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Media kit

  1. 1. MobiQpons Drive Repeat Local Foot Traffic with LOCAL Offers!! 5/4/10
  2. 2. Industry Leadership Click to edit Master subtitle style 5/4/10
  3. 3. The Mobile Landscape Offers, Local and Mobile - (Your customers and their customers are mobile, Are you?) • Offers – 367 Billion offers were created in 2009* – 3.3 Billion offers were redeemed in 2009* • Local Offers – Most advertising dollars are spent in local markets • Mobile (Smart) Phones – Over 100 million smart phones currently in US – One in every 5 people switching to a smart phone Local Mobile Offers - Users want to see offers on their phones** 5/4/10 *DMNews: **
  4. 4. Why MobiQpons, why now? • Distribution of online offers jumped 92%, and the redemption of those offers more than tripled Highlights Print Campaigns Mobile Campaigns Click to edit Master subtitle style Implementation Period 4-6 weeks 1-2 days Implementation Charges 25-40 cents/mailed offer Extremely low Average Redemption Rate 1% 15-25% Subscriber Acquisition Cost $25-$40 Extremely Low Subscriber Interaction Limited High level of interactivity 5/4/10 Source: Frost & Sullivan
  5. 5. How MobiQpons Works Business Consumer Views offer in Views Signs Up Creates Email or SMS Offer details Offers Mobile Web app Click to edit Master subtitle style MobiQpons MobiQpons Track Downloads Shows Platform Uploads Platform Performance Iphone, Offer to Email Or SMS Blackberry, Cashier List Android App Sets up Send Email Reminders/ and Favorite SMS Blasts Stores Location based Based on user Email SMS reminders preferences Notifications Notifications 5/4/10 MobiQpons Notification Engine
  6. 6. Step 1: Create Offer Easy offer Builder! 5/4/10
  7. 7. Step 2: Send Email / SMS Import & Manage Customer Contacts! 5/4/10
  8. 8. What is MobiQpons? Location Based Mobile App that delivers offers Delivers offers right to Your Phone!! Show the offer right from the phone to cashier. Mark as Favorite Store and set notified when more offers from this store are available. Setup Reminders to get notified about what you want, when you want, how you want. 5/4/10
  9. 9. How Does it Work? Simple User experience across all web enabled phones Offer Near me Store Locations Reminders 5/4/10
  10. 10. MobiQpons Features View & Manage Current Ads and offers! 5/4/10
  11. 11. MobiQpons Features Manage Multiple Locations! 5/4/10
  12. 12. Key Differentiators • #2 on organic results Google for the keywords Mobile offers • 1st to Market with a Self-Serve web interface enabling merchants to create promotions quickly with the ability to • Set different price points • Control the setup fee • Provide a free trial • Set different subscription levels Click to edit Master subtitle style • 1st to offer Reminders which enable users to get offers from • Any store they choose • Their favorite stores • Users are also able to control • The timings for when they want the offers to be sent to them • How they want the offers sent to then: SMS, Email, Push Notifications • 1st to offer White Label solutions which enables merchants to • Create and manage categories. • Create Events & Points of Interests along with offers • Ability to control the look & feel of the white labeled app 5/4/10
  13. 13. See Why We Are Blushing Recent Press Click to edit Master subtitle style User Testimonials It was easy and I saved money with offer app! You were a life saver in a crunch. Thanx for the wonderful offer! It was awesome to get a discount on my fave bookstore! Great!!! It totally worked!! I got a banana lip gloss FREE! 5/4/10
  14. 14. 5/4/10