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The Future of Marketing Is Content

Stories have helped us connect with our fellow human beings since the dawn of time. But as we have evolved, each new communication platform creates opportunities and challenges, especially for brands.

Brands have learned that promoting themselves doesn't work. Ultimately it's the stories that allow brands to connect with their audience. The future of marketing is extreme customer-centricity.

Brands have to stop promoting themselves and create content that people actually want to consumer. The future of marketing will see more brands acting like publishers. This is more than a cliche. It means brands will start delivering content people want. And driving engagement and conversions.

As content consumers, we react more quickly and with deeper connection to headlines that engage us with curiosity and wit. The future of marketing uses the words we use when searching online and drives action with engaging headlines.

The world is overflowing with more information than any of us could ever dream of consuming. But "a picture is worth a thousand words." The future of marketing is more visual as brands follow traditional media publishers into visual content production. Brands will hire photographers, designers, reporters and videographers in addition to journalists.

The term "real-time marketing" is a myth. It is an over-simplification of the complexity of the modern world and how brands need to act in order to stay relevant. We are always-on and always-connected. The "campaign brain" no longer fits the world we li​​ve in. Campaigns that provide short-term bumps of engagement do not provide the return that marketing investment requires.

Brands cannot determine when and where lightning will strike. And so the future of marketing will see marketing leaders creating a culture of continuous always-on content production.

Social media is not a strategy. It is one of the channels we use to consume content and connect with people. It is the evolution of what started with the dawn of the internet and the move to digital, mobile and cloud-based systems of communications. These are just the pipes. Content is the fuel.

In order to be effective in the future, brands must create branded content hubs to attract their own audiences. The future of marketing is owned media and branded content hubs, driving social engagement that fuels paid distribution.

The Future of Marketing Is Content

  1. The Future of Content Marketing Michael Brenner NewsCred – Head of Strategy @BrennerMichael
  2. Great marketing is great storytelling
  3. Today’s always-on, connected world presents a huge challenge and an opportunity for Brands
  4. We need to connect with our audience through stories people love!
  5. (TL / DR) The world has changed. Most marketing sucks. Attract your audience through stories people love.
  6. Today we are all connected
  8. The first TV ad - 1941
  9. Camel ad - 1950
  10. Apple - “1984”
  11. 17
  12. “Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left!” Seth Godin, 2008
  13. The Internet - Mosaic browser 1993
  14. The first online banner ad - 1994
  15. “Native Ad?” 1994
  16. Thank You Mom - 2014
  17. 23
  18. 24
  19. 25
  20. Unique Point of View Trap How brands can become consumed with their story, not their customers.
  21. 60-70% of marketing content goes completely unused. (Sirius Decisions)
  22. 73% of people surveyed wouldn’t care if the brands they use disappeared from their life. (Co.Exist)
  23. 80% of CEOs unsatisfied with CMOs (Fournaise Group)
  24. Marketing has a marketing problem!
  25. Newspaper Advertising Revenue: Adjusted for Inflation, 1950 to 2013
  26. Banners? You are more likely to . . .
  27. Remain Optimistic About Mobile Ad Spend Growth… Print Remains Way Over-Indexed
  28. FROM What will change in 2015? Content about us Content for social Disconnected digital channels Campaign-driven content TO Customer-centric storytelling Content at the core of everything Brand content hubs / publishers Continuous “culture of content”
  29. The Future of Content Marketing is “Converged Media”
  30. Unilever Marketing Spend 2000-2015
  31. Unilever Marketing Spend 2000-2015
  32. Unilever Marketing Spend 2000-2015
  33. “Brands need to take the phrase ‘acting like a publisher’ literally.” Dietrich Mateschitz, Founder and CEO Red Bull
  34. Converged Media Requires an Owned Content Hub
  35. 47
  36. The Future of Content Marketing is Proven ROI
  37. “Content Marketing ROI is 4X our traditional marketing spend.” Julie Fleischer, Kraft
  38. The Future of Content Marketing is Visual
  39. The Future of Content Marketing is Entertaining
  40. Kmart 2014
  41. Examples: Brand Entertainment
  42. Your audience wants stories Will you give it to them? @BrennerMichael