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5.17.12 classwork   thursday
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5.17.12 classwork thursday


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Published in: Spiritual, Education

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  • 1. Write about a time when you tried something new. Thursday May 17, 2012 Ryan Alan G Linder Andres Jose Ricardo Brian Adolfo Cincere Cameron Ramon David Emma ChristopherJoshua Alan R Elizabeth Gia Angel Carlos Massire Sualee Brianna Nyashia Matthew Christian Roxana Johnny Natalie Mitzy Max Joey
  • 2. Morning Writing The author of Hatchet, Gary Paulsen, was born on May 17. In Hatchet, a boy is the only survivor of a small plane crash in the Canadian wilderness. Imagine that this was you. What five items would you like to have with you? Explain. Write neatly, skipping a line, and use loose­leaf (lined) paper. Hand in once you are finished. The work will be graded.
  • 3. Reading ­ A Historic Journey (p. 570)GenreA Nonfiction Article in anewspaper or magazinepresents facts and informationabout real people, places,and events.Make Inferences andAnalyzeCause and EffectA cause is what makessomething happen. An effectis the thing that happens.
  • 4. Reading ­ A Historic Journey (p. 570) Cause Effect Lewis and Clark Lewis and Clark head north, and replace buffalo buffalo head south meat with deer for the winter. meat.
  • 5. Reading ­ A Historic Journey (p. 570)Think and Compare1. What caused Jefferson to send Lewis and Clark on theirexpedition?2. According to this selection, what was the mostimportant result of the Lewis and Clark expedition?3. Do you think you would have liked to have been partof the Lewis and Clark expedition? Why or why not?4. What common theme can you find among all of theseselections? What are the individuals in each selectioninterested in?
  • 6. Reading ­ A Historic Journey (p. 570)Reading HomeworkPractice book, page 167
  • 7. Math ­ Chapter Study Guide (p. 338)
  • 8. Math ­ Chapter Study Guide (p. 338)
  • 9. Math ­ Chapter Study Guide (p. 338)
  • 10. Math ­ Chapter Study Guide (p. 338)
  • 11. Math ­ Chapter Study Guide (p. 338)
  • 12. Math ­ Chapter Study Guide (p. 338)
  • 13. Math ­ Chapter Study Guide (p. 336)Math HomeworkStudy for exam tomorrow.
  • 14. Spelling
  • 15. Spelling ­ Pretest1. sadness 11. bottomless2. gladness 12. foolishness3. needless 13. fondness4. harmless 14. effortless5. darkness 15. meaningless6. fullness 16. emptiness7. stillness 17. forgiveness8. hopeless 18. motionless9. fearless 19. ceaseless10. weakness 20. fierceness
  • 16. Spelling ­ Word Sorts suffixes fearless ­less an adjective ending that means "without." stillness ­ness noun ending that means "state of or quality of."
  • 17. an ideathoughtless root word "without"
  • 18. destroyreckless root word "without"
  • 19. SpellingSpelling HomeworkReading practice book, page176.
  • 20. Language Arts ­ Common Errors with Adverbs (p. 442)As a writer, it is important to knowthe difference between adjectivesand adverbs. It is also importantnot to use a double negative in asentence. Quick Write Explain how you can correct a double negative in a sentence..
  • 21. Language Arts ­ Common Errors with Adverbs (p. 442) Common Errors Examples Corrected Sentences Using an adjective in The ship moved slow in The ship moved slowly place of an adverb bad weather. in bad weather. Using good instead of The captain ran the The captain ran the well. ship good. ship well. The captain wont ever desert the ship. The captain wont Using double negatives or never desert the ship The captain will never desert the ship.
  • 22. I did good on my test.l did well on my test.
  • 23. Language Arts ­ Common Errors with Adverbs (p. 442)Language ArtsHomeworkPractice book, page 93
  • 24. Religion ­ The Anointing of the Sick continues Jesus saving workof healing (p. 210)Class Work• Answer the "We Gather" questionon page 210• Read pages 210­211• Answer the following:1. In the Sacrament of the Anointing ofthe Sick, what two things does theChurch community do to help peoplewho are ill?2. How many times can the Sacrament ofthe Anointing of the Sick be celebrated? We praise you for your mercy and kindness.
  • 25. Homework Summary ­ Thursday, May 17, 2012Reading1. Practice book, page 167Math1. Study for exam tomorrow.Spelling1. Reading Practice book, page 176Language Arts1. Practice book, page 93
  • 26. Range: Mode:6 Median: Mean: Reward 10 Pizza Party 8­9 Wheel of Fun 7 Spelling 6 BrainPOP 4­5 Silent Snack 2­3 Class Work 1 No Snack
  • 27. Attachments imgres 948869