History of the lord buddha


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History of the lord buddha

  1. 1. History of The Lord Buddha
  2. 2. Why do we have to study“ the history of The Lord Buddha ” ?
  3. 3. The history of The Lord Buddha has influenced forBuddhists’ lives
  4. 4. and Buddhist’s arts.
  5. 5. The story ofBuddhism beganwith a man who hadbecome enlightened,direct and abidinginsight into thenature of reality.
  6. 6. Actually, the term “ Buddha ” meansEnlightened or awakened one. His lifecan be traced back to the year 623 B.C.
  7. 7. The Buddha was born a prince among the Sakyas,a tribe of the warrior caste whose capital,Kapilvastu, was located in what is now Nepal.
  8. 8. His father was King Suddhodana. His mother,Queen Siri Maha Maya, died soon after he wasborn. The prince was named Siddhattha Gotama.
  9. 9. He walked 7 stepsand said that“ I will be thegreatest person inthis world, withno equal. This willbe my last birth, Iwill not be bornagain in future, ”
  10. 10. The tree, where TheLord Buddha wasborn , is “ teng ” or “rang ”. It wasn’t foundin Thai forest. It isfound in India andused for build house.But we can see itsomewhere in manyThai Buddhist temple.
  11. 11. The date of the Prince’s birth was the fullmoon day of the sixth lunar month.
  12. 12. The child was named “ Siddhattha ” , an auspicious namehaving 2 meanings. 1. He who attains everything he wishes. 2. The first born son who fulfill the wishes of his father.
  13. 13. Although Prince Siddhattha was provided the bestof everything, the luxurious way of life could notdivert him from a serious meditative turn of mind.
  14. 14. The King holds the wedding ofPrince Siddhattha and PrincessBimbayasodhara
  15. 15. Princess Bimbayasothara was one of sevenpeople who were Known as “ Sahajata ” ofThe Buddha. The 7 sahajata are1. Princess Bimbayasodhara2. Venerable Ananda3. The advisor Kaludayi4. The royal page, Channa5. The horse, Kanthaka6. The Bodhi tree7. The four golden treasures.
  16. 16. One day, the young prince rode through the villagestreet and saw an old and decrepit man; then hesaw a man who was severely stricken with illness,and finally he saw a dead man. He has never seenanything like these before in his palace.
  17. 17. The prince awakens late at night and sees theladies of the harem lying in disarray; he becomesdespondent and decides to leave the home life.
  18. 18. At the age of 29, Prince Siddhattha chose toleave his palace, his property, his title ofcrown prince, and even his beautiful wifeand son, to search for a means of salvation.
  19. 19. The Lord Buddha’s prince “ Rahula ”.
  20. 20. The horse that Prince Siddhatha rode wasnamed Kanthaka and the follower wasChanna.
  21. 21. The Prince Siddhattha cut off his hair and wentforth on the banks of the Anoma Rivers.
  22. 22. The Lord Buddha ‘s cut hair waskept in Julamanee Chedi.
  23. 23. He first sought out the great spiritual teachers andmastered their meditative exercises. Then he undertook therigorous disciplines of self-mortification. Finally, after yearsof physical asceticism and abstract philosophy
  24. 24. The Bodhisatta undertook self torture with thegroup of five, Indra played the lute as an analogy.
  25. 25. The morning of the enlightenment, Sujata offered milk rice,believing the bodhisatta deva.
  26. 26. The Bodhisatta floated thay, and it felt into the river at the verysame place as three previous trays; a Naga king realized that aBhuddha was to be enlightened.
  27. 27. The Bodthisatta received sheaves ofgrass from the Brahmin Sotthiya.
  28. 28. ‘ Until I have attained Perfect Self Enlightenment, I will notrise from this seat, even if my flesh and blood should dryup and only skin, sinews and bones remain.’
  29. 29. The Bodthisatta took his seat upon the bodhi seatof grass; at night Mara brought his army drivinghim from his quest.
  30. 30. The Goddess’water was from TheBodhisatta made merit.
  31. 31. He achieved enlightenment by sitting quietlyin concentrated meditation beneath a Bodhitree on a full-moon night.
  32. 32. The Buddha was enlightened at dawn;the devas dance in his honor.
  33. 33. The Buddha went to a banyan tree; theMara’s 3 daughters tried in vain to lure him.
  34. 34. The Buddha repaired to the mucalinda tree; a rainstorm; a naga king coiled himself around theBuddha to ward off the rain.
  35. 35. The Buddha had arrived at the deer park; the group of fivesaw him approaching from a distance and decided not toreceive him, but changed their minds.
  36. 36. Rahula expressed such great love anddevotion to the Buddha his father that heforgot to claim his inheritance.
  37. 37. The Buddha bequeaths the treasure of Nibbana toRahula, ordaining him as the first novice.
  38. 38. The Buddha went to spend the rainsretreat in the Tavatimsa heaven in orderto teach his mother.
  39. 39. On the Great Invitation Day, the Buddhadescended from Tavatimsa via stairways ofjewels, gold and silver.
  40. 40. After 45 years as a wandering teacher, the Buddha died at Kusinara whenhe was 80 years old. The buddha was human being. He was niether a godnor a god’s prophet of incarnation nor was he a savious who saved othersby his personal salvation. He exhorted his disciples to depend onthemselves for their salvation.
  41. 41. The Buddha exalted the Teaching andDisciple as the teacher after him, gives hisfinal teaching, and passed away.
  42. 42. The Date of Birth , enlightened and Nirvanaare the same day in the full moon day ofthe sixth lunar month. In that day theBuddhist will join in the candle lit processionceremony .
  43. 43. History of the Buddha Image
  44. 44. What is Utesika Chedi ?
  45. 45. The Utesika chedi is included all otherrepresentations of the Lord Buddha or his teachingsuch as Buddha images and related .