Comsys 2012: Padding the Envelope


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Presentation given by Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec, at the Comsys 2012 Global VSAT Conference.

Is DVB-S2 truly the end of the line and the ultimate in bandwidth efficiency as was suggested when it was launched? Perhaps not, already there have been some incremental improvements with new gains being added step-by-step over the past year. The DVB Project is working on new designs and private companies, like Newtec, are also pushing the boundaries within the DVB standards process as well as on their own initiative. It is important for operators and users to understand what they can expect the technology to deliver long term and this presentation gives us a glimpse into the future.

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  • Standards are importantThe DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) standard protects end-users from vendor lock-in and provides freedom of choice.Evolution makes the industry profitable againDVB evolutions like DVB-S to DVB-S2 provided 20-30% OPEX reduction for broadcasters.Newtec drives a new DVB-S2 evolutionNewtec and DVB want to establish a new evolution that further optimises satellite capacity usage
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  • Comsys 2012: Padding the Envelope

    1. 1. Padding the Envelope Serge Van Herck, CEO, Newtec
    2. 2. Something Is Happening… Better Efficiency Higher Speeds HTS RF ID2
    3. 3. Why Newtec Contributes to the New Standard? Because you ask us… Because this is what we do… World Record 500 Mbps in 72 MHz Because it is good for our industry…3
    4. 4. Why Newtec Contributes to the New Standard? Because you ask us…4
    5. 5. Because You Ask Us… Multi-service Business Profitability Convergence Different towards Expectations/SLAs IP/Ethernet Growing Rates High Throughput Drive for Standards Inclined Orbit Satellites & Interoperability Satellites5
    6. 6. Because You Ask Us… Price divided by 4 in the last 10 years Higher Operational Non-Availability of Costs Satellite Bandwidth Demand for Higher Data Rates Deflation of the MHz6
    7. 7. Because You Ask Us… Efficiency as Oxygen for Industry’s Profitability7
    8. 8. Why Newtec Contributes to the New Standard? Because this is what we do…8
    9. 9. World Records Tuesday, April 10th 2012 Newtec Demonstrates 310 Mbps over a 36 MHz Yahsat Transponder9
    10. 10. World Records 1 World Record Movie10
    11. 11. Featured Technologies New Generation of Modems S2 Extensions Efficiency Bandwidth Cancellation Carrier Pre-Distortion with Equalink® Adaptive links with FlexACM® High Throughput Satellite support Oxygen to the MHz… Increase the Efficiency11
    12. 12. Featured Technologies Clean Channel Technology® • Optimum carrier spacing of several carriers • Extra 5/10/15% roll-off options • Available on existing & new Newtec equipment Standard DVB-S2 Carrier Spacing DVB-S2 Roll-Off to 5% or 10% or 15% Optimal Carrier Spacing Carriers from another operator RO 20% RO 5% Rented Capacity Filtering away side lobes Transponder RO 20% Carrier Spacing with Clean RO 5% Channel Technology™ Carriers from another operator Standard DVB-S2 carrier Carrier Spacing with Clean Rented Capacity spacing Channel Technology™ Transponder Low Roll-Off Optimal Carrier Shared Transponder 5/10/15% Spacing Support12
    13. 13. Featured Technologies Increased Granularity 64APSK S2 Extensions Shannon Limit • Lower Roll-Off 5/10/15% S2 Extensions • Increased Granularity +37% • Addition of 64APSK DVB-S2 • Efficiency gain up to 37% • Wideband gain up to DVB-S Spectral Efficiency 20% (bps/Hz) C/N13
    14. 14. Featured Technologies New Satellite Modem Portfolio • Newtec MDM2200 IP Modem Ka & Ku VSAT terminal for Consumer and SME networks (16 Mbps / 3,5 Mbps) • Newtec MDM3100 IP Modem Enterprise market, with BUC support (45 Mbps / 5 Mbps) • Newtec MDM6000 Modem High Speed Solution (2x380 Mbps)14
    15. 15. Featured Technologies Bitrates Applications Newtec Products Market Potential 380 Mbps IP Trunking, Backbone & Backhaul Backbone 1000 remote terminals MDM6000 Modem Trunking PtMP 5.000 remote terminals Turnkey Network & Low rate PtP 30K remote terminals MDM3100 Modem Professional VSAT 100K remote terminals 512 kbps Consumer VSAT MDM2200 Modem 1m remote terminals1515
    16. 16. Why Newtec Contributes to the New Standard? Because it is good for our industry…16
    17. 17. Because It Is Good for Our Industry… Let’s have an inward look in our industry17
    18. 18. Because It Is Good for Our Industry… On the Industry New DVB Standard IMPACT On the World18
    19. 19. Thank YouSerge Van Herck, CEO, Newtec