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Today's B2B buyer is overwhelmed with more information than they could ever consume. The last thing they want is to read your product-centric content. Instead, you need to build a content hub that helps your buyers.

Enclosed here you will find my slides and main speaker notes from the B2B Content 2 Conversion Conference

Preparing To Build Your Content Hub

Before you can begin building your content marketing destination, you need to understand (and be able to articulate) that your role as a B2B Marketer is not to explain to the world what it is that you sell. But to show the world how what you sell helps your buyers. That's right, B2B Marketing is not about promotion. It is about telling stories. Stories from your customer's point of view on how what you sell has helped them.

In my presentation I present a brief history of how the world has changed for marketers. And yet, stories remain a critical component of marketing. Stories present an opportunity for B2B Marketers to not just meet the needs of our buyers, but to delight them as we enable them during the buying journey.

The Content Hub Business Case

The next step is to present your business case. To build a content marketing hub, you need to show how your current content marketing efforts fail to meet the needs of your buyers. A couple of ideas:

Search metrics: show how your business is missing out on vital conversations happening in the earliest stages of the buying process.
Web analytics: show how most visitors to your site already know who you are.
Content analytics: show how the content you create is mostly late stage or isn't being downloaded by anyone. Calculate the costs of this waste.
Once you've presented your business case and gained the approval to move forward, you can take the following steps to build your content hub.

Here are the 8 Steps to Build A Content Hub That Converts

1. Design: Look at existing market examples to help you design the site. Weigh the pros and cons of building within your existing domain or creating a new one
2. Branding: Define how subtle or prominent the branding will be on the site
3. Keywords: Conduct a ton of keyword research to determine the topics your audience is interested in
4. Content Strategy: Define the content strategy and sources of your content: how much will you create, curate or syndicate the content that meets your buyers' needs
5. Conversion: define the processes that will pull your visitors into an active relationship that converts down the sales funnel. Focus on creating value for the user and test different approaches.
6. Editorial: Create an editorial board including all your brands' content resources
7. Goals: Articulate your goals and report on them consistently
8. Test and Learn: dream up new ideas to test, analyze the results, learn and repeat.

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How And Why To Create Your Content Marketing Hub

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