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Cog 8 Narrative


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Cog 8 Narrative

  1. 1. Learning ObjectivesIdentify the different narrative elements of both ourFocus Films Analyse the Narrative Time, Shape and Space adopted by both of our focus filmsEvaluate the use of narrative and theways we can include these uses in ourexam answers
  2. 2. Narrative in City of GodCity of God is split in to three stages:1. The Story of the Tender Trio2. The Story of Lil Ze & Drugs3. The Story of Knockout NedIn your handouts summarise whathappens in each of these stages
  3. 3. Narrative ShapeNarrative Shape is of vital importance to ourunderstand of the filmsBoth films adopt a ‘circular narrative’ tocomment upon social issues in their countries How does La Haine use a ‘circular narrative’ to comment upon issues in French Society? How does City of God use a ‘circular narrative’ to discuss the social issues of the city itself? Pick one scene or ‘cycle’ from each film that you could use in an exam answer to support your points
  4. 4. Narrative ShapeWhilst La Haine adopts a Continuous,Linear Narrative, City of God adopts aDisrupted, non-linear Narrative Beginning Why did the directors choose these Narrative forms?By contrast the narrative of both films arebroken down in to episodic sections Finale City of God begins andThese episodes link together key moments ends with the same setthat show the development of a crisis point of events. A cycle of violence similar to that– even if one happens over one day, or over of the Favelasmany years
  5. 5. Narrative TimeThe time scale of each narrative is veryimportant in your analysis of these films La Haine uses aOver what length of Narrative Time do ticking clockthe two take place? showing the passage of time La Haine = 24hours City of God uses the City of God – 15 – 20 years mise-en-scene of the City itself As we move in to theWhat devices are used to future the City itselfdemonstrate the passage of time and expands andinform the audience? degenerates
  6. 6. Narrative TimeBoth films question and challenge the Dominant SocialIdeologies of the nations they represent, buy the do so indifferent waysWhy do you think La Haine is set over a 24 hourperiod?La Haine attempts to show the prejudice faced byyoung migrants in ParisAs the film is primarily aimed at French audiences; anexposition of the environment is unnecessaryThe film highlights the issues that the underclass faceon a daily basis and the hardships they faceSetting the film in a 24 hours time frame increases thefilms impact as we are presented with a day in the lifeof the young immigrants
  7. 7. Narrative TimeWhy do you think City of God is set over a 20 year period?As we already know the City of God was founded in 1966 as areplacement housing project for those living in the FavelasThe film opens during this time and highlights the positiveintentions of the Brazilian governmentIn 1964 the leftist government was other thrown and the city leftincompleteAs a result the city became a haven for criminals, drug runnersand the poor under-classThe film follows the evolution of the city and pinpoints key issuesand events that led to the City of God seen in the 1980’sThe 20 year narrative time frame also shows the impact theenvironment has on its citizens (Lil Ze’)
  8. 8. Narrative SpaceNarrative space refers to the ‘space’ inwhich the narrative takes place Les Banlieues of the Paris Suburbs & Paris City Centre The City of God itselfOur understanding of a narrative space depends greatly onour perception of the location being portrayedWe must acknowledge that both ‘slums’ are representationsand rely on both our own experiences and our study of thesocial and historical issues that spawned these environments
  9. 9. Narrative SpaceWhat similarities can we draw between the ‘narrative space’ ofboth ‘La Haine’ & ‘The City of God’?Both films are set in their countries different‘Slums’The poverty seen in Brazil is very differentfrom the poverty seen in Europe and wemust look at these different representationsin our examAspects of Mise-en-scene must be discussedas well as the influence of American culturein the characters life styles
  10. 10. SummaryAt the end of your handout bullet point all the different wayswe can both compare and contrast the Narrative structures ofboth La Haine & The City of God Create an essay plan for the following FM4 Examination QuestionWhat is the importance of Genre and/or Narrative in creating meaning and generating response in the films you have studied?