Points of interest Hersonissos Municipality in Crete Greece


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Points of interest Hersonissos Municipality in Crete Greece

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Points of interest Hersonissos Municipality in Crete Greece

  1. 1. Points of Interest Hersonissos Municipality in Crete
  2. 2. Hersonissos Municipality History and Morphology • Located in the northeast part of Heraklion county • After the Kalikratis unification plan, Hersonissos, Gouves, Episkopi and Malia merged into one Municipality of Hersonissos • Covers a total area of 271.580 square kms • Coastline is over 38 kms of sandy beaches and seaside • Includes 22 sub-municipalities and local Communities with 52 traditional villages
  3. 3. Tourism in Hersonissos Municipality Crete • Tourism started developing rapidly in the early 70’s • The first hotel in the area was built in 1973 • The flow of tourism significantly increased during the late 70’s and early 80’s • Due to the ‘explosion’ of tourism, a transition of development goals took place in the area. Agricultural production gave its place to tourism provision, with high ongoing development • The close distance from Heraklion airport, was and remains one of the critical advantages for easy and fast access for visitors • Natural Resources: Crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches, Traditional villages and Mediterranean climate • Significant Cultural Heritage
  4. 4. What the destination offers
  5. 5. What the destination offers • The most organized tourist destination in Crete • High-quality hotels • Conference infrastructures • Highly developed recreation tourism • Composes a complete cultural network • A place blessed by nature – Outdoor Adventure Experiences such as trekking, paragliding, rock climbing, water sports, diving, horse riding and biking
  6. 6. What the destination offers • Rich history and cultural heritage, with numerous religious monuments and archaeological sites • Great festivities with live Cretan music and traditional cuisine • Unforgettable holidays due to its climate, location the fabulous surrounding nature • Coastal zone of 28 kilometers with Blue Flag awarded beaches • The unique combination of the sea, the sun and the mountains
  7. 7. Malia “Located in the north of Crete bordering the Aegean Sea” Area population: 11,912 Main Towns and Villages in the area •Malia (Town by the sea) •Stalis (Town by the sea) •Mochos (Village in the mountains) •Krasi (Village in the mountains)
  8. 8. Hersonissos •Ano Hersonissos (Village in the mountains) •Hersonissos (Town by the sea) •Anissaras (Village by the sea) •Koutouloufari (Village in the mountains) •Piskopiano (Village in the mountains) •Analipsi (Village by the sea) •Avdou (Village in the mountains) •Gonies (Village in the mountains) •Kera (Village in the mountains) •Potamies (Village in the mountains) Area population: 23,825 “Located in the north of Crete bordering the Aegean Sea” Main Towns and Villages of the area
  9. 9. Episkopi Main Villages of the area •Episkopi (Village in the mountains) •Aitania (Village in the mountains) •Galifa (Village in the mountains) •Kainourgio Chorio (Village in the mountains) •Stamnoi (Village in the mountains) •Skopela (Village in the mountains) •Sgourokefali (Village in the mountains) •Chochlakies (Village in the mountains) “Located in the south of Heraklion Prefecture” Area population: 2,298
  10. 10. Gouves “Located in the north of Crete bordering the Aegean Sea” Area population: 6,175 Main Villages of the area and Dia Island •Dia Island (North of Gouves Village) •Gouves (Village by the sea) •Kokkini Chani (Village by the sea) •Gournes (Village by the sea) •Karteros (Village by the sea) •Anopolis (Village in the mountains) •Charasso (Village in the mountains) •Koxari (Village in the mountains) •Elia (Village in the mountains) •Epano Vatheia (Village in the mountains) •Kato Vatheia (Village in the mountains) •Kalo Chorio (Village in the mountains)
