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  1. 1. COURSE SYLLABUS Course Title: Strategic Management Credit Hrs: 3 Credit Hours Course Number: MGT 411 Instructor: ! ! ! ! ! Ms. Mona Al-Otaibi Class Times: Sun,Tue & Thur. 8-9,9-10,10-11 & 11-12 Office Hours: By appointments only Blog: E-Mail: Required Textbook : Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases – Abdulrahman Al-Aali, Abbas Ali, and Fred David (Arab World Edition) – Pearson Publication Course Description: The course is designed to help you develop skills and judgment for your business career. The intent is to sharpen your ability to think critically and logically, and to help you learn to diagnose situations from a strategic point of view. Course Objectives: At the end of the course the students will be able to: • Understand the basic concepts and terminology used in Strategic Management. • Identify opportunities and threats as well as strengths and weakness in the operating environment of real-world organizations. • Distinguish between different types and levels of strategy. • Gain insights into the strategy-making processes, formulation and implementation in different types of organizations • Understand issues related to strategic competitive advantage in diversified organizations • Distinguish between strategic management and strategic planning • Understand the contribution of various functional areas e.g. production, marketing,finance, purchasing and supply management to the overall well-being of the organisation. • Use the case study approach to the analysis of business problems
  2. 2. Reading: You are expected to read each chapter prior to the weekly class sessions. Be prepared to ask and answer questions about the text on the scheduled date. It is important for you to attend every class and keep up with the reading and assignments. You are encouraged to read extra articles from publications and journals and share with your instructor and class mates . Course Outline Week 2: Nature of Strategic Management (Chapter 1) Week 3: The Business Vision and Mission (Chapter 2) Week 4: External Assessment (Chapter 3) Week 5: External Assessment (Chapter 3) Week 6: Internal Assessment (Chapter 4) Week 7: Internal Assessment (Chapter 4) Week 8: Competing in the Global Marketplace (Chapter 5) Week 9: Mid-Term Break Week 10: Competing in the Global Marketplace (Chapter 5) Week 11: Strategies in Action (Chapter 6) Week 12:Strategy Analysis and Choice (Chapter 7) Week 13: Implementing Strategies, Management and Operations Issues (Chapter 8) Week 14:Implementing Strategies: Marketing, Finance, Accounting, R&D, and MIS Issues (Chapter 9) Week 15: Strategy Review, Evaluation and Control (Chapter 11)
  3. 3. Week 16: Review and Project submission Week 17: Final Exams Schedule and Grading of Assessment Tasks for Students During the Semester Assessme Assessment task nt 1 Attendance and Participation Proportion of Final Assessment 3% 2 Pop-up Quiz 5% 3 4 5 Applied Assignments Group Project First midterm exam 18MARCH2014 12-1 pm 5% 7% 20% 6 Second midterm exam 4MAY2014 12-1 pm 20% 7 Final exam 40 % Make-up Exam: I will generally not give make-up exams. If for some reason a make-up exam is given, 10% of the score will be deducted as penalty. There is no penalty for medical absence, but a doctor's certificate is required. I ought to warn you that my make-up exams are usually harder. Instructor Expectations • • • • • • Exams dates are fixed and not negotiable. Students must bring all textbooks, notebook to class every class. Students are to speak English at all times. Class will begin on time and students are expected to be on time ,No one will be allowed to enter the class after the instructor. My classes are not for reviewing other course exams , if you want to review please leave my class. Cell phones are not permitted in any way, or form.
  4. 4. • • • • • • Communication with instructor will be thru email , However please limit your emails to urgent matters only. Emails sent on a weekday will be replied to within 24 hours .Emails sent on the weekend will be checked on sunday. Please use professional emails with your real name , any email received with no name or student ID will be ignored. Sick leaves are only accepted if from approved governmental hospitals. You are excused to be absent twice only during the semester more than 2 you will be charged for it (every 3 absent days one point). Normally an average of 3 quizzes and 3 assignments will be counted. Please assign one coordinator for formal communication with the instructor on behalf of the group. Written work policy: All written submissions must be typed on Microsoft Word (Font: size 12, Style: Times New Roman, double-spaced ). ! Attention should be given to grammar, and spelling. ! All references used must be properly used within the text and listed at the end of the paper , COPY & PASTE is not allowed and a zero point will be counted for your assignment. ! Blind Review : Below are my standards and way in reviewing any Quiz , Assignment and Exams: • I hide the name of the student, Who you are has zero impact on your grade. • Your answers or project should explain itself clearly. Argument Parameters : I welcome your arguing so feel free ! However ; ! You can only talk about what you submitted not what you meant. ! I have zero tolerance for arguments based on how the grade will affect you or “ I don't deserve this grade”. ! I have zero tolerance for argument based on who you are , your GPA , your performance in past classes. ! I believe my assessments are fair how ever you can re-check your grade within one week only. (please refer to KSU rules). ! No comparison between students is allowed.
  5. 5. Academic Integrity: Academic integrity is an essential part of our institutional mission. Any student found responsibly for cheating, plagiarizing or in any other way compromising academic integrity may be subject to academic disciplinary action. This syllabus is a plan for conducting this course. Based on the needs of students and instructor’s perceptions, this syllabus is subject to change. The lecturer will notify students for such changes.