Ending the menace of jamming and interference


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Koen Willems from Newtec recently made a presentation at Milsatcom Middle East about satellite interference, Carrier-ID and all related aspects.

- Carrier ID - what you really need to know
- How you can combat carrier interference yourself
- How manufacturers like Newtec are implementing Carrier ID functionality in their products.
- How does Carrier ID work ?
- Some important milestone dates you need to know about !

If you want to check out our products that support Carrier ID, just visit the products section on Newtec's website. With every product we indicated the support for Carrier ID.

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Ending the menace of jamming and interference

  1. 1. Shaping the Future ofSatellite CommunicationsNewtec Proprietary – Unrestricted08-05-2013Carrier IDA Manufacturer’sViewpointENDING THEMENACE OFJAMMING ANDINTERFERENCE
  2. 2. CARRIER IDWHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW(1)It helps fightinginterference(2)It is available(3)It is a standard andas suchinteroperable(4)It becomesmandatory by end2014
  3. 3. Newtec Proprietary – Unrestricted• Training operational staff on best practices• Automated terminal configuration(e.g. Newtec´s MENOS)• Satellite pointing technology(e.g. Newtec´s Point and Play®)• Steerable antenna’s / filters on satellites… and embedding a Carrier Identifier (CID) into thecarrier for a robust yet quick pinpointing of thesource of the interferenceCounter Measures forSCPC linksREADY TOCOMBAT CARRIERINTERFERENCE?
  4. 4. Newtec Proprietary – Unrestricted• Phase 1 : Carrier ID in DVB NIT Table (WBU-ISOG – 2009)• MPEG TS (~Video)• Changes Network Information Table (NIT) table in original stream• Low robustness - CID not recoverable if main carrier is down• Phase 2 : DVB Carrier ID standard (DVB-CID - 2013)• Agnostic to traffic carrier or transport mechanism (TS video & IP data)• No changes DVB-CID is overlay to original carrier• Higher, can be decoded even if main carrier is jammed• Need for standardisation and interoperabilityIntroducing Carrier ID inSatcom EquipmentREADY TOCOMBAT CARRIERINTERFERENCE?New Carrier ID Technology Approved For StandardisationIsle of Man, 7 March 2013 – The Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) todayannounced that the DVB Carrier ID (DVB-CID) specification, supported by IRG and itsmembers, has been approved by the DVB Steering Board on 28th February 2013. Thespecification will now be submitted to the European Telecommunications StandardsInstitute (ETSI) for formal standardization
  5. 5. Newtec Proprietary – UnrestrictedM6100 Carrier ID setupREADY TOCOMBAT CARRIERINTERFERENCE?How Does it Work?1/ Carrier ID Injected by ModulatorNewtec MDM6000 Modem & M6100 Modulator• Fixed Source Identification(MAC address and/or vendor serial number)• User Configurable Data(GPS coordinates, carrier name, contact,…)Source
  6. 6. Newtec Proprietary – UnrestrictedREADY TOCOMBAT CARRIERINTERFERENCE?How Does it Work?1/ Carrier ID Injected by ModulatorSourceDVB CID Metadata ContentsHeader Header indicating start of message MandatoryGlobal Unique Identifier Contains Modulator 64-bit MAC address(including Vendor ID) IEEE EUI-64MandatoryCarrier ID Format Reference to a specific version (version 1) MandatoryLatitude, Longitude,Telephone number(s)Uplink Operator Data OptionalOperator user-specific data Uplink Operator Data OptionalCRC & FEC Error correction data MandatoryModulation: BPSK spread spectrum (112kHz or 224kHz) & BCH Coding
  7. 7. Newtec Proprietary – UnrestrictedREADY TOCOMBAT CARRIERINTERFERENCE?How Does it Work?2/ Transmitting Carrier IDTransmittingSource
  8. 8. Newtec Proprietary – UnrestrictedREADY TOCOMBAT CARRIERINTERFERENCE?How Does it Work?3/ Reading Carrier IDTransmittingSource Sat Op• Special measurement receiver @ satellite operator facility• Interference detection (carrier-on-carrier)• Satellite operator can read this CID and contact the sourceof interference rapidly
  9. 9. Newtec Proprietary – Unrestricted• Availability of standards:• Carrier ID in DVB NIT Table (WBU-ISOG – 2009)• DVB Carrier ID standard (DVB-CID - 2013)• Available NOW on Newtec Equipment• Newtec M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator• Newtec MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem• Newtec MDM6000 Satellite Modem• Newtec HUB6000 Satellite Hub• Mandatory Date of Implementation• January 1st 2015• More likely World Cup Soccer 2014ConclusionREADY TOCOMBAT CARRIERINTERFERENCE?
  10. 10. Get in touchFOLLOW USTHANK YOUwww.newtec.eukwil@newtec.eu