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Attitude 2 Attitude 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Your Safety Attitude• A good attitude toward safety is a key to preventing unnecessary incidents and injuries. Your attitude affects your safety and the safety of everyone around you, whether you are at work or at home.
  • What Is Good Safety Attitude?• Focus:A good attitude means you avoid distractions and try to remain focused on the task at hand.
  • What Is Good Safety Attitude? • Time: A good attitude means taking the time to do the job right because you know that saving a few minutes by using a shortcut is not worth the risk of a painful injury.
  • What Is Good Safety Attitude?• Discipline:A good attitude means you are discipline to always do what’s right, even if others encourage you to take shortcuts or fool around.
  • What Is Good Safety Attitude? • Responsibility: A good attitude means you will take responsibility, even when a certain task “isn’t my job.” For example, wouldn’t you appreciate it if someone else cleaned up a spill on the floor before you found it the hard way?
  • What Is Good Safety Attitude? • Risk: There is no way to avoid all risk. Just by getting in a car, you’re taking some risk. A good attitude means avoiding taking risks whenever you can.
  • Less sick days and better productivity This is a side benefit of stress reduction. Stress can have a serious negative impact on your health. If you can reduce your stress, or the stress of everyone in your organization youll enjoy better health, less sick days, and better productivity
  • Improve customer relations and improve salesCustomers would rather deal with someone positive. Research has also shown that sales professionals who think positively and believe in the benefits of their product have much better sales performance.
  • Become a better leader If you own a company or if you manage people, those who report to you usually get more from watching you than they do listening to what you’re saying. Be a good example of having a positive attitude in the workplace. Set goals and ask for people’s support in achieving them. Take a positive attitude approach to achieving those goals and to overcoming challenges. Your attitude and enthusiasm will spread throughout your workplace. A positive attitude is just as infectious as a negative one. Be
  • Improve teamwork Teams are much more effective when the members are united in overcoming challenges and figuring out how they can achieve their objectives rather than dwelling on all the problems and obstacles that stand in their way
  • Improve motivation for yourself and others If you have a positive attitude about achieving goals and success in general, you will be much more motivated to take action. If you look at what you would like to accomplish and you see only the obstacles, your motivation diminishes pretty quickly. Ask yourself what might spur you to action.
  • • We can think of excuses for not always acting with safety in mind, but in the end, it make a lot more SENCE to have a good safety attitude.
  • Improve Interpersonal RelationsPeople like positive people. They’re automatically drawn to a pleasant and upbeat demeanor. Your business and personal relationships will definitely improve when you employ a positive attitude. There are also techniques you can use to help improve other peoples reaction and attitude toward you
  • Improve decision-making and overcome challengesSee challenges as opportunities to grow and become better. When you’re making a business decision, you can use this same approach and your options will really open up.