Super Foods - Smoothie, Juice, Dip


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Super Foods - Smoothie, Juice, Dip

  1. 1. OFF THE CHARTS VITALITY! Raw super-food ideas for amazing health.
  2. 2. WHAT ARE RAW SUPER-FOODS? They are raw foods that are “super nutrient dense” and are gathered from all areas of the planet.
  3. 3. For the first time in the history of the world people have access to "nutrient-dense super-food" gathered from all over the planet.  Eating these delicious "super-foods" can dramatically improve your health, longevity, body, mind and consciousness. 
  4. 4. WHY EAT RAW? If you want a fresh alive body eat fresh alive food.
  5. 5. An Incredible Opportunity! Never before have we had the opportunity to feed our body, mind and consciousness with super-foods from all over the planet!
  6. 6. GREEN VEGETABLE JUICE! Green vegetable juice fits for every metabolism and fits in for every healing method. You get all the goodness without the need to digest the fiber. Good for building digestive fire.
  7. 7. GREEN JUICE An excellent source of alkaline minerals High in “bio-electricity” or life-force Full of “vita” – “mins” A beauty secret
  8. 8. Celery Juice Good for high blood pressure Good for building digestive fire Good source of natural salts Relaxing and Yin
  9. 9. Sirih Juice – an Indonesian Longevity Exlixir Betel leaf Turmeric Tamarind Water Other ingredients I don’t know the English name for at this time.
  10. 10. USE A BLENDER TO MAKE SUPER-FOOD SMOOTHIES You get the whole food including the fiber already broken down to the micron level so its more absorbable. A wide array of nutrients. Yummy!
  11. 11. Use Alkaline Water or Fresh Juice as a Base You can add some fresh greens and then add your super-foods. Here are some of my favourite super-foods for smoothies:
  12. 12. Baby Coconut (water & spoon meat) A super-food Full of minerals A beauty food Good for replenishing male fluids.
  13. 13. Dried Mature Coconut Meat Anti-parasitic Anti-cancer Good for all body systems Builds the blood In the grass family – full of minerals.
  14. 14. Ginkgo Nuts Improves blood circulation Enhances “Brain Power” Crack them open with a hammer and use in a smoothie!
  15. 15. BERRIES! A natural vaccination.
  16. 16. Goji or Wolfberry A super-food 18 amino acids 21 minerals Good for the eyes 10 times the ORAC value of blueberries Good for longevity, fertility and sexual vitality.
  17. 17. Coconut Oil A super-food The most stable of all oils 92% saturated fats Anti-viral Anti-parasitic Anti-fungal Good to detox other bad oils Full of lauric acid to beautify the body. If you do cook with oil, coconut oil is the best.
  18. 18. Coconut Milk Excellent for weight gain Contains coconut oil and other fats From mature coconuts so use in moderation. The older a coconut gets the more acidic it becomes.
  19. 19. Maple Syrup Full of vitamins and minerals Part of the Master Cleanse Excellent replacement for white sugar Grade B is best as it is darker and higher in minerals, although stronger in taste.
  20. 20. Lemon High Vitamin C Internal body cleanser Part of Master Cleanse Anti-oxidants Anti-cancer Use the white pith and seeds in the blender Lemon juice acidifies water and makes it more absorbable Alkalizes the body.
  21. 21. Cayenne Pepper Boosts the Immune System Cleans the Digestive Tract Part of the Master Cleanse Plenty of Vitamins and Minerals Take a break from it every once in a while.
  22. 22. Pure Sun-Dried Sea Salt Good salt is essential for life! Processed table salt is a poison – it has 2 minerals, sodium and chloride Natural Sea Salt has 84 minerals Good for the whole body – heart, skin, liver, blood muscles etc. The blood is salty.
  23. 23. Spirulina 65% Protein EFA’s Full of Vitamins Good source of B12 Full of Minerals Phytonutrients “ When you are green on the inside – you are clean on the inside and LEAN on the outside!”
  24. 24. Raw Wild Honey Full of Enzymes Healing Strengthening Vitamins Minerals Good for the skin Good for the hair
  25. 25. Bee Pollen Vitamins Minerals 32% Proteins Amino acids, Hormones, Enzymes Phytonutrients Fats all in perfect proportion Many Bee Keepers are known to live a long time.
  26. 26. Chocolate High ORAC value – full of Anti-oxidants (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Plenty of Minerals Can lower blood pressure Raw Cocoa Dark Chocolate Excellent in smoothies Can be “filling . ”
  27. 27. Cinnamon Plenty of Chromium Good for diabetes A warming food Excellent with honey Anti-viral Anti-bacterial Anti-fungal Awesome in a smoothie.
  28. 28. Aloe Vera Good for digestion Good for the skin Put the gel on cuts, burns and scrapes Well known for its anti-cancer properties.
  29. 29. Raw Sugar Cane Juice Rich in Vitamins Minerals Phytonutrients Living Enzymes In the grass family so it pulls a lot of minerals from the ground. Green in colour A super-food.
  30. 30. Mangosteen Good for digestive tract Boosts the immune system Neutralizes free radicals Good support for cartilage and joint function Promotes a healthy respiratory system Use the fruit and the rind The “Queen of Fruit.”
  31. 31. Reishi Mushroom Extract Boosts the Immune System Anti-cancer Enhances Longevity Boosts oxygenation Best to use in teas or extract Cleans the circulatory system.
  32. 32. MAKING A SUPER-FOOD DIP Put GREENS in a blender with:
  33. 33. Garlic - Yin Anti-viral Anti-fungal Anti-microbial A good source of Vitamin C Boosts the immune system Lowers blood pressure Take a break from it and use in moderation.
  34. 34. Ginger - Yang Anti-inflammatory Good for arthritis Boosts the immune system Ginger stimulates blood circulation.
  35. 35. Lemon A squeeze of lemon!
  36. 36. Apple Cider Vinegar A super-food A super-remedy The testimonials of healing for many ailments are long and old. Wonderful on salads or in dips.
  37. 37. Coconut Oil A super-food The most stable of all oils 92% saturated fats Anti-viral Anti-parasitic Anti-fungal Good to detox other bad oils Full of lauric acid to beautify the body. If you do cook with oil, coconut oil is the best.
  38. 38. Olive Oil A super-food Rich in monounsaturated fat, Vitamin E, antioxidants, chlorophyll and carotenoids Anti-colon cancer A beauty food Always choose EXTRA VIRGIN from the first pressing Never cook with it.
  39. 39. Sesame Oil A super-food Anti-viral Anti-fungal Anti-cancer Known as the “Queen of Oils” Fantastic for the skin A good detox for oil soluble toxins Nourishes the colon.
  40. 40. Add Spices to Taste
  41. 41. Add Sweet Super-Foods to Taste
  42. 42. Add Sun-Dried Sea Salt to Taste
  43. 43. Sea vegetables – wakame, nori, kombu, dulse etc. 80+ minerals! Good for bone density Iodine Folic acid Anti-cancer
  44. 44. USE A COFFEE GRINDER Good for grinding up seeds like hemp, flax and black sesame seeds. Before putting them in your super-food dip.
  45. 45. Hemp Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids in the PERFECT ratio! Awesome protein Good for the heart Anti-cancer Boosts the immune system A super-food Chinese Medicine: “Foe-Ma-Yeung”
  46. 46. Flax A good source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids but NOT the perfect ratio like hemp Good for arthritis Cleans the digestive tract Anti-cancer Excellent digestive fiber.
  47. 47. Black Sesame Full of minerals especially copper Good for the hair Good for arthritis Cleans the digestive tract A good kidney tonic Helps with asthma.
  48. 48. Pumpkin Full of minerals, especially zinc Good for the prostate Anti-parasitic Good for arthritis An excellent source of protein.
  49. 49. BLEND UNTIL SMOOTH Wow! Totally delicious. Great to dip vegetables into. Yummy to the MAX!
  50. 50. Quick Summary: Fresh Green Juice Fresh Super-food Smoothie Fresh Super-food Dip Result: Total “Off the Charts Vitality!”