Reinvent Your Business Using Social Media


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The Internet is a powerful tool that connects the entire world, but
its diverse nature can be overwhelming to users and information
providers. Disseminating your message in a focused approach is key
to cutting through the digital chatter. Tools to successfully reach a
targeted audience – especially new customers through lead generation
campaigns – include social networking, websites and custom database

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Reinvent Your Business Using Social Media

  1. 1. • Lack of Knowledge & Understanding • Brand Management & PR Concerns • Lack of Time and Personnel • It’s a Passing Fad Social Media Myths & Fears Most Common Reasons:
  2. 2. •By 2010 Generation Y will outnumber baby boomers •YouTube is second largest search engine in the world •Facebook has reached 400m users – fastest growing segment is 55-65 year old women •50 million Tweets per day - 80% are outside of Twitter •Over 200,000,000 Blogs •80% of companies use LinkedIn as primary tool to find employees Social Media Trends 2010 Stats: Source &
  3. 3. Why Social Media? Business Benefits: • Visibility & Branding • Customer Service & Interaction • Generate Leads • Market Intelligence
  4. 4. What Do I Need? • Increase Sales • Create Brand Awareness • Promote a Product or Service • Generate Leads • Customer Service • Attract Employees • Gain Customer Feedback • Share Expertise Getting Started What is your goal? •
  5. 5. Be Methodical: •Observe Others •Study Competition •Learn Social Media Etiquette •Establish Corporate Best Practices Plan of Attack
  6. 6. Extend Your Strategy
  7. 7. Step One: Branding & Visibility •Build Your Community •Promote Your Social Networks •Engage with Potential Customers •Promote a Contest / Deal / Event Building Your Image Tips in Getting Started
  8. 8. Promote, Promote, Promote •Promote a Contest / Deal / Event •Engage Your Audience •Make it Simple •Offer Something Unique Building Your Image Tips in Getting Started
  9. 9. Blog Resources •Select a blog resource (i.e. Blogger, Wordpress) •Install blog plugins (i.e. Provide an RSS Feed) •Integrate social media links & buttons •Personalize your company blog •Add the “about” information Start Your Blog Tips in Getting Started
  10. 10. Attracting Leads Tips in Getting Started Step Two: Lead Generation •Post Coupons / Promotions / Contests •Use Guerilla Style Campaigns •Cross Promote (i.e., Traditional Marketing)
  11. 11. Your Fan Page Can Provide: •Overview of company •Website and contact info •Press releases •Videos •Blog RSS •Twitter updates •Company news and status •Customer interaction Create a Facebook Page Tips in Getting Started
  12. 12. Steps to Get Started: •Create an Account •Customize Your Page •Talk to People •Share Tweets, Pictures & Videos •Post Promotions (i.e., Coupons / Contest) •Create Strategic Alliances Create a Twitter Account Tips in Getting Started
  13. 13. Start Your Search Tips in Getting Started (
  14. 14. Review Results
  15. 15. Managing Your Customer Tips in Getting Started Step Three: Customer Interaction •Be Responsive •Ask for Feedback •Be Consistent •Setup Alerts & Monitor (i.e., Google, SocialMedia, Monitter, Tweetbeep)
  16. 16. Setup Alerts
  17. 17. Review Alerts
  18. 18. Manage Negative Feedback
  19. 19. Share Testimonials
  20. 20. Gather Your Data Step Four: Market Intelligence •Gather & Analyze Data •Keeping Doing What Works •Add Something New (i.e., offer a new product) •Watch Your Competitors
  21. 21. Monitor Your Brand Monitoring Tools: Social media provides a way to market yourself, your business, your products and services. Tools such as Brandwatch, TweetDeck and Socialmention help you monitor your brand.
  22. 22. Stay Ahead of the Game Add Something New: •Watch Your Competitors •Stay on Top of Trends •Reward Your Customers (i.e., customer loyalty or rewards program)
  23. 23. Who, What, Where, Now? What are the Next Steps? Join the conversation • Who, what, when, how can you help? Create a Manageable Plan • Social media takes time • Build your network Measure Results • Adjust as needed
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. Connect, Join, Follow Get Social! Connect with Helen Levinson LinkedIn: Twitter: Connect with Desert Rose Design DRD Blog: DRD Facebook: DRD Twitter: DRD Resource Box: DRD LinkedIn: