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  • Lord buddha

    1. 1. I am not a historian, if you find anything inapropriate,please accept my apology .  om Hemrajani
    2. 2. In almost half of the world
    3. 3. Buddhism is a very wide subject, it can not be contained in few slides or words. I am presenting few important slides & selected words or historical facts before you. Otherwise a full sized book of 1000 pages will fall short.
    4. 4. He was born as a royal prince in 624 B.C. in a place called lumbini, which was originally a part of north India, now in Nepal. His original name is Siddhartha. He left palace at the age of Twenty nine abandoning the luxuries of palace and the affection of a wife and young son.
    5. 5. His aim was to help living beings find lasting peace or nirvana. Every living being has basic wish to be happy and to avoid suffering Buddha meaning “ awakened one”.
    6. 6.  He sat there for many days in deep concentration to clear his mind of all distractions, then in mindfulness meditation, opening himself up to the truth, he began to recall his previous lives, and to see everything, that was going on in the entire universe.
    7. 7. He preached his first five disciples here in Sarnath
    8. 8. The four noble truths. Life is suffering. Suffering due to attachments. Attachment can be overcome. There is a path for accomplishing them. 8 fold paths are dukha,anitya,anatman,trisha, dvesha,avidya,nirvana & dharma.
    9. 9. Dharamshala
    10. 10. We Hindus were liberal Jainism  That is why roots of other religions were in India.  Buddhism.  Jainism.  Sikhism.  Perhaps Islam also, if I remember – well.  Buddhism & Jainism were started almost at same time.  Buddhism spread to many countries ,almost half of the world as China, Japan, Burma,Lanka & Far east.  Jainism restricted to India because of strict rules Spread of religions
    11. 11. Emperor Ashoka  One of the most significant events in the history of Buddhism is emperor ashok maurya, in his time thousands rock pillars were erected, bearing the word Buddha around 250 B.C.
    12. 12. In sri Lanka  Emperor Ashoka sent one of his son, and one of his daughters, a monk and a nun to sri lanka (Ceylon) around 240 B.C.  The king of sri lanka Devanampiyatissa, welcomed them, and was converted.
    13. 13.  Buddhism gained foothold in the Philippines with rise of the Indianized Buddhist Srivijay empire centered in Sumatra in the 7th century.
    14. 14.  Buddhism has got roots in America as well.  Europe also has got presence of Buddhism.  There are innumerable countries like Australia & Newzeland too.  It will be difficult to count all.
    15. 15.  When I joined the course in the first week of June, I feared even touching the computer mouse  Today what you see is a presentation on Lord Buddha, made possible by Vidyanidhi Info Tech Academy, in Two & half months time.  A big thank you to Ms Vaishali Shah & Ms Hema Mehta  Both have shown tremendous patience towards all of us  My thanks to Ms Savita Thakkur also, who has introduced this program for senior citizens like us