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Solutions and Suspensions

Solutions and Suspensions



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Nt C6 Compress Nt C6 Compress Presentation Transcript

  • Solutions and Suspensions
  • What is a Solution?
    • A solution is a mixture in which the constituents are evenly mixed.
    solute solvent e.g. sugar + water --> sugar solution solute + solvent --> solution
  • Different Types of Solution Air Gas Gas Fizzy drinks Gas Alcoholic drinks Liquid Sugar solution Solid Liquid Brass Solid Solid Example of solutions State of solute State of solvent
  • Water as a Solvent
    • Water is a common solvent as many substances dissolve in it
    • However, some substances do not dissolve in water e.g. glue and paint.
  • What is Solubility?
    • Solubility is the
    • measure of the amount
    • of solute that can
    • dissolve in a
    • solvent.
  • Factors that affect solubility
    • The nature of the solute
    • The nature of the solvent
    • Temperature
  • What is Rate of Dissolving?
    • The rate of dissolving is a measure of how fast a solute can dissolve completely in a solvent.
  • Factors that affect Rate of Dissolving
    • Temperature
    • Rate of stirring
    • Surface area of solute
  • Properties of Solutions
    • Solute mix completely and evenly in solvent
    • Light can pass through
    • Filter paper cannot be used to separate solute from solvent
  • Common examples and uses Everyday use: Washing clothes Solution Solvent Solute Soap water solution = Water + Soap
  • Common examples and uses Everyday use: Sweetening tea and coffee Solution Solvent Solute Sugar syrup = Water + Sugar
  • What is a Suspension?
    • A suspension is formed when a solid does not dissolve in a liquid.
  • What are Suspensions
    • Suspensions are mixtures of small insoluble particles in a liquid or gas.
    e.g. Flour water is a suspension.
  • How do we create a Suspension? Sandy water suspension Suspension = Water + Sand = Solvent + Insoluble substance
  • Properties of Suspensions
    • Suspended particles do not mix completely and evenly
    • Light cannot pass through
    • Filter paper can be used to separate the suspended particles from the suspension