequency reuse up to 100 Gbps) • Who does what in the • Important Transmission Value chain? cost reduction ($/Mbps) • Unequal Fill-Ratio Beams • Enabling Smaller Satellite Terminals • Terminal installation capacity (number/day) • Supporting up to 1 million consumer subscribers per • Low ROI due to slow satellite consumer take-up6 Unrestricted
  7. 7. Understanding where Ka HTS fits in Company confidential Applications C Ku Ka Which frequency wins and why? Consumer ++ +++ KA More capacity – better broadband experience Smaller Terminals – Lower end price Broadband Lower Opex – Lower end price Professional + +++ ++ KU Same dedicated QOS over large footprint High service availability VSAT Possibility for broadcasting applications Fast + +++ ++ KU Reliability and availability signal Direct connectivity to studio Newsgathering IP Trunking and +++ +++ ++ KU/C High service flexibility in larger footprint Lower throughput variation due to rainfades Backhaul Expensive Ka RF equipment Fixed Video ++ +++ + KU Reliability and availability signal Direct connectivity to studio Contribution & Same dedicated QOS over large footprint Exchange Primary Video +++ ++ + C Large footprint Highest link availability Distribution Same QOS anywhere in the footprint Direct To Home ++ +++ + KU Large footprint High signal availability + uplink at broadcaster (DTH) Small receiving consumer antenna7 Unrestricted
  8. 8. Business Risk mitigation satellite ‘piggy backing’ Company confidential RSCC Express AM5 & AM6 Predicted Ka Spot BeamsUnrestricted
  9. 9. Yamal-402 nationwide Consumer and Professional VSAT Company confidential9 Unrestricted
  10. 10. Yamal 402 ‘Russian’ Beam Company confidential10 Unrestricted
  11. 11. Connecting people … broadband in Russia Company confidential Broadband access via Fixed and Mobile Connections Fixed Broadband Only 10% of the Population Mobile Broadband has access to fixed 10% broadband connection Access to fixed broadband is limited to big cities Africa M-East APAC RoW Former USSR America s Europe Source : ITU’s ICT Development Index (IDI), 2012 Area s with high average income do not always Customers in Russia prefer Fixed Broadband have access to high …. but it s only available in biggest Cities speed connectivity Fixed Mobile Fixed Broadband benefits * Always-on Connectivity * Higher Speeds * Consumer Broadband Moscow >1Mio <1Mio <250k <50k Rural Source : Public Opinon Foundation, 2011 * Enterprise Connectivity11 Unrestricted
  12. 12. Satellite Broadband Challenges Company confidential §  A versatile business: Consumer, Prosumer, SME §  Subscribers expect •  True Broadband experience •  Monthly rates on par with terrestrial services •  Low cost Terminal §  Internet Service Providers expect •  To bridge the digital divide – 100% Service obligation •  Low customer acquisition cost •  Efficient use of the satellite capacity •  CAPEX aligned with network growth (Pay as you grow)12 Unrestricted
  13. 13. Newtec VSAT Building Blocks to Success Company confidential > 100.000 in use! IP modem The Newtec MDM2200 IP modem is designed for multi market acceptance: -  22Mbps down / 3,5Mbps up -  Low price, Low Power, Small modem -  KA and Ku 75cm/1m/1,2m dish The installation of the end user equipment is as easy as the installation of a standard TV satellite dish with a TV set-top box. interactive LNB Transmit & Receive13 Unrestricted
  14. 14. Easy to install – patented Point&Play Company confidential14 Unrestricted
  15. 15. Self-Install Drives New Business Models Company confidential E-commerce Automated Logistics Install and use Contract with end-user Automated via the e-commerce website provisoning Retail End-user buys Install and go-online On-line Contract Automation Start surfing terminal at shop with minimum SLA with end-user15 Unrestricted
  16. 16. Mitigating risk : Start in Ku … Grow with Ka Company confidential Start  with  Ku   More  Ka-­‐Band   Grow  Consumer  Broadband  in  Ka   Full  Coverage   Capacity   Re-­‐Use  Ku  for  Professional  VSAT   Time Ku-band Ka-band Ka-­‐band   Ku-­‐band   Consumer   Consumer   Broadband   Broadband   Ka-­‐band  iLNB   MDM2200   MDM3100   Ku-­‐band   Ku-­‐band   Consumer   Professional   Broadband   VSAT  1616 Unrestricted
  17. 17. Conclusions •  Ka HTS will not kill Ku nor C but will be complementary for closing the digital divide in Russia •  Ku offers a low risk evolution path for later transition to Ka HTS •  KA HTS will also be provided as naked space segment •  KA HTS consumer Broadband can only succeed if: –  Low cost terminals with self installation capability –  Strong distribution channels and brand to sell to the consumer17 Unrestricted
  18. 18. Company confidential18 Unrestricted