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North korea

North korea






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    North korea North korea Presentation Transcript

    • North Korea
    • Juche- self reliance
      • DPRK represents a threat to US national security
      • Supports international terrorism
      • Operates as a Marxist-Leninist state
      • Engages in proliferation of WMD
    • Communist Monarchy
      • “ Great Leader,” Kim Il Sung, placed in power by the Soviets in 1948
      • “ Dear Leader,” Kim Jong Il, ruled since 1994
      • Kim Jong Un to accede
    • 1994 Agreed Framework
      • Promised $4billion in energy assistance over 10 years
      • In exchange for freezing and dismantling nuclear weapons program
    • Reactivation of nuclear program
      • 2002 expelled all IAEA inspectors
      • 2003 withdrew from NPT, six party talks begun by China
      • Oil shipments to North Korea stopped
      • Promised construction of two light-water nuclear reactors ceased
      • 2005 DPRK assets frozen at Banco Delta Asia
      • 2006 test launched seven ballistic missiles in the Sea of Japan
    • UN resolution 1695
      • “ to exercise vigilance and prevent missile and missile related items, materials goods and technology being transferred to DPRK’s missile or WMD programs [and] prevent the procurement of missiles or missile related items, materials, goods and technology from the DPRK, and the transfer of any financial resources in relation to DPRK’s missile or WMD programs”
    • Nuclear weapons testing
      • October 9, 2006 tested nuclear weapon
      • Called on the DPRK to return to Six Party talks through UN resolution 1718
      • UN invoked strict sanctions under Chapter VII but barred military enforcement
    • 2007
      • 6 th round of Six Party talks
      • Worked out a de-nuclearization plan, DPRK seemed to respond positively
      • Plutonium reactor at Yongbyon shut down, US removed sanctions
      • Agreed to verification measures, US removed it from State Sponsors of Terrorism list
      • Critics wanted more details including proliferation activities to Syria and Libya
    • 2009-2010
      • Rebuilt Plutonium reactor at Yongbyon near the Obama inauguration
      • Refused to give up nuclear weapons unless US normalized diplomatic relations
      • Threatened South Korea publically
      • More tests by PDRK, more sanctions by UN
      • North Korean submarine sunk the Cheonan
      • China welcomed Kim Jong Il to Beijing 2 months later
    • Sanctions
      • Embargo since 1950- no effective trade relations with DPRK
      • As a result of the 1954 armistice
      • Continued sanctions seem to have no perceptible affect on North Korea’s trade with its largest partners
      • Continues to be the only multilateral option
    • Iran and Syria
      • Our dealings with North Korea’s nuclear weapons program affects and influences our dealings with Iran
      • DPRK’s dealings with Syria affect Israel, which the US supports