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Tech modules tessellations
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Tech modules tessellations


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Published in: Education

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  • Used as a tutorial for students on how to make tessellations, as well as to inspire students with creative designs to incorporate into the tessellations. This viceo shows students the relation of geometric tessellations to art, exampling some of the creative works of Escher. Linked photo:
  • : Link for the podcast located on Itunes. Video accompanies educational podcast to show students the breakdown of tessellated work.
  • These are hyperlinked resources that can be followed in order to go straight to the resource.
  • Information about the Amaziographapplicaion provided here. Is a link provided just as an example of the many wordsearch generators on the web. Could also use crossword puzzle
  • This graphic organizer could be used as an outline for students to show them exactly what the objectives are for the subject area. They will know where the topic comes from and what they will learn in order to be able to create creative tessellations on their own.
  • : The Totally Tessellated site that I found through the source on blackboard. Explores the history of Tessellations, the essentials, mosaics/tiling, and has a beyond section for further exploration. Great resource for students.
  • > Hyperlinked to website
  • – Photo is hyperlinked
  • : Site information hyperlinked to photo.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Tessellations Resources and Materials to Support a Technologically Integrated Unit Grades 5-6 By: Morgan Pellecchia
    • 2. Technology Integration  Rationale  Tessellations are a topic in geometric mathematics that has the potential to truly engage students. Technology can aid in engaging students by showing a variety of examples in different contexts and complexities, providing programs for mess free creation and exploration, as well as integrating the math topic to the world of art. This presentation aims to explore these ideas.
    • 3. Internet Content  The internet provides many resources and programs that can be used to aid in educating students about tessellations. The following slides show various examples from the Internet that provide students information about what tessellations are, how to create them, and where they can be found in the world around them.
    • 4. Internet Reliability  All resources used in this presentation are educational and reliable sources. The websites can be accessed by clicking on hyperlinked words, on pictures. Addition resources are included in the foot notes.
    • 5. Internet Blog  This blog is an example of an excellent way to integrate the mathematical topic of tessellations with the arts. Not only does it provide instruction on the construction of tessellations but the blogger also provides some examples of Spanish architectural tessellations.  http://thehtessellations.html
    • 6. Content From YouTube Right: Reptiles by Escher, showing students some of the tessellation work of Escher Below: Photograph of Geometric Tessellation creation using graphing paper. Linked to video to show student how to create a tessellation.
    • 7. Podcast Pocasts can be a very useful educational tool. The following podcast can be used in the classroom tofurther enlighten students on how Escher created his artistic tessellations. Escher’s art is brken down to its geometric base to show students how they were created. Robert and Chelsea Harrington: Season 1 – Episode 9 Tessellations
    • 8. Teaching Materials  provides excellent resources for any educator preparing a lesson on tessellations. The materials that I found handy include a worksheet on tessellations and regular polygons, as well as the tessellation creator which is used to complete the worksheet.
    • 9. Teaching Materials 2  Another resource that will aid educators in teaching tessellations is the Amaziograph application, available for the apple products such as Ipads. This app allows them to create and kaleidoscope effect different tessellations  To review vocabulary, I would use a site to make my own wordsearch puzzle with clues listed as definitions.
    • 10. Inspiration Geometry TESSELLATIONS Regular polygons Symmetry Tessellations in art How to create a tessellation Create! 9 by Inspiration Software®, Inc. Tessellations in Nature This chart shows a general outline of the route we would take in class in order to get to students creating tessellations of their own. Under the unit of geometry, the topic would be introduced with its multiple components.
    • 11. Subject Specific Resources  There are many resources on the Internet that are available specifically for those exploring the area of math. One site, Interactive Math Online, leads to a variety of sources that can cater to many areas of interest. Through this site, my students can explore Totally Tessellated, a site that explores tessellations.
    • 12. Uses of the Internet Shodor is an interactive site used to assist in the teaching of many subjects. Students would be able to use this website to learn and explore tessellations further, while also visiting addition interactive mathematical sources.
    • 13. Uses of the Internet The Geometry Center provides an entire list of computer software resources for anyone interested in exploring the topic of tessellations. These can be referred to by both students and teachers and will provide further materials for students to learn with
    • 14. Web 2.0 Global Scholar is a resource that students can use if there is something that they don’t quite understand regarding a topic. There are E-Tutoring services available for homework help and a Class of 1 environment is provided.
    • 15. Web 2.0 Schoolology can be used in order to incorporate student’s knowledge and preference for social netowrking into the classroom. Students can access the materials provided in this presentation on their Schoolology page and will not fall behind if they miss school while sick.
    • 16. Slideshare  Check out this presentation on Slideshare!!