  11. 11. Top Points of Interest Municipal Unit of Malia •Minoan Palace of Malia •Ancient Plane tree and Fountains of Krasi Municipal Unit of Hersonissos •Cave of Agia Foteini •Panagia Kardiotissa of Kera •Avdou Village •Menelaos Parlamas Museum of Piskopiano •Panagia Gouverniotissa of Potamies •Lychnostatis Museum •Gorge of Roza •Port of Hersonissos •Koutouloufari Traditional Village •Water Parks •Crete Golf Club •Adventure Tourism Municipal Unit of Episkopi •Argirakio Ethnological War Museum Municipal Unit of Gouves •Dia Island •Crete Aquarium •Cave of Skoteino •Gorge of Karteros •Agios Ioannis Theologos Monastery- Anopoli •Kera Eleousa Monastery •Eileithia Cave •Minoan Palace of Nirou Chani •Archeological Site of Amnisos
  12. 12. Minoan Palace of Malia This Minoan Palace is situated 3 kms east of Malia town and is the third most significant known Minoan Palace after Knossos and Faistos. It is known for its strategic port, nearby and moreover for its characteristic large central courtyard, the centerpiece of the complex, the stairwells, the skylights, polythira, monumental facades and on each side rooms for specific functions. Latitude 35.29343, Longitude 25.4915
  13. 13. Ancient Plain tree and Fountains of Krasi Krasi village is located in the mountains and it is distanced of about 10 kms from the main town of Malia. Its square is naturally decorated with three enormous plane trees; the one in the middle is the biggest of them all and is considered to be one of the oldest plane trees in the Mediterranean. Opposite the majestic trees, two spectacular fountains stand to impress the visitors, giving a spectacular picture for everyone. Latitude35.23439, Longitude25.46769
  14. 14. Cave of Agia Foteini The Cave of Agia Foteini is located 7 kms south of Avdou village. According to Christian Orthodox Church archives, this cave was opened by the Virgin Mary herself in order for Agia Foteini to have an isolated retreat, enabling her to devote to God. This cave has a length of 44 m, width of 1.8- 7.5 m and height of 5.3- 20 m, however the total length of its corridors, reaches a total expanse of 700 m. Latitude 35.24169, Longitude 25.41824
  15. 15. Panagia Kardiotissa, Kera Panagia Kardiotissa of Kera is a historical monastery and is located in a wooded area 50 kms southeast of Heraklion, in the village Kera which is named after the monastery. During WW2 this monastery was used by the Greek Liberation Army as a starting point. Today it functions as a nunnery and inside the monastery is a wealth of frescoes dated back to the 14th century. Latitude 35.22425, Longitude 25.46148
  16. 16. Avdou Village Avdou village lies deep in the middle of the Lagada valley, 33 kms from the city of Heraklion. It is adorned by remarkable historical monuments of Byzantine art, ancient cultural roots, archaeological findings and samples of the first civilization of Europe. The Antonios Xanthoudis museum is operating in the centre of the village, as well as a number of Byzantine and post- Byzantine churches such as Agios Konstantinos, whose frescoes are dated back to the 15th century. An artificial lake lies next to the village, created after the Aposelemis dam was constructed. Latitude 35.23167, Longitude 25.43192
  17. 17. Menelaos Parlamas Museum of Piskopiano Just 1.5 kms away from the town of Hersonissos lays Piskopiano village, where in a traditional stone building restored by the Cretan Historical Studies Society, is the Menelaos Parlamas Museum. The museum houses a collection of traditional pre-industrial age tools and machinery related, in particular, to textile weaving and agriculture, donated by Theano Metaxa. The building itself is the original olive oil mill of the village. A ‘‘must see’’ collection for visitors. Latitude 35.30798, Longitude 25.38487
  18. 18. Panagia Gouverniotisa of Potamies On a hillside above Potamies village, lays the Panagia Gouverniotisa Monastery, which is dated from the second half of the 14th century. The monastery is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and is not functional as far as holy sacraments and functions, its facilities are preserved carefully and are accessible for visitors. It is a majestic and significant Christian monument. Latitude 35.26023, Longitude 25.38448
