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let's be green about people






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    let's be green about people let's be green about people Presentation Transcript

    • http://tinyurl.com/37wpsty
    • l i s t e n. n o t i c e
      global voices w/in ourselves, ed, healthcare, collabs…
      b e. u s e f u l l y i g n o r a n t
      embrace what you don’t know, relationships trump…
      s h a r e. o n e p l a n e t
      role models, spaces, global wifi…
    • notice
    • listen
      with whatever means you have…..
    • -Keri Smith
    • notice
      focus on offense..
    • notice
    • What if we just zoomed out more often..
      Fractal thinking simplifies and helps us focus on what matters most.
      so …what matters most ….
    • …in ourselves
      Richard LiederInterviewed age 65+ world wide for 30 years: I f you could do your life over, what would you do different?
      1)Be more reflective – step back & look at the big picture
      2)Take more risks – not climbing mtns,… but of
      authenticity & voice in regard to relationships
      3)Discern earlier in life what really matters
      2 most important days...
      when you’re born - and when you …
      …figure out your place in the world
    • notice
      Jason Fried
    • notice
    • notice
    • …in ed
      we think we have bang up lessons... but have we asked the kids? do they carry ideas outside the class? past the tests?
      do we hear global voices in our classrooms? do we speak their language, are we too busy insisting that they speak ours?
      are we too busy getting things done to notice.
      the bureaucracy we see on a day to day basis in our schools and in our classes is very similar to the bureaucracy we deal with when seeking global connections
    • notice
      danah boydgo to where the clusters are alive and find out why/how http://digitalyouth.ischool.berkeley.edu/report
      Newton’s Law at Harvard, barely any on arrival… little more than barely any after. from memory
      AP classes… asked students as they left class what just went on.. most couldn’t say.. most of learning done after hours in student organized study groups. from memory
    • http://tinyurl.com/2g57yrj
      Erica, valedictorian, speaks out against schooling: http://tinyurl.com/2c47m65
    • …in health care
      what if the simple act of listening could diminish health problems?
      Tedmed 2010 spoke about this shift in thinking
      via @kevinmdDuring my training I was once asked in front of a patient to recite some respiratory physiology equation which, to my patient’s approval, I was able to do easily at the time. But I wanted to say to the attending physician, “Ask me, too, what this patient’s story is. I can tell you because I listened.I can tell you because I can put together and recreate a good narrative. And in the end it will help me take better care of this patient than knowing that equation.”
      what if many of the health care problems can be solved simply by increased authentic relationships
    • Dignity. Health. Joy. Love. Hope.
      The five things we wanted to spread
      while we were in Africa. We wanted
      the people there to experience all of
      the above but we were unaware and
      oblivious that we were experiencing all of it as well.
      Do they live in poverty? Politically, yes. They suffer from not having nearly as much things as we have. When I spent two weeks in Africa, the people there had more joy and more love than I have ever witnessed anyone have. I envied them. 
      Are we in poverty? We’re missing something. It may not be toys or cars or giant houses. But it’s something.
      Needs? Relationships?
      - Megan
    • …in collabing
      unfortunately for some.. we’re so far from noticing and listening - because we feel a compulsory urge to be global. so we go through the motions, and maybe it’s exciting, and maybe we even feel changed,
      .. but do we know each other? do we value each other... do we notice things that matter about and to each other..
    • notice
    • the master at listening... Ethan Zuckerman’s Global Voices:
      Sure, the web connects the globe, but most of us end up hearing mainly from people just like ourselves. Zuckerman talks about clever strategies to open up your twitter world and read the news in languages you don't even know.celebrate bridge figures we have to figure out a way to rewire the systems we have
      ways of c r e a t i n g
    • http://kerismith.com/
      Chimamanda Adichie’s Ted
      there’s never a single story about anything
      Simon Sinek’s
      seek all version s of a story
      Seth Godin’s
      seek stories we often avoid
      Stanford’s peacedot
      seek the best stories
    • usefully ignorant
    • usefully ignorant
      Sugata Mitra’s success – provide resources and get out of the way for 3 months
      don’t need more resources -need to be more resourceful Alan Webber(fast company)
    • usefully ignorant
      Erica McWilliams: usefully igornant
      Richard Saul Wurman
      embrace your stupidity ---read/seen that article? – uh huh.. we do that… how many kids do that….prestige in knowing things... ironically blocks learning about things that matter
    • What, I messed up? It didn’t work? They didn’t like it?
      usefully ignorant
      …what can I learn from that?
      Carol Dweck - growth Mindset
    • usefully ignorant
      What a waste to go into a room with an agenda, Kim Sheinberg(presumed abundance)Frustrated I had squandered my time talking about my idea instead of getting to know this man.
    • one planet
    • one planet
      Sharingbreeds a whole new value system....
      Lisa Gansky’s The Mesh
      The future is sharing (the mesh directory for ed)
      Hans Rosling
      We have the resources we need. We can make a better world.
    • The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz  “Our collective future rests upon
      embracing a vision of a single world
      in which we are all connected”  
      Chapter 13: “ In the course of history, there comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and
      give hope to each other.
      That time is now.” Wangari Maathai
      one planet
      The Blue Sweater -going into space withI don’t know a single astronaut who actually thought he or she would see lines on the ground representing national borders when they arrived in earth-orbit.  I do think however, that those of us who have looked back upon Earth share an increased realization that we are all in this together and that we all share a very fragile spaceship called Earth that we are all traveling through the Universe on together.
      Ron Garan
    • playing for change trailer:
      because music knows no boundaries knows no races it’s possible for music to bring peace around the world
    • one planet
      Kosta Grammatis
    • .
      one planet
    • …use ordinary settings to generate the max effect, …successfully utilizing the majority of our lives
      …no limit to what we
      could do.
      one planet
      - Morgan
    • jump in…the water’s fine