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  1. 1.
  2. 2. B E . Observe your mind chatter – because then you realize it is just that… chatter. Step away from that – and just be.
  3. 3. We’re imagining people who self-construct naturally, breaking that process down for the rest of us –like detox.. as a jump start. We’re imagining people who don’t know what to do, taking a breath, and starting to notice what matters most.
  4. 4. This is live. Publish then edit. Join us. Help us. Transparency is the new currency & we want to be rich. Our strategy: offense. Our belief: we're different - but we all want to do good.
  5. 5. click to see newly crafted site for parent/community connections philosophy vision detox
  6. 6. godin domorevsdobetter inspiredby
  7. 7. TSD InnovationLab Imagining a whole new way to validate. Check out Shareski and Godin. more on portfolios the new workplace (ideo)
  8. 8. The following few slides model kids’ eportfolios (from pics of previous slide)
  9. 9. Megan’s video and blog on Swahili. ndcd log Sharing what/why with Sharon (school board member) Talking about things that matter blog here and video here. Find Megan on twitter @mlkamrath swahili
  10. 10. Dignity. Health. Joy. Love. Hope. The five things we wanted to spread while we were in Africa. We wanted the people there to experience all of the above but we were unaware and oblivious that we were experiencing all of it as well. Do they live in poverty? Politically, yes. They suffer from not having nearly as much things as we have. When I spent two weeks in Africa, the people there had more joy and more love than I have ever witnessed anyone have. I envied them. Are we in poverty? We’re missing something. It may not be toys or cars or giant houses. But it’s something. Needs? Relationships? Something. notice - Megan
  11. 11. Cristian’s video to the kids in St Louis. ndcd log Cristian walking us through the detox steps of his passion. His header goal. His blog. Learning about deep practice one two more on deep practice. Meeting Paul Hume and chatting in espanol… The above video and the article Jim sent Cristian make the front page of our district twitter paper. Jim and Cristian make some soccer plans. We’re collecting sites, articles, etc we think Cristian might be interested in here, if you would like to help please request from @monk51295 or to be added to the icyte project. Cristian on deep convos and pushing them forward to make a difference. Sharing soccer, reading, bikes, math, myelin with Sharon (school board member) Cristian doing deep practice on a bike. Cristian asking his brothers about passion. brayan delaney On going at your own pace and working on making things happen. Helping with and learning spanish - mix of levels - everyone wins. The Cristian’s Lingo series.. take 1… Dreaming boldly: 1 2 Beginning connections for soccer: 1 2(stephen) 3(cr story) 4(cr videos) 5(jim) 6 (rugby-greg) Collecting info/connections/contacts on spanish here and foreign language here. Collecting kool beans math here and our alg 2 grid here(resources off talk-ed on right side). Find Cristian on twitter at @slamDNKmyJUNK17 soccer
  12. 12. ways to share without money soccer
  13. 13. Chase’s video on game design. ndcd log His detox steps via robotics. (fll) His source blog his history blog and his wrathofmobius blog. (esp note his latest tutorial on using Aviary). His blog other sites and sites and videos on math tutorials. Collecting info on gaming here. History and such here. Find Chase on twitter at @wrathofmobius. sharing game design
  14. 14. game design
  15. 15. Gus and Kyle on music production and on why. ndcd log Find Gus on twitter @guswaneka. Find his songs here. Talking with the mayor about things that matter: 1 2 3 4 5 Talking with our superintendent here: 1 2 3 A little bit of running here. and here. unning in literature usicm r
  16. 16. Morgan’s blogon human trafficking and her writing blog. ndcd log Morgan and Austin meeting with local expert tutor - on specifics of social change. Morgan walking us through the detox steps of learning how to learn. Morgan and Austin meeting Paul and talking about global connections. Collecting info/connections/contacts on human trafficking, etc for Morgan here - icyte. Collecting general info on global connections here. Find Morgan on twitter at @morganlyndsay. human trafficking
  17. 17. …use ordinary settings to generate the max effect, …successfully utilizing the majority of our lives …no limit to what we could do. oneplanet - Morganhuman rights
  18. 18. Austin’s video and his blog on global connections. ndcd log Austin speaking at Edublogger.con Walking us through his detox steps. Talking to Jen McDermid about AP testing strategies. one two three Talking with the mayor about things that matter: 1 2 3 4 5 Collecting icyte just for Austin here and one on global connections here. Collecting kool beans math here and our alg 2 grid here(resources off talk-ed on right side). Find him on twitter at @austindrumstick and on New School. connections fair trade lobalg
  19. 19. the master at listening... Ethan Zuckerman’s Global Voices: Sure, the web connects the globe, but most of us end up hearing mainly from people just like ourselves. Zuckerman talks about clever strategies to open up your twitter world and read the news in languages you don't even know. celebrate bridge figures we have to figure out a way to rewire the systems we have ways of creating serendipity notice
  20. 20. Han’s video and his blog on permaculture. ndcd log Hans walking us through his detox steps. Views of his permaculture site: 1 2 3 Talking to a school board member about what he’s doing in the lab. Talking about values and sharing. Collecting info/connections/contacts for Hans here. Find Hans on twitter @gillieshans permaculture
  21. 21. Peter’s video and blog on sign language. ndcd log Peter keeps making cool connections that result in gathering such as this this. On finding/sharing art/passions. 1 2 Peter and guitar: 1 2 3 4 5 Where we are collecting info/connections/contacts for the sign kids. Collecting info/connections/contacts on spanish here and foreign language here. Collecting kool beans math here and our alg 2 grid here(resources off talk-ed on right side). Find Peter on twitter at @peterharold7. guitar sign language
  22. 22. spanish howwelearn Erin’s video and blog on learning Spanish. ndcd log Researching how we learn by going back to kindergarten. Collecting info/connections/contacts on spanish here and foreign language here. Find Erin on twitter at @pinkkribbon.
  23. 23. Sam learning Hebrew. ndcd log Sharing his Hebrew with Sharon (board member) Skyped with Edna Sackson @whatedsaid who teaches Hebrew in Australia… will be connecting with one (or more) of her students as mentors of Hebrew… also a little sharing of chess skills. day 1: 1 2 3 day 2: 1 2 day 3: 1 (first game) Collecting info/connections/contacts for Sam here. Collecting info/connections/contacts on spanish here and foreign language here. Find Sam on twitter @buckethead7 hebrew chess
  24. 24. Lucas - a video on intrinsic motivation. ndcd log Walking through detox steps with Lucas. Blog or link to his compositions and his plans for the next 2 years - coming soon. Working with Mr. Kreutz: one two three. The site he created for the lab. Finally, Lucas taking time and space to be. Time for his art. vocals: 1 2 3 theater: 1 2 rhythm: 1 sharing his story/thinking: 1 2 3 4 a good summary to Sharon: 1 2 Talking with our superintendent here: 1 2 3 We are gathering sites and articles and twitter follows for Lucas here, please contact @monk51295 or to get added to the icyte project Find him on twitter @mintybrownie. music
  25. 25. latest passion projects: be you. [beta - stand alone innovation lab for any age.] digital equity suggested reads: books theories/thinking on ed/learning/doing:detox my blog i also blog/converse with the coop gang here.. and love my connections with fellow triiibsters.. who mostly are my expert tutors.. i read daily… one post i rarely miss and highly recommend is Seth Godins. find us daily on fb and me on twitter @monk51295 shipments my netvibes mantra:
  26. 26. oneplanet .
  27. 27. notice focus on offense {talk about saving energy…} Kevin on building community Ben on building his community (board)
  28. 28. notice focus on what we can connect/share
  29. 29. What if we just zoomed out more often.. Fractal thinking simplifies and helps us focus on what matters most. notice So what matters most ….
  30. 30. notice doc
  31. 31. usefullyignorant Erica McWilliams: usefully igornant Richard Saul Wurman embrace your stupidity ---read/seen that article? – uh huh.. we do that… how many kids do that…. prestige in knowing things... ironically blocks learning about things that matter
  32. 32. usefullyignorant Carol Dweck - growth Mindset What, I messed up? It didn’t work? They didn’t like it? …what can I learn from that?
  33. 33. click for description more on portfolios the new workplace (ideo)
  34. 34. Jim on learning.. and noticing. Jim’s blog. His definition of Edgility. Jim on activity systems mapping to enhance growth. Explaining the mapping to parents…with q&a: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Authenticating the research and usage of ideas. Find Jim on twitter @jimfolk.
  35. 35. ondocumenting…. Jim explains mapping to parents Scientific Journals ontology model demos: notice/dream/connect/do click to see/use student log google form Jim explains mapping as parent click Gus on usefulness of logging
  36. 36. click here to see more on spaces from Ewan McIntosh •the new workplace •fluid spaces •disruptive spaces 24/7 spaces •Google: ecosystem •Mimo Ito: Youmedia Chicago; •The Digital Media Project -MacArthur Foundation •ISTE - New Spaces for Learning;
  37. 37. top floors: full time labbers middlefloors: localentrepreneurs/ experttutors bottom floors: mtg rooms BIF & Babson wait.. what is the lab again?
  38. 38. let’s Web access now enables this standardized personalization
  39. 39. Kosta Grammatis oneplanet Kosta at TEDxAthens
  40. 40. -Bansky playing for change trailer: because music knows no boundaries knows no races it’s possible for music to bring peace around the world
  41. 41.