  19. 19. Lychnostatis Museum A Cretan open-air Museum Lychnostatis was created in order to inform, educate and promote visitors to Cretan folk cultural heritage through its outstanding collection of folk tradition and ethnology, nature, environment, as well as Cretan folk art and pre-industrial technology. Latitude 35.3067, Longitude 25.41117
  20. 20. Gorge Roza Gorge of Roza is an uphill route of 2.750 m, with an elevation difference of 300 m. It is a relatively easy route with a few difficult spots. The gorge is open from April till November. The wild beauty of its flora and fauna will be carved in the memory of every visitor. A magical and breathtaking view throughout the route concludes a once in a lifetime experience. Latitude 35.22592, Longitude 25.4424
  21. 21. Port of Hersonissos Port of Hersonissos is located in the town of Hersonissos, a beautiful Mediterranean seaside town where visitors can also see Dia island. A magical view of the port can be seen during the night hours highlighted by lights along its coastline. Visitors also can admire the Roman remains, built and maintained during the Roman age. The Roman Theatre, the Sarakino fountain and the Roman Aqueduct create a spectacular and magnificent site for every visitor. Latitude 35.32259, Longitude 25.39219
  22. 22. Koutouloufari traditional village Koutouloufari village is located right above the town of Hersonissos, just 1 km away. It is known for its traditional architecture, an amphitheatrically like village that combined with the cobblestone paved streets, offers an outstanding feeling for every visitor. Its traditional taverns serve Cretan traditional dishes, amongst other cuisines, and provides a quiet and rather romantic atmosphere with the mountain side view down Hersonissos town and coastline. Cretan nights with traditional music and dancing will be carved in the memory of every visitor as a magical experience. Latitude 35.30595, Longitude 25.39227
  23. 23. Argirakio Ethnological War Museum Argirakio Ethnological War Museum is located in the Municipal Unit of Episkopi, and houses an important WW2 collection of the war spoils of its founder, Argirakis Michael. Its purpose is to rescue, preserve, exhibit and display objects of folklore and ethnological character. Through the exhibitions, visitors can see military WW2 items as well as documents and photographs. Latitude 35.25717, Longitude 25.23758
  24. 24. Dia Island Dia Island is located 6 miles northeast of Heraklion city. It is a virgin island and the home of seabirds and species associated with coastal cliffs. It is one of the NATURA protected areas, due to its status as a biotope for endemic plants. Legend has it that Dia Island used to be a colossal sea creature that came close to Crete and then at the last moment Zeus turned it into stone with a powerful thunderbolt, thus creating the island. Latitude 35.39320, Longitude 25.06526
  25. 25. CretAquarium Crete Aquarium building complex is located in the grounds of the former American Base at Gournes, a village within the Municipal Unit of Gouves. It offers the visitor a magical and spectacular insight into the Mediterranean underwater sea life. A vast number of sea species and organisms, animals and rare plants are exhibited in 60 tanks with a total amount of 1.700.000 litres of sea water. The Aquarium is home to 2000 sea animals and 200 different species Latitude 35.33235, Longitude 25.28243
  26. 26. Cave of Skoteino The Cave of Skoteino is located in the small village of Skoteino, in the Municipal Unit of Gouves. Its entrance is situated at an altitude of 225 m. The cave is 10 m high and 27 m width. It is divided into three areas, the entrance, the big temple and the altar, and was used for cult worship of the goddess Artemis during ancient times and later on as a religion centre for Christians. At the entrance stands the church of Agia Paraskeui with outstanding frescoes within. In the cave the majestic sight of stalactites and stalagmites fulfill an extraordinary picture for every visitor to observe. Latitude 35.30473, Longitude 25.29763
  27. 27. Gorge of Karteros Gorge of Karteros also known as Astrakiano Faragi is located in the Municipal Unit of Gouves and can be entered by Karteros village on the southeast side. It is a destination rich in natural beauty full of flora that only exists in Crete; moreover it is an ideal hiking trail full of ponds and small waterfalls. It will satisfy even the most demanding visitor, offering at the end of the route a frugal structure for visitors to rest. Latitude 35.26043, Longitude 25.20853
  28. 28. Agios Ioannis Theologos Monastery Agios Ioannis Theologos Monastery is located in the village Anopoli in the Municipal Unit of Gouves, just 5 kms from Kokkini Chani. Although it has experienced the cruelty of the Turks during the Turkish occupation of Crete, it still stands and functions not only as a reminder but also as a beacon and cornerstone of Orthodoxy in the area. It is a beautiful monument and around it expands a valley at an altitude of 170 m, southeast of Anopoli. Monks and locals treat visitors with the characteristic hospitality of Cretan people. Latitude 35.30107, Longitude 25.26051
  29. 29. Kera Eleousa Monastery One of the most important monasteries, in the Municipal Unit of Gouves, located near Voritsi village just some minutes away from Gouves village. A fortress type Monastery with significant archaeological value of its still standing ruins. Visitors can admire the church, the monks’ cells and the beautiful yard of the monastery as well as experiencing warm hospitality each and every time they visit. Latitude 35.28636, Longitude 25.3064
  30. 30. Eileithyia cave Eileithia cave is located 7 kms east of Heraklion city and about 1 km southeast of Amnisos. According to Greek Mythology, this was the cave that Hera gave birth to Eileithia, goddess of childbirth. Inside the cave is a rectangular room with a big curved worship stone surrounded by two cylindrical stalagmites, which completes a full image of where ancient Greeks worshiped Eileithia. Latitude 35.32661, Longitude 25.21087
  31. 31. Minoan Palace Nirou Chani Minoan Palace of Nirou is located just minutes away from Kokkini Chani village in the Municipal Unit of Gouves. It is known for its almost square two storey villa covering an area of 1000 square m as well as 40 rooms, built next to the sea. A large number of ceremonial vessels were found and it was suggested that it was a centre for making votive objects for export and possibly housed a major ancient religious leader. It was built during the 16th century BC. Latitude 35.3271, Longitude 25.26061
  32. 32. Archeological site of Amnisos This Minoan settlement is located in between Kokkini Chani village and Karteros village, on the west side of Paleochora hill. Nearby the sea was also found a Minoan port, buildings and an outdoor archaic sanctuary where Zeus was worshiped. On the eastern side of Paleochora hill, a Minoan villa is located of 1600 pch with frescoes depicting blossoming lilies. One of the largest temples of ancient Crete lies in the form of ruins in the west side, where the sanctuary of Zeus Thenatas used to be. Latitude 35.33131, Longitude 25.20714
  33. 33. Water Parks Hersonissos Municipality has three major water parks, Star Beach, Water City and Aqua Plus. All of them offer to the visitor adventurous water games, relaxing water routes and stations as well as entertaining concerts of every kind. An enjoyable experience for couples, families and individual visitors. A variety of food outlets are situated within the complexes. Watercity (Latitude 35.31032, Longitude 25.25119) Starbeach (Latitude 35.30806, Longitude 25.40505) Aquasplash (Latitude 35.28839, Longitude 25.36641)
  34. 34. Adventure Tourism Hersonissos Municipality offers a wide range for adventurous visitors such as scuba diving, horse riding, hiking and paragliding. Diving centres are on the coastline of the municipality. Horse riding schools are in or near the main towns or are situated in the mountains, providing a variety of venues for horse riding. Get the adrenalin going with some paragliding or rock climbing events.
  35. 35. Crete Golf Club The only golf course in Crete and one of the most spectacular in the Mediterranean. It offers a unique experience to visitors in a total area of 720 square m. the Crete Golf Club has a mountain style layout and at the same time it provides an ideal venue for international tournaments Latitude 35.28870, Longitude 25.35987
  36. 36. Places Worth Visiting Municipal Unit of Malia •Mochos Square •Folklore Museum of Mochos •Parthenagogio in Malia Municipal Unit of Hersonissos •Koumarodasos Forest •Agios Georgios Ancient Quarries Municipal Unit of Episkopi •Agios Georgios Toupaki •Agia Anastasia- Agia Anastasia Gorge (Kainourgio Chorio) •Grinded- Foskolo Tower (Kainourgio Chorio) •Metamorphosis Sotiros Church (Stamnoi) •Boarding School (Episkopi)
  37. 37. Mochos Square Mochos village is located on the south side of Stalis village just 12 kms up on the mountain side. A traditional village that preserves its 16th century architecture, with a warm and significant big square. In the square, various cafes, taverns and a local supermarket offer traditional dishes as well as local Cretan drinks. Every 15th of August the celebration of the Virgin Mary takes place and a vast number of people feast and dance in her honour. Latitude 35.26361, Longitude 25.42283
  38. 38. Folklore Museum of Mochos The Folklore Museum of Mochos is in Agios Georgios square. This two-storey house has been divided into two thematic entities. Downstairs is displayed the Cretan traditional house and on the top floor are presented objects and tools of traditional occupations. Latitude 35.26352, Longitude 25.42267
  39. 39. Parthenagogio in Malia Parthenagogio is the Greek word for a school for girls, in the early 19th century. It was built in the early 20th century and during WW2 German occupants used it as a social club for their officials. After the Greek Liberation it was used as a food rations chamber. Today it is used as a meeting point for elders, to entertain themselves or to arrange activities of any kind, basically a K.A.P.I. building. Latitude 35.28626, Longitude 25.45866
  40. 40. Koumarodasos Forest Koumarodasos Forest is a unique mishmash of various trees, bushes and plants that exist exclusively in Crete. Some examples are Charoupia and Prinos trees, Aspalathos and Astivida bushes and Tsimoulia and Stamnagkathi plants. Wild rabbits complete a wild but approachable experience for the lovers of nature, to enjoy. This is the only forest that offers a peripheral view of Hersonissos Municipality area. Latitude 35.286601, Longitude 25.405408
  41. 41. Agios Georgios - Ancient Quarries Shortly after the church of Agios Georgios in Anissaras there is a large quarry with at least two periods of operation. The digging out begins superficially and continues underwater up to the opposite island. Within a thirty metres width of the seabed there are evident traces of tools, mining levels, contours of extracted blocks and blocks with circumferential grooves dating from the Minoan era. Latitude 35.337184, Longitude 25386549
  42. 42. Agios Georgios Toupaki A magnificent journey is the Toupaki, a green hill in Episkopi. Agios Georgios church is located 2 km east of Episkopi village and was built in the 15th century. The church is decorated with impressive frescoes and a characteristic byzantine built. Latitude 35.25756, Longitude 25.24413
  43. 43. Panorama Agia Anastasia-Gorge The beginning of the gorge is at Kainourgio Chorio village. The name derives from the church of Agia Anastasia at its entrance and is situated among rocks. It is home to a wealth of unique vegetation and an ideal destination for a trip through natural Crete. Latitude 35.284812, Longitude 25.263195
  44. 44. Metamorphosi Sotiros Church(Stamnioi) Metamorphosis Sotiros Church is located in Stamnoi village, just 9 km from Kokkini Chani village, a traditional and picturesque village with warm hospitality for all visitors. The church is a typical example of a three- aisled, cross decorated temple, which is indeed unique in Crete. Latitude 35.27038, Longitude 25.23849
  45. 45. Presses- Foscolo Tower (Kainourgio Chorio) Kainourgio Chorio is a village with a long history considering that the area was a feud during the Venetian period. Crossing the paths of the village, visitors will see the Tower of Foskolo which still stands today in the centre of Kainourgio Chorio. Its construction dates back before 1600 AC and, although it has collapsed at the bottom, impressive arches and domes that will impress any visitor, still exist. To the north of the village are the Venetian presses which belong to the category of created-lid. They consist of three large stone-built wine presses, with three ypolinia, one for each winepress. Latitude 35.28493, Longitude 25.25881
  46. 46. Boarding School (Episkopi) The Boarding school of Episkopi is located in Episkopi village and was the first of its kind in the Heraklion area. Only the north and south walls are preserved today and stand as a reminder of the battle of Episkopi on the 25th of June 1897. Latitude 35.25707, Longitude 25.23756
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