FM3 - Lesson 1 - Intro to Research


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FM3 - Lesson 1 - Intro to Research

  1. 1. A2 Film StudiesAs with the AS course, the A2 Film Studies course isdivided in to two modules:FM3 – Coursework Module – 50% 1. Small-scale Research Project 2. Creative Project FM4 – Examination Module – 50% A. Urban Stories – Power, Poverty & Conflict B. Spectatorship – Popular Film & Emotional Responses C. Single Film Critical Study -Vertigo
  2. 2. Fm3FM3 requires you to complete a research project on afilm topic chosen by you!The project will be completed in two parts:1. An Annotated Catalogue (15 marks)2. A Presentation Script (25 marks) You are not being asked to write an essay! The coursework must be presented in the form of a presentation script and performed in front of the class!
  3. 3. What to research?You have been given lots of freedom to choose a topic thatinterests youAll research projects must come under one of the following 8Critical Frameworks: 1. Star / Performer 2. Genre 3. Auteur (filmmaker) 4. Social, Political & Cultural Study 5. Gender Issues 6. Ethnicity 7. Institution 8. Technology
  4. 4. What to research?The following topics are banned: And many more... All research topics must be signed off by either myself of Nick before you begin research!
  5. 5. What to research?Working alone come up with a list of threepotential research projects that you would liketo carry outPlace each potential project in one of thefollowing categories: 1. Star / Performer 2. Genre 3. Auteur (filmmaker) These are not your final choices! 4. Social, Political & Cultural Study Try and think of interesting and unique 5. Gender Issues projects that you will enjoy 6. Ethnicity 7. Institution 8. Technology
  6. 6. Fm3Before we begin our research projects we mustdevelop our research skills and develop methods ofgathering primary research E-Mail Library What methods could you use to gather Forum discussions primary information? Questionnaires Interviews Twitter FaceBook Books Magazine Articles Online Journals And many, many more...
  7. 7. PracticeWe are now going to watch‘Punch Drunk Love’You have been given one of the following areas and to researchover the half term break: Genre – Romantic Comedy ‘Punch Drunk Love’ Auteur – Paul Thomas Anderson Dir: Paul Thomas Anderson Star – Adam Sandler Star: Adam Sandler Genre: Romantic- Comedy